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  1. haha I got ya. By the way, did the link that I sent you for my finished mix work?
  2. I love the feel of this mix. Very soft and smooth, but is still taking you somewhere. In a way this mix makes me feel like I'm in a small floating boat taking in the sites all over the FFVII planet. Awesome debut!
  3. Does it feel forced or are you just not feeling it?
  4. This is true, I must agree on that. Enix does take the fall for alot of Square's decisions.
  5. I would rather the original composer (if possible) give me their state of approval or acknowledgement (maybe even a conversation on the subject) rather than payment from the public. In remixing or covering their material its a way of saying "Thank you, and I appreciate the work you put into this and your work is not forgotten."
  6. I just pretty much stopped caring once it was official that Enix would interfere with Squaresoft affairs. The biggest reason why the game industry is slacking seriously in general is because the people making the videogames today don't like or play videogames.
  7. This was quite amusing! Sounds like a theme song for a tetris parody cartoon. The guy at 1:12 sounds like Sid from ice age lol. Good work guys!
  8. Zircon, you've done more than enough for all of us. You don't owe anyone anything more than what you've already given us already, enjoy your vacation. Come one Brad, leave it man. I understand that you believe that the winners should have had better scores. But guess what? They are enjoying the fact that they won, and will be enjoying their prizes. Regardless of the average score, the winners still won. Everyone else gave it their all, and that is honorable. But the more you talk about this, the more you ruin the moment. There is no need to keep talking about this anymore. Don't you let this thread bum you out and ruin this moment for you....don't you dare.
  9. You don't have to apologize Zircon. You did a great job with the survey, it was simple but effective and at the end of the day, no algroithm or code can stop people from voting what they want to vote. Don't beat yourself up about it, if anything I'm thankful that you let us into this competition with the chance of prizes, and pretty juicy ones I might add. Pretty much. This is getting drawn out way more than it needs to. Don't be disheartened. Never let a competition dictate whether you are good or not. The attitude that most people come to a competition with(and I'm not accusing anyone), has no room for making anyone else feel encouraged to continue in what they do. Alot of the best in any craft are often times overlooked for the flashly and popular.
  10. Lets not all forget, that voting from 1 - 5 through an ocremix.org contest, is a heck of alot better than what other websites would demand requiring quality (no disrespect to other websites e.g. newgrounds). If 5 means perfect, then 3 still would mean pretty darn good and a 1 would mean that it needs work. Needs work doesn't mean its crap. And lets not forget that one of the biggest functionalities that ocremix has besides providing quality remixes for videogame music lovers is pushing engineers,musicians, producers and whoever will send in their mixes to be better at what they do. I know I'm not the only one who has learned quite alot about my craft from just sending in remixes and reading and studying the judge panel comments.
  11. Ahh I see what you meant, and that is true. I guess the best way to approach this will be to see the outcome of the albums first. I do agree with you there, having that project at the same time as the others would be more than risky if not possibly redundant. I think in the meantime planning theoretically would be much more effective, at the very least planning the structure of the project in idea form. We'll see how it pans out.
  12. Yeah it could go to the overkill side easily, but it could be done. It would have to be incredibly organized to avoid repetitive mixes and also to bring as much variation as possible. Actually, you could view the project as variants of a theme. The people involved would have to always use Locke's theme as the main source, but could use other final fantasy sources alongside it, not just Final Fantasy VII (e.g. Up to Final Fantasy X). Granted its a bit risky, and definitely a challenge. The number of mixes would have to be moderate as well, like maybe 8 tracks. Its just an idea but with some good planning and enough creativity, in my opinion it could be pretty successful. To everyone else, what are your thoughts?
  13. Thank you much for the kind words . I'm really glad that it was enjoyable. I don't know if anybody would be up for this, but since Locke's theme wasn't remixed by anyone (and also a lack of remixes of Locke's theme on Ocremix besides the one by Vampire Hunter Dan) has anyone thought of perhaps starting a Locke tribute project?
  14. Very useful information, and actually information thats not talked about too much. You have my support as well.
  15. One of the most important things to remember is that music first and foremost really is language and a form of communication. Once people get too competitive with it, or even become consumed with the financial aspect(I'm not ragging on the prospect of making money from musical composition, but on the idea of financial gain as the center of reason in musical creation), it sucks the life right out of it. If anything all of us can walk away from this with new found knowledge, and even perhaps new friendships. For me this experience is definitely an inspiration towards improvement and collaboration. One thing is for sure, Locke needs some intense lovin
  16. Congrats to the winners! and Congrats to everyone who was involved! Thanks again Zircon for the opportunity, it was a blast! Mine was FF6 #21 Riding against the Empire.
  17. I did get the second email, but I'm pretty sure its because I tried leaving the survey and entering back in to see if it saved anything. I got the confirmation email though, so all should be well.
  18. Not just that but if you buy it as a download, you get free updates for life for free. I bought FLStudio 6 and now have 10 and haven't paid an extra penny for it.
  19. Its been so long since I played the original minesweeper. It was a pastime for me when I was around 7. My brother gave me a small tandy that he used when he was younger, and thats what I played minesweeper on. Windows version 3.0 haha. I remember it being really fun though. Hypersegue: I remember getting warcraft 2 to work on that tandy, lol that was a day to remember.
  20. Congrats on the submission acceptance!! I am lovin the direction you took this mix. It has a dreamy feel, almost like this would be a level on a Nights video game. Great work!
  21. I agree, they do look absolutely amazing. Its just the playability or even the fun factor of the games is suffering. I would use final fantasy as an example: If one could play a Final Fantasy where the gameplay and story were as good as VI, but with the graphics of XIII. Another good but past example would be when Sonic Adventure hit Dreamcast. The controls were fantastic, the game was amazingly fun even though there were many random embellishments throughout the game. Then look at Sonic on xbox.........pretty much unplayable. And I won't even mention the Sonic ring disaster. I think the problem is that they have the best visual effect artists but the rest of the crew is going on strike.
  22. I think what Square needs to do now is step back into their classic squaresoft shoes. They have definitely learned alot from microsoft's xbox success, but now they need to come back to their roots. Can you imagine if sony got their gameplay back with the graphics they have achieved? I think the biggest mistake that pretty much every company is commiting is that they are trying to be like microsoft. Now I will give them this, they are making sickening amounts of money. However over time people are now buying games as admiration for the graphics, not the gameplay or storyline (not saying that there are not games that have amazing gameplay or great storyline, but they are few and far between as compared to the older gen where the horrible games were few and far between). Classic example, the nintendo Wii. Its pretty much a monumental step foward in the commercial technology sense, but as a nintendo system?.....its pretty much garbage. I love how they sell the whole "buy the old games on the Wii". 20 bucks for super mario world!? I can understand 20 dollars for the actual cartridge. I could understand 40 dollars. I just recently bought the original cartridge for Final Fantasy VI (in america III) and that costed me 35 dollars(used). To me, thats well justified but for the data? There are flash game designers making games like these now, and not bad games either. Hardcore gamers have been playing emulators and every game they couldn't find from old gen for the past umpteen years. Especially after they stopped making games here in the US. So to stop myself before I go on a tangit, I pretty much agree with you. Graphics wise, its like watching a movie. But once the game actually starts, its a joke. Its the same mistake that Sega CD had, great to look at but horrible to play. Personally I think in pretty much every medium today, its the indie community's time to shine. They have the best ideas, just not all the resources.
  23. Its actually funny that you mentioned that. Because even though I would love to be the person to do that, at this point I think everyone would love to do that.
  24. Thats the same reason why I didn't do Lockes theme. I was convinced that everyone was going to do it. But instead and surprisingly alot of people chose the gestahl empire.
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