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  1. Woah. This actually made me toss a tear. I usually don't like "fan-made" vocals.
  2. I didn't really get this piece of music until I actually READ the main section. Then I was like "oh yeah it's about a wormhole uh-huh I can picture it now."
  3. Wow! This must be a good song if I can remember it a day after I listened to it.
  4. I love this song. I try to listen to it at max volume so that I can understand the voices before the ones at the end. Does anyone know what those ones are saying? I know they're saying something, I just can't understand them.
  5. I like this music. It's become, like, the basis for all the overworld music in the Dragon Warrior games. The techno just makes it sound better. They should make another DW sequel with this music on the overworld.
  6. This song is amazing! I don't know why, but I turned it on and immediately felt really happy.
  7. I LOVE this song. I can't remember how many times I've actually listened to this song. I also play it in the car.
  8. I LOVE this song. It sounds like something you could play at a techno rave (not that I've ever been to one). And to answer the "voices in my head"; yes, I am afraid of the dark. I'm so afraid I cause myself to have hallucinations.
  9. I really like this piece. I mean, I love the intro to Chrono Cross, but having a techno feel to it makes it sound all the better. Especially since I've discovered the wonders of techno.
  10. I thought that this piece of music was really cool. Especially since I've recently been getting into those classical violin and piano pieces. So I personally appreciate it.
  11. I've never played ActRaiser, but I have to say that the music rocks.
  12. I think that this song is really cool. I thought that the baby squeak? at the end was funny.
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