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  1. GREAT. I'll go for 50$ then. Can't wait to receive all these albums. Love you guys ♥
  2. My pledge is at 10$ right now, and I was wondering if I upgrade it to 50$, will I still get the physical copy of Random Encounter ? I don't see this information on the Kickstarter project, only in the email received two weeks ago. Thanks.
  3. F-Zero X, really : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGaXb2EMBfY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKBp5ZGaBZA Almost every track of this game kicks ass. I want to die every time I remember I sold it when I was younger
  4. What a mystery. I think we should call Dr House here.
  5. As a HUGE fan of Tales of Symphonia, I had to comment THIS. As many, I've waited years for this album. I'll give some feedback (that can't be compared with evktalo's ones, I'll be very simple, and not "long and constructive" as pu_freak said... not that I don't want to, I just can't ), mostly on the Symphonia part. And sorry if my english is bad ¬.¬ First of all, The Unholy Wars. That's the style I love, and the arrangement is so good that I can't dislike it. The intro is just amazing too. Perfect opening for the entire album. Smile and Forgive now. IMO, the theme isn't that good in the game
  6. I was afraid the intro could sound a bit cheap, so I'm glad you like how the music progress. Thank you for your comment ! Any idea to make this remix better ?
  7. Hey everyone ! I'm here to get some feedback about my new remix. For my beginner's ears, it's "finished" (yeah I know, when an artist considers a work as "finished", he must NOT change it NO MATTER WHAT, but oh well), but since it's my first serious project, I know it won't be accepted, so I need YOUR advices ! It's a remix of Volcano Valley from Sonic 3D (Genesis, NOT Saturn !). I always loved this track. Thanks for listenning, and enjoy =) Hope you'll like it.
  8. Did it with a friend on Brawl. Believe it or not, we actually won against 3 other friends by playing Captain Falcon. That was epic.
  9. 13 = MEGAMAN FOR BRAWL !!11!!!1!!1&!! >_>
  10. Back to the CPUs, I don't know if it has been said before in this thread, but I'd like to point out something. I think it was the same in Melee, but it's even worse in Brawl, and that's why I hate fighting 3 CPUs : when you move away from them to do things like charging your beam with Samus, they ALL will stop fighting each other and come to kick your ass... I created a stage and it was pretty obvious : I was above them, but a wall separated us. What did they do ? They tried to reach me and jumped in the wall, although the 3 of them were litterally touching each other... without attacking onc
  11. I played 17+ hours a Saturday to play and finish Zelda : Twilight Princess (OMG I didn't do that with OoT !). Not that impressive, but that was a great moment. Also, the most epic thing I've ever done in a video game happened 3 years ago. It was on Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I played as Sonic, and a friend helped me with Tails. We made it to the final boss, Dr Robotnik, but Sonic is the only one who can beat him, so my friend watched me kick Eggman's ass. The problem is, you only have 10 minutes to finish a level. I'm sure you know what I'm going to say, but I just can't stop now... so, I don't r
  12. Thanks for your answers =) Another question : does number of effects and instruments in a mix affect your judging ? I mean, yes, sometimes there are some great piano-only arrangements, but most of the time, remixes are full of effects and melodies... I may be wrong, but is it the only way for you to say "ok, this one worked a lot on his mix" ? There are tracks that can be simple, but really catchy and effective. For example, I love some old OCremixes that I think wouldn't make it to the front page nowadays, because they're too "simple" (can't think of another word ). If I'm completely wron
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