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  1. I just finished voting. There were definitely a few great ones there. I was surpirsed as well that no one picked locke's theme. There were some that needed a bit of work but to all the people that submitted, you gave it your all, be confident. We all start somewhere.
  2. Hmm, what plugins and samples or soundfonts are you using? I think its mainly the processing that is perhaps giving it that midi element i.e. too dry and perhaps plugin settings as well. Don't be distressed, its not the end. Just be a bit more patient with yourself, especially if this is a new height. Everyone on ocremix had to start somewhere.
  3. I think the best tip I can give you at the moment would be to make your pads a bit more full sounding, probably around the end of the lower mid spectrum of frequencies, try somewhere between 310 and 400 Hz. The mix sounds clean enough, I just think it sounds a bit thin. The bass synth sound you have is really nice, although towards the end it could have a bit more bass. You can automate an eq change for that, nothing major. Because this is not a percussive mix (though some percussion is involved), you can really exploit the full frequency range of the pads you use, so when mixing the pads you have alot of options. Just make sure before you make any changes to make a backup of your original mix.
  4. @Zircon: I'm not sure if you got mine, I sent it to the ff6@zirconmusic.com a couple days ago, and I just sent it to the aaversa@gmail.com just in case you didn't.
  5. I think a good place to stand for those who do have a midi controller, (specifically those who don't have monster computers) is to indeed play the parts out via midi and afterwards adjusting the velocities to the desired value. I know this comes in handy when using samples with many layered velocities(Orchestral Samples, drums samples), as some midi controllers don't have that much velocity control. Although this is more on the de-humanizing side, if one has latency issues that cannot be avoided, play the part live then fix the performance closer to what you initially played. Personally, I have found that recording straight to a wav file cuts down most latency issues if I have any, as compared to recording to the sequencer. For those who don't have a midi controller, there is no way around the tedious mouse click. My advice would be investing in a midi controller for sure. If you're on the go alot, perhaps the nano series by korg would be useful. I've never used them personally, but they seem to be pretty good, and Jorden Rudess uses them.
  6. I agree. Digital is becoming immensely advanced very quickly, and the line between the 2 is becoming blurred to the point of subjective opinion rather than objective knowledge. I think the only big difference between the analog age and the digital age is imagination and creativity. It seems there are 2 big problems that the digital age has: They keep trying to look back at the analog age to replicate everything that already happened(I'm not arguing against creative ideas or sound design), or they get caught up with the commercialism in the musical writing and engineering style of our present pop culture. With all the technology at our disposal now, there really couldn't be a more exciting time to write music, and there aren't really any excuses for ignorance with all the information that one can find. Today, anyone can pretty much learn anything.
  7. I would like my forum name changed. Current Forum name : Mikeaira Desired Forum name: Mikeaudio Thanks for the help
  8. Here is a game that doesn't get enough mention! Fun stuff! I will start working on Bravoo man, and let you know as soon as I have a wip.
  9. @Shadic: My question is whether we should submit our mixes to ocremix, or if you were starting a project that would encompass all the submissions?
  10. Great job on this mix! I like the way its laid back, but at the same time hasn't lost the haunting quality of the source.
  11. I have been using FL since version 5, and I personally enjoy the new clips over the pattern blocks. They are much more helpful. I was confused when they first changed this in FL10 though. But it is much more of help in the long run, especially in the organizing sense. But I can understand preferences, and I do think it would be better to let people have that option if they choose. But as long as FLs functions stay the same, I will be happy.
  12. Well, you did a fantastic job! Keep up the great work! I'm looking foward to hearing more of your mixes.
  13. This mix is sick! This is movie trailer worthy, honestly. Listening to this, without thinking about it, I feel like I am listening to a trailer for a top notch action film. Keep up the good work!
  14. I love the imagery this mix has! It sounds like the depressed, stagnant, hungover hopelessness of Midgar. Definitely a favorite for me. You chose the name 'Materia Junkie' well. Did you do this mix with that title in mind?
  15. This is one of my all time favorites! I love the usage of raw sounding synths in this mix! Honestly, it sounds like you took a commodore 64, and plugged it into one heck of a beastly amp rack!
  16. Would you say that the tones, the interface, more eclectic results, or just the experience all around?
  17. I do agree that Guitar Rig pushes effects. However, it does straight foward tones really well, the problem is because of the interface, its easy to overthink and overlook it. I do think that Guitar Rig 4 really is the last critical update though, (allowing for rammfire), and although I love Guitar Rig 3, I definitely believe having more than one guitar processing software is important. I would probably buy Waves GTR3, not sure though, I've only used Guitar Rig 3.
  18. The drums seem to be a little too loud,however its not terrible.My favorite bit is from 0:27 to 0:50.I was hoping that you would explore a bit more of the atmosphere within that section in the rest of the song,but thats just my opinion.All in all, you did a good job man
  19. I'm always open to suggestions :) What did you have in mind?

  20. Alot of brainstorming for one thing. The amount of thinking that went into this mix was insane haha.Also, it took alot of trial and error. I appreciate the good words, thank you
  21. Glad you like it .I kept OWA to a minimum, simply because of all the material.The parts of OWA that are used, are the ones that are able to stand alone away from the main body of the source material.If I were to have used more material from OWA, I would have gone too overboard with the mix.As far as kingdom hearts goes, for those particular sources there wasn't much material to sort through.So it felt natural to use the kingdom hearts material as the introduction for the OWA material(On both accounts,mid section, and outro).The piano section is using tension rising (KH2), just rearranged to fit the properties of the mix.Because I didn't want the mix to sound like a straight foward medley, I had to have a source to repeat itself, hence why I chose "Mystic Mansion".
  22. Thank you to everyone for your comments!!!I'm glad that it was enjoyable.
  23. Happy Birthday DJP, and also congrats.
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