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  1. Awesome song. Went straight to my iPod and I listened to it a good half a dozen times in the first day. I really like the minimalist approach to the source material, it seems to compliment the song very well. Good work guys.
  2. Alien Soldier had some pretty bad Engrish in it as well, just look at the title screen. And I can't find a SS of it, but I'm positive Act Raiser had some in there as well.
  3. Dang. djpretzel wasn't lying when he said it was "dark." Very disturbing vibe, and very reminiscent of the dark and dirty metal sounds that you hear in DooM. The decapitation recitation is sinister, and I definitely need to listen to it again to figure out exactly what is said. Superb job, as a big fan of darker metal (Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, etc) I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and hope to see more from Kadmium.
  4. Like I did last year, I'll donate some money when I get all my bills paid and can figure out how much I could actually donate. Since I have more than half the songs on this site on my computer, I think it's pretty necessary I contribute in some way shape or form.
  5. I was expecting it, and looking forward to it. Didn't get home in time to check it out though so I missed this years =(
  6. The episode after the week break they took a few episodes back was the first time the head writer from Season 1 came back, so that may be why the new episodes actually have direction and are a lot better than Villains was. Also, grats zircon!
  7. Been a long time lurker (since I first heard Terra in Black in 2003), and have well over half of the remixes on this site on my computer. I figure it's high time I actually did something to help out an amazing site, and help relieve the stress of an amazing guy/remixer. $25 sent.
  8. Just got back from the movie (they had a pre-screening in my town). Wow. Very impressive. It literally blew me away, and my inner fan-boy was jumping for joy. Smoke pretty much it on the head. Beautiful CG work, very impressive (and unobtrusive) comedy. And amazing fight scenes. I personally enjoyed the Mt. Dew Bot and the Nokiabot, those were hilarious. As for the new Transformers Theme song...I didn't hear it at all. I think they scrapped it, because I didn't even see it in the credits.
  9. 21-f Sounds just like Died by Alice in Chains (sped up quite a bit) 36 sounds like Dead and Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots But listening through them, I'm placing a lot of songs in my mind, but can't find them in my library. I swear I hear at least one or two Megadeth songs in there though, I'll have to go through it again when I can actually turn up the volume.
  10. From a lurker on the forums and lurking the actual site for 5 or 6 years now...I have to say, wow. The emotion presented in this one was enough to warrent me to go for my first post. It gave me chills, and is being added to my iPod right away. Darkesword, truly amazing work, definatley keep up the good work.
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