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  1. Very nice! I like how you've toned it down and made it a bit more soft and intimate, maintaining the dynamics of this first quarter of the song. The piano arrangement is quite short but sweet.
  2. This is by far my favorite remix of the source! There is nothing wasted in this mix; The chord structures, and the simple yet extremely effective samples and synth sounds used, and then the violin which just took the song into a whole new realm (wish there was more). This mix also holds a bit of a special memory for me as well, because this was the first remix on OCR that I was exposed to that pretty much got me into OCR in the first place. Amazing work!
  3. Can you remember anything musically attention grabbing in the song? Like time signature, key, style or genre?
  4. Oh wow, thats just cool! Inner gaming nerd is taking notes.
  5. The mix does seem a little bit overcompressed. The drums seems to be mechanical, in feel and in velocities and dynamics, particularly the snare. I love the mix idea though, I hope to hear this finished sometime soon.
  6. Thanks for the opportunity! Is this album going to be released as an OCR album?
  7. One thing I've always liked about Children of the Monkey Machine, is his ear for FM Synthesis and sound design. Its a unique but serious take. This mix is no exception, quite an FM luxury.
  8. Oh man, this is one solid listen! All around a fun, enjoyable, and just really great listen. This is one of those mixes that gets the repeat function. Its just great all around.
  9. Great take! I love how you've structured the mix. Not staying in any one place for too long while still moving throughout the original structure of the theme, and still maintaining a very nice buildup, leaving room for imagery. I love the segment that begins at 3:13.
  10. Man, I am pumped for this release! I'm really excited to hear all the other mixes ! Thanks again to Mokram and DusK for the opportunity! God Bless you both. Edit: I featured the video on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mikeaudioproductions?feature=mhee
  11. Do not fret, I got us super smash heads covered . I already submitted the mix to Overclocked, and its also the same one that I did for the soundtrack thats going to be used for the Apex 2013.
  12. Coda - Tracer is really hijacking my attention. I'm loving the cross between jazz, electronic-glitchy, synth chip music!
  13. Would the track "fighting polygons fight" be acceptable, or would you rather me do Master hands theme?
  14. Can it be any track from the following games, or are there specific ones prefered?
  15. This is one of those amazing games with amazing soundtracks that don't get noticed, and you've done an amazing job representing it! I don't have much else to say except that this is being downloaded! You've inspired me my good fellow .
  16. I agree with willrock and OA on some points with this, however I can also hear the artistic idea behind it. Personally I think its nice to hear something thats a bit rough and ridget but yet not horribly mixed. Its mixed differently than the typical yes, but its not horrible in any sense. The only things I have qualms about are; that you only touch the surface with this idea, but you never actually dive into it. And that the solo is pre/post mature, as in hinting to more material to come or previous material heard that doesn't actually exist. So to summerize, this mix sounds like an awesome idea that never had a chance to develop. Regarding the mix job itself, some things could defintely be tighter, but I think more development (variations) on the theme would make the bigger difference. Also great job on reflecting the title within the music!
  17. What I love so much about this mix is that it is fresh; and thats not to take credit away from any other remix of this source on the site. Especially with this mix being the source material that it is, and there being countless mixes of this song all across the internet. Yet with the selection and usage of samples, the mixing, it all ushers in a new approach to this specific source. I am definitely looking foward to more of your mixes! Now to the download page.
  18. It was a side note. No I wouldn't turn done a remix because of a company's decisions . Its because I'm not going to be able to get the mix wip out anytime soon, I just don't have the time to do it. Thats the reason why I highlighted that statement in blue. But thanks for giving me a chance to apply, I hope you guys get this project finished soon, I'm excited to hear it!
  19. I agree with you Brandon. I think supporting OCR should be the primary focus from now on. Not just because of square per say, but more so because djp and everyone else who has/had a hand in the operation of this website have done so (at least from what I understand) for the sake of the music and nothing else. I find that much more worthy of supporting than a video game company that in a sense loaths video games and the people that make them popular i.e. the video gaming culture. Also I won't be doing the reincarnation track for this album.
  20. Thank you for including me on the 1st playlist. Its really an honor
  21. If anyone needs help finishing any mixes for this project, feel free to send me a PM.
  22. Actually its more in the style of Jun Senoue. I could easily see this track playing in a Sonic Adventure stage. Props to norg. This mix is just an all around rocking, fun loving track!
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