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  1. What you do is link the channel with the dry guitar track to another track (keeping it tracked to the master), then make sure that the dry guitar channel is set to record and that the amp channel isn't. That should be it.
  2. I'll take the Dragonball Z Opening theme.
  3. So does this include any video game franchise for these particular anime/shonen jump series? And are there any other anime's involved?
  4. You need the tempo information for all the wave clips involved in the project to be embedded so FL can read the information whenever you change the tempo. To do that, I open the file in Edison. Once I have it in Edison and I know the tempo information, then I will add that to the information of the file. Right above the window where you see the wave form is a tempo box that is usually empty. Double click it and enter the information of the sample (don't use quick guess or auto detect in Edison). After that, save the sample and open it in an audio channel, or you can drag the sample out of Edison into the playlist. Once you open the audio file into the channel, then go to the channel settings and right click the Time knob and click AutoDetect. After that, then change from resample to Pro Default. That should do it .
  5. I think its become less appreciated and perhaps even legitimately forgotten. In our current generation of music, most songs don't have enough going on for one to spend time on notation. A lot of music is guitar chord writing worthy at best. One can figure out the music quite quickly if one is familiar with the sounds of keys and chords. Even in continuing forward into musical scores in present day film, the music itself has become more epic and large but with much more simplistic structure in order to please an audience which is much more abundant in people who are not versed whatsoever in musical knowledge. With that said, there are indeed musical scores like Uematsu's work that it would benefit the remixer greatly to write it on paper, analyze it and see how it functions. But in my opinion, until people begin to write original music that is more complex and intricate than what is possible in their minds, we won't see as much notation writing as we would like to.
  6. The only FF game to have a sequel was FFX, which was FFX 2. Aside from that, you are correct. Nothing is linear or connected. I would advise playing VI first.
  7. I could visualize the enthusiasm of everyone involved while listening to this. Everything is beyond well done. This one goes to 11 .
  8. Ohh man that was nice! I think if perhaps the ending had more time to ring out, it would have worked to the benefit of the mix. It seemed not only to end too suddenly, but faded out quite quickly as well. Other than that, this was really impressive!
  9. How did I miss this when it debuted (0_0)? This is incredibly well done! The vocals are tight, the mixing is clean and clear....man I am waiting to see what you guys do next! Keep up the good work!
  10. This is quite inspiring! The sound is extremely clear, and its always great to hear a mix that isn't over-compressed. I am really glad this got passed! It challenges complacent ways of thinking, and inspires more creativity. Welcome to Overclocked . I am excited to see what you will do next.
  11. I wouldn't be too worried about that. With how big steam has gotten and is still getting, its only a matter of time till its ported to PC. Everyone kept saying that the creator of Terraria would never come back to add content, and he actually recently did. I'm not saying hold your breath about it, but its just as probable if not more so than it being improbable.
  12. I am so excited to hear this album in its completion !
  13. I don't really care much for the game, but I must admit after listening to the soundtrack a couple of times, there are some really tasty sound textures in this. Anyone who is looking for inspiration for synth design, this is a great soundtrack to listen to. And just to clear up the whole dubstep soundtrack debate, its not dubstep. If you listen to most of the dubstep scene, its no where near as cinematic as Noisia's work on this soundtrack.
  14. I'm sorry if it all came off as redundant, I was just being thorough. I have a problem with tangent talking. I pray it all works out .
  15. Alot of whats popular today involves the similar procedure of very big drums and heavy distorted synths. When it comes to Autechre, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, they come from a completely different school of thought and electronic music composition. In a sense, they compose electronic music. It is the sound of electronics. Where as the new EDM scene is less compositional and more about recycling a specific idea, and ultimately is about pleasing more groups of people together giving them all something to dance to, so it sticks to whats more popular. In a sense the stage that most electronic music is in as of now, is the same stage that rock went through in the 80s, concept wise. So if you are going to write IDM, you will need to first see how many people are able to understand the most experimental and non-conventional songs, and then from there make your decisions on the sound of the album.
  16. This reminds me a little bit of the old days of playing gameboy advanced games without headphones and always hearing only so much of the music and then putting on headphones and hearing the music so much better. I love the jazzy synth and the groove of the mix. Really awesome stuff!
  17. I started out with just using sony mdr v-150 headphones that costed me around $20, and I did that for years. However I started out with using a DAW that I still use today and therefore never had to change over, so it really depends on your needs currently. From what I understand from everything you've said, I would advise deciding which DAW you want to go with and purchasing it.
  18. I think one thing to remember is that the previous Devil May Cry series basically did the same thing that the new game has done, which is creating atmosphere for demonic visuals. Though in the previous games there were moments of more of a classical gothic sort of take on the music, most of it stayed within the context of a rave styled electronic driven sound. The 3rd game and prequel would probably be the best example of this. Mind you I'm not the biggest fan of dubstep (nor DMC for that matter) at all, but I don't hate it. I just believe that it is a baby step into another direction of synth design and that its also a technique that can be used for much greater, and even there I think sometimes we mistake certain music for dubstep when its actually something quite a bit different. Do keep in mind though that melody isn't what makes people recognize dubstep nor is it the driver. Its the extreme use of FM synthesis techniques in the bass which is usually a drone note or uses one note as a constant reference point every 3 or 4 bars though there are some exceptions, and usually its in 4/4 with the drums at 70 bpm. The piano cannot possibly emulate those noises (notice how the pianist in the video completely ignored the FM wobble bass bits and even added some embelishments), and is an instrument that ultimately emphasizes the melodic and harmonic textures of the material. So for example: If someone took the most cacophonous song (one that isn't just the noises of the atmosphere mind you) from a Silent Hill game, and exploited the tones or notes involved using the piano, at the most consonant it would probably sound something like Scriabin, and at the most dissonant early schoenberg. The only thing that I do disagree with is that its avant gard genius. I wouldn't go as far as to say that, mainly because electro house has been doing this for quite some time, and so has some of the more aggressive drum and bass scene. Actually if you look at the most popular dubstep out today, its closer to being half time heavy electro house than it is to the original dubstep of the early 2000s which was a blend between dub reggae and 2 step garage. Though I do understand your intentions, convictions and frustrations, being overbearing isn't going to do anything but cause people to be ambivalent towards your point. Its best to be understanding of both sides before you come to the conclusion, this isn't life and death.
  19. Man this is awesome stuff! This is just an incredibly groovy and high energy mix, and the textures are very well balanced!Very well done Willrock!
  20. I just took the survey. Quite enjoyable That was actually something I mentioned briefly on the survey where it seems that the more unrealistic and fantasy driven a game is, usually the better the soundtrack is. Where as the more realistic a game is, the more commercially hedonistic the soundtrack is, and usually with a very predictable soundtrack while leaving much to be desired. I do agree with you to a degree. Video game composers have been using similar genres as mainstream music, however they have been quite ahead of the mainstream music scene for quite some time...that is until recently. In a sense, they have cut out some interesting new ways to answer old musical questions with timbres and instrumentation, especially the video game composer scene 2 generations ago where the tools they had were incredibly basic and primitive and relied more on the creativity of the composer.
  21. It was such a pleasure to be apart of this project. but also an honor to be apart of history in the making for ocremix. Thank you DarkeSword for the opportunity. To all the listeners, I hope you enjoy it. Its quite a groovy album . God Bless you all.
  22. Thank you everyone for the awesome comments! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that it turned out . I'm very happy to have been a part of this.
  23. I agree with Argle, it is quite noticable actually. But it sounds like maybe the wav file is a bit off time in the playlist only at certain parts. This is sounding much better than before, the drums still seem a bit too straight forward, perhaps adding more fills and little rhythmic ornamants here and there throughout the song. What I usually do (because I'm not a drummer), is I will imagine being behind the drum kit and what a drummer would feel when playing the music. How would he express himself rhythmically? How would he respond to the other instruments? Thats my subjective opinion, in the end this is your baby . Sounding much better though, really excited to hear the finished work.
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