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    i've been very interested in producing Video game related music for quite some time, however i feel i lack the neccessary skills to do so

    My 'forte' would be celtic or orchestral

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  1. another belated "why thank you so much for the birthday wishes!"

  2. Ahh i was addicted to this song for aaagess, just like i was the DS version of the game
  3. I first stumbled upon this whilst playing Feel The Beats, and i think it's actually boss, someone please do this
  4. Ahh thank you i shall study this intensively I will say though i have since reuploaded this to youtube with a little work having been done on the drums, i was hoping this thread would die so i could repost it. The term 'remaster' oesn't even stand anymore, that was just my intention when i posted a while ago
  5. Not to shoot you down in flames >< But i have a pretty good set of headphones and the levels were still an issue Don't get me wrong it's still an awesome track
  6. Haha this is really funky, i absolutely love the original so this doesn't quite compare in my opinion but it's really cool
  7. Ahh this is awesome I have no criticism (I'm not as picky as others though, watch out haha)
  8. Say, do we need to have ever successfully submitted a remix to participate in albums?
  9. Yes Haooy Birthday indeed
  10. I really like the feel of this track, i mean i REALLY like it, it's kinda neo-futuristic, but retro at the same time. I'm a really big Pokémon fan but this is not one of my favourite source tracks, however i do approve of this remix haha. I love the Lunar Knights-esque breakbeats at around 1:50. But the levels.. The levels need sorting, it felt like there was no lead, like it was building up to something that never happened. Nice track though
  11. This is pretty funky. The first half of the song felt kinda stale but it suddenly picks up with loads of cool synth effects which kept me interested till the end. Yeah it's a pretty good track!
  12. One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums
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