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  1. This is just such a beautiful arraignment. I've been listening to it the past couple of days and it made me wonder if I ever gave DC13 his proper praise for it. I've still technically left the site, but I had to do this one thing here and I'll be content. This is a remix I should've given my support long ago, but I never got around to it. I've only given mad props to two or three other remixes, so DC13 should consider himself very fortunate to be in such a selective group. Very well done.
  2. Ace-Of-War

    Sony PS3

    Why would you trade-in a ps3? You might still find an online buyer for around a hundred dollars under retail value. How much did ya'll give him, Atmuh?
  3. Xelebes showing a little compassion for our man Decrescendo here. I'm glad he did because I really did want to say that I am sincerely thankful, to DarkOmen too. It makes me feel that much more safer to know that ya'll are kicking ass while listening to HeyMrHonda or something
  4. I guess Unmod stole your thunder. "Thanks for your service LOCK" I just wanted to say, since I didn't get to in the previous thread, that I for one really appreciate you and what you did.
  5. Would I be a little early to call that the best quote of 2007?
  6. About an hour, I went on a Sunday that was little bit after the launch but still before the Wii Christmas fever set in.
  7. http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/present.php?p=Wii-Internals Dissecting the Wii-mote. Interesting for those really into hardware specs.
  8. Because otherwise I wouldn't be typing this from the comfort of my own bed. It's not a necessity, but it's definitely convenient. How do you see the damn screen? Resolution change. Maybe it's because my monitor is ten feet away from the foot of my bed, but I can't make out anything from that far away. Magnifying it is really annoying. If I had a wireless signal here, I would totally bring my laptop to my bed though.
  9. Because otherwise I wouldn't be typing this from the comfort of my own bed. It's not a necessity, but it's definitely convenient. How do you see the damn screen?
  10. 81 games, jeez. I did it in like 7 or so. Seriously though, how many did it take you? 30-40? I'm serious. Well 7 matches really, some of them 5 game, some of them 3 game. I've played tennis for 18 years though. Yeah, you said that. Still pretty impressive though. It took me forever to understand the concept of hitting the ball early/late and what that meant.
  11. 81 games, jeez. I did it in like 7 or so. Seriously though, how many did it take you? 30-40?
  12. Exactly my point. Dodging punches is only so-so too because the gloves don't come together right all the time either so boxing just comes out to be a downright frustrating experience. Tennis is really the only one I can play for more than one game/round/set without wanting to switch. I just got pro on it this evening after 81 games.
  13. I'm close to getting pro on tennis, and while my friend got to pro on boxing, I'm stuck in the upper-800 range. It's just impossible to be as fast as them without a real controller. Don't get me wrong, I like the motion censors, but in boxing you need to be precise... the wii-mote just doesn't cut it.
  14. Thanks guys, I guess it's settled then. Stick with this pad I got. I got the mouse in a couple days ago and set it up this morning. Lord, they ought to outlaw 1600 cpi on a computer mouse. Thank goodness I can change it but I'd like somewhere in between 400 and 800. The weights are kind of useless but I'm starting to get adjusted to the five-button scheme. I have one of them set to alt-tab, which is pretty useful when I have several windows.
  15. Yeah, it's no joke. I bought a lot of stuff because the deal was just too good to pass up. I hate Buy.com, but this in combination with the fact that most of the stuff has free shipping on it and that there are no taxes outside of California made it a sure thing for me. Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum DVD set for like 32 bucks and change. I ended up picking up Seasons 1 2 and 3 of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show for like 40 dollars. If you have an account at Cheap Ass Gamer, here is a link to a very big thread about different things people have used the deal on. They have a creative knack for using "fillers" to add a dollar or two to the shopping cart, as well as interesting combinations of things you wouldn't buy at normal price.
  16. Well I got one of these for a birthday gift one year, and I don't think it lives up to the hype. Often times I'll be moving my pointer and the thing will just freeze for whatever reason. I don't know if it has to do with the surface, the mouse, or the computer, but I do know it is annoying. I found a good deal on one of those Fatal1ty mice (still going on at buy.com if anyone is interested, it's like 40 dollars with a 30 dollar rebate) and I had heard good things on it. I picked it up and now I'm waiting for it to ship, but in the mean time I was wondering if, like Smoke was saying, someone had used or is using one of those glass pads like an Icemat or a higher-end cloth pad like a Mantis. It might all just be a bunch of fancy words to get someone to spend 20-30 bucks on some crap, but I don't know much about the stuff so that's why I made the thread.
  17. Do they actually do anything to boost your performance? I was considering purchasing one, but I'm not sure if it really will have any effect at all. Can anyone say they've used one and noticed a real change or do you think just the desk itself works fine?
  18. I've been using it like mad at Buy.com for all of my Christmas shopping and a little for myself. I thought about making a thread in Unmod or something but got lazy and shrugged it off.
  19. Ace-Of-War

    Sony PS3

    I'm gonna call BS on that. Maybe it was 2 friends doing it as a joke to get attention. Even if it wasn't, I think the seller would "accidently" forget to honor that auction... even at the risk of getting a negative rating. It would be funny if it went through though, like if the seller was Hank Hill or something.
  20. Ace-Of-War

    Sony PS3

    I know ya'll have already heard the story of the "Sony Playstations, 3 of them" guy, but have you see the man who got a 60 GB PS3, 2 year warranty, 2 games, Blue-Ray movie, and an extra controller for .99 cents? Someone made their auction a buy it now instead of an actual starting bid.
  21. Notice in that list, way down the way is Phil LaMarr from MadTV - didn't know that he was a voice actor primarily. He does MGS2 as well. That's pretty interesting, I didn't notice that.
  22. Uh, yeah. You're gonna get raped by that boss. Get your guys to at least level 15 or so. With the bosses in the tomb, but the Bird and the Demon Wall that you have to fight can be wasted pretty quickly with a single mist attack. The end boss, on the other hand, may be a little bit more difficult, though keeping your characters spread out, healed up, while keeping a nice stock of Phoenix Downs should be enough at level 12. Note that there are no save points in that dungeon, not even right before the last boss, so you'll have to exit the place a few times. I restarted the game after playing for an initial 10 hours. Got to the Leviathan, and decided I wasn't leveled up enough. Right now I'm at level 20 and I'm pushing it up to Level 30 so I can just start rippin' the hell out of the rest of the enemies I'm going to encounter from here to there. Level 20 at the Leviathan? I'll bet the Imperials are running away from you.
  23. Ace-Of-War

    Sony PS3

    The 64 thousand dollar question though, did anyone here actually get one? I want to hear from the source, the gamers, how this thing is running. Show me all the reviews, media, G4 coverage you want, these people are all paid to do it. I want to hear from John Smith about starting up Madden 07 for the first time. I heard most of the launch titles are hit or miss, and Gamespot even gave one of them a 3.9.
  24. I'm, like, completely lost on how to use Quickenings. I have one called Tides of Fire or something that I haven't been able to use effectively, and I recently got another for Ashe which I can't remember the name of. I don't know how to "execute" either of them aside from picking them in the menu and crossing my fingers. Does anyone know of an explaination on how to use these? The instruction manual left me with more questions than answers.
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