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  1. I haven't been here for a while.... a long while. Partly due to work, partly due to being in grad school, but I told myself that one day, I'd get back into OCR'ing. I think you just did it for me with this. ABSOLUTELY EPIC. You have shown me that even the most overplayed theme can have fresh life breathed into it with a little extra spice. You sir, get the playing outside the music box award (sounds cooler than thinking outside the box).  

    WELL DONE!!! Badass. Just plain badass.



    Did I mention I love this? Okay. Just checking.

  2. It's reminiscent of the source, which I haven't listened to in quite a while, so that's good. Unless it's too conservative, but there's a lot of detail you've added to it. Nice sound choices, really cool sound design.

    It might be a little on the loud and bright and... well, forcedly loud sounding. For something with a little bit of a chill vibe and not a relentless aggressive pounding, it seems mixed a little too hard. It bothers me.

    Interesting you say that.. and yeah I went missing for a while :bang head:

    I'll try and make things a bit softer.

  3. "Stealing music? LOL, this is funny. I could careless if he stole anything -- doujin artists aren't well known no matter where they are at, and his uploading these tracks to YouTube easily gave him and those tracks some fame."

    That's what he said in his reply to my comment.

    It reaches a new level of derpyness.

    I just shut him down for ya, mate.

  4. Chrono Trigger - Silent Light

    1. This played during 600 A.D on the main map, I believe. The world is infested with those weird alien things rather than humans. (It's been a while LOL) One of the less memorable tracks in the game, most likely because it was written by Uemastu rather than Mitsuda (yeah, I think Uematsu is WAY overrated).

    2. SNES chip tune with choir voices, synth bass, and high-octave piano scales in the background. Somewhat foreboding, this melody would be appropriate for a new, mysterious world that the player must now explore, and something doesn't seem quite right about it.

    3. Think back to how game music used to sound, like in the Super Mario days. Lots of bleeps and bloops. Now add a bit of sophistication to it, but not so much that the music sounds real. Still synthesized, and yet is able to be a very effective mood-setter. Has an eerie sound to it, as if something has gone awry in the game, but there are no specific indicators yet. The song creates delicate suspense that never peaks and never dies.

  5. Glad you all like it! Papyrus is awesome. End of story! :<

    And no, I don't do sound design from scratch, but I do tweak most of the ones I use. Appreciate the complements on my mixing hahaha.

    I do have SampleTank, and I probably used it a bit for some of the sounds, but it was very sparingly if I did. Definitely not one of my main guns.

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