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  1. Mark Vera did a good job with this remix. It's an upbeat sort of tune without being annoyingly so. You would think that would be even harder to accomplish for the fact that the song is heavy on repetition of a few notes. However, the repetition is well-spaced, and the one that occurs the most often is such a good arrangement (and nice choice of a sample) that it fits nicely into the song. This is just my personal opinion, but I think making the strings stand out more by increasing the volume of them (even if it were only towards the beginning and end of the song) would have added to it. But my only real beef with this remix was the length. This has been happening with a few remixes lately. I'll just be getting into it and suddenly it just ends (although that doesn't retract from the nice ending this remix has). I'd like to see this same remix, only about :30 to a minute longer. Other than that, this was a well done mix.
  2. What? The last sig I had was scarier than this one. It's just a picture of me and some lights, don't be scared now, sheesh But thanks for the positive feedback soup. Oh, and you're old sig (the guitars) gave me nightmares too. jeah, I know this is a late reply but... You have an expression there on your face that's like a mix between "woah, you listenin' to me? I see you." and something out of like GM (or Zoolander (Owen Wilson)). Please don't take that seriously, I'm only joking.
  3. Any remix that can make me laugh AND has replayability gets a definite vote from me. I guess on this one it depends on your sense of humor whether you liked the intro or not. (Not saying that if you have a bad sense of humor you won't, but if it's just not your piece of pie.) I really liked the cut into the rest of the song from the intro. I like how I can be sitting here in the middle of browing the 'net or typing something and all of a sudden I hear this goofy voice that breaks away from whatever I was listening to before, makes me laugh, and then cuts into a really good remix. Not one I'd keep on my playlist for long because it is the type of remix that can get old fast, but something to occasionally put in there when everything else gets tiresome.
  4. I agree that the drums are a little weak in this mix. Other than that it's really good, solid trance. But that's kind of a downer too. There isn't much originality that separates it from "just another trance mix". Like SuperGreenX said, I've heard this lead synth so many times before that I'd like to hear someone try to do trance without it for once. It's a good trance, don't get me wrong, but it seems a little generic for its genre. That aside, my favorite part starts around the transition at 2:23. I liked the cut into the softer rhythm. Overall, though, a good piece, and one I'd recommend to someone to download if they enjoy trance.
  5. One of the reasons I like this remix as much as I do is because it's the sort of one that could replay as background music over and over without being annoying after some time. It's redundant, but it takes two different turns (at 1:20 and 1:43, repeating later in the song as well) with interesting choices for instruments that took a lot away from the not-as-appealing point of repetition. It's an interesting remix; in my opinion, worth a download.
  6. I don't usually like to just pluck things from others' reviews, but I have to agree completely on both the lack of drums and overdone distortion. Besides that it was a good remix. I like the upbeatedness(eh) of it for the most part, although, if anything upbeat really can (unless it gets annoying, which this didn't), it dragged on a little at points. Overall I'd have to say I liked it, but it could use just a few touch-ups.
  7. This is one of those pieces where it really has to be your sort of genre for you to actually enjoy it and not just "like" or "dislike" it. I'm somewhere between enjoyment and liking it. The raw sound was great, and as far as its type of music, orchestrated really well. Ryan8bit did a fantastic job on this remix. I think the raw sound gets grounded well at the beginning and end. What I mean by that is that it doesn't just suddenly come at you and it doesn't suddenly just drop off. As great a remix as someone can make, if it ends (ends more than begins) on a bad note, then it takes away quite a bit from the rest of the song. Definately, well done.
  8. I really enjoyed this piece. My only problem with it was that it wasn't long enough! I really wanted more when it ended. But past that, it's a beautifully done remix. Every transition in it goes very smoothly, but I really liked the one at around 2:05. The feel of the song is relaxing, like something you could close your eyes to. I'd love to hear more from this Starblaze. I second JuJuBee, that if you ever redo it, keep everything except the length.
  9. Maybe it's that this isn't exactly my genre of music...except that I'm mostly open to a lot of genres and look past that when I review a song. I couldn't really find a lot about this piece that I liked. I can tell it was put together well enough; that The Coop put good time into making it. Its quality isn't poor, but it sounds a little too hit-80's-Miami-Vice for me. It also seemed like there were too many (for lack of a better word) sharper sounds in there, and not enough to balance it out. Again that might just be my taste of music. But keep remixing, The Coop. I'll look forward to hearing more.
  10. Like DJCrono's first ReMix, this one isn't quite my taste as far as the genre of music. But everything about the way it's remixed is unique and makes it well worth the download. What I like a lot is that DJCrono does his own lyrics. With the first remix, I wasn't as disappointed as some that it wasn't his voice singing. Nonetheless, it does add to it when it's original in every aspect (except the source material of course). Nicely done, and a recommended download.
  11. Mu-ushy..sweet, though, and a very lighthearted remix. It's very well-composed easy-listening. Quite enjoyable.
  12. This definately isn't a bad remix, especially having to get over the hurdle of getting the judge's votes on something that's been so frequently remixed in the past. It does have a subtle "mellow" vibe to it, but at parts it could've been softened up a bit to stick closer to its title. djprezel's said it before, but I'm gonna redirect the same advice to The Graceful Failure...it's a nicely done remix, and I think it'd be great if you redirected your talent to less-covered songs/titles. Although, of course I encourage you to do what you enjoy of course, whether it be sticking with some of the more popular material or not.
  13. I have to agree on the perfect length opinion.. I also like the change of pace at around 0:57. The transition from the first part to the second flowed nicely. Although this remix isn't exactly emotionally compelling, it's really good background music that makes for an enjoyable listen.
  14. To begin with, I would like to compliment DJCrono generously on his creativity and originality. Although only two of his remixes have been on OCR so far, it's obvious the time and dedication put into them. I think remixers who break the mold, so to speak, are generally very appreciated. Although their work might not fit with the genre or overall style that most people are used to hearing or might prefer, it's very important to create your own niche and love what you're doing to continue creating good music. As for this remix in particular, the words become a bit much at some points throughout the song. Nonetheless, I think in many more places than not, they add noticably to the quality of the song. Its versatility is its best quality, from the stretch between the beginning and 2:18 (great bassline..an energetic, but not redundant beat) and following, the Japanese rap. I like that DJCrono does the rapping himself. It not only adds a personal element, but is another example of the remixes creativity. I'll definately be looking out for more remixes by DJCrono.
  15. I really like how this song more or less sticks to the old school Donkey Kong theme while at the same time kicking it up with the jazzy percussion. They're coupled really well, giving the entire remix a shady, but upbeat and entirely interesting atmosphere.
  16. This is easily one of my favorite remixes so far. I enjoy something that captures another aspect to a song than the obvious, usually (however, not always) energetic, rhythm. The guitar and flute duo effectively give the song the "good night" calm feeling that seems to be intended. ^^ Very enjoyable. I'll be looking forward to more remixes, texx.
  17. I liked how the song began slowly, in a sort of mystical way with the harp followed by the bells and soft voice, and eased into an uplifting climax at about 1:25. The song carries surprisingly well, keeping a lighthearted feeling throughout. Not really my taste, but a good remix nonetheless.
  18. I think it's great how remixers have been breaking away from the more standard techno sound lately and expanding into other genres. I'm no fan of rap. However, compliments on originality. A true test of a composer's (or remixer's in this case) talent is their ability to expand into other genres without sacrificing the standard quality of the music.
  19. This is definately a refreshing deviant from the classic techno of most of the songs I've heard so far; an extremely enjoyable remix, with incredible synchs and an amazing beat behind the unpredictable flow of the entire song. I'll definately be looking forward to more remixes by Mazedude.
  20. The fact that this remix is composed entirely of the guitar, paired with the seagulls and ocean waves, brings a sort of a reminiscence to the feel of the song. I've never played Crystalis, but I did like the song. It's simple but enjoyable, and definately worth the download, especially to fans of the game.
  21. Not bad at all. Really fast and upbeat, I love the guitar solo. Really good work on that. I also like the flute at the end, but when I first heard it I thought it'd be a better way to end the song on something like that then keep it going. I'll be looking forward to hopefully more.
  22. This is most definately one of my favorite mixes. It's soft, soothing, and relaxing. The bass gives sort of a slow, mellow flow to the song. Very nice job, Hazama.
  23. Intro/Outro on this mix are pretty good. Although the song's a little repetitive, I think that's part of what makes it good. Nice job all in all, I seriously enjoyed it. Final Fantasy Tactics is probably my favorite game of all time, and I really enjoyed this remix. Looking forward to more, Ghetto Lee Lewis.
  24. The hard beat this mix starts on is pretty good. I liked the looping beat through most of the song. Definately not bad techno. This is a really good mix of a really good battle theme. I wasn't much for the victory music at the end either, but overall I'd have to say it was a pretty good ReMix.
  25. Pretty good ReMix, one of my favorites on the site so far. I like the soft streaming towards the beginning and end backed up by the deep beat. It was a good choice to kind of let the song taper at the end, then just sort of fade off after the beat stopped with that slight echo. Very cool.
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