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  1. I totally, completely love this remix, and it captures spirit and feel of the original dead on. Instrumentation, stereo position, and volume are all perfect as well. I only have one complaint about it though. Its missing half of the main melody, which would've made it far more interesting. :\ Regardless, I'm highly appreciative of you giving SNK tunes some coverage with quality and style. I really hope to see more remixes from the greats of SNK from you in the future.
  2. I've always been a gigantic fan of 70's synths and mellotrons (chorus sound + melltron strings = god), and the use of voice distortion, and its really great to see someone trying to replicate that style. As a result, you can probably figure that I listen to a lot of Moody Blues and pre-80's Genesis. The song is fairly hit and miss. Some of the synths are dead on, especially that small little "wow wow wow" sounding one at the end. The use of the vocoder is nice as well, its not too loud or far in the front, and doesn't overpower the song. The beat is also nice without becoming boring or repetitive. Unforunately, the percussions sounds feel very weak and remind me a little too much of those $30 Yamaha or Casio keyboards you could pick up at Sears during the 80's. The percussion sound is also a little too loud and too forward in the stereo channels. The main synth is also too loud. Finally my last little gripe is the singer (which I'm assuming is the same person as the remixer), sounds a little too much like he's a part of a 1st grade musical play about how healthy vegetables are or something. In other words, singing because he has to, not because he wants to. He also sounds like his voice is in a "half-whisper", instead of a proper volume, which is needed to get the full effect from a vocodor. Overall good song, but not perfect. I'd really, really like to see more songs that fit this style in the future.
  3. No doubt about it, Yuga from the Samurai Shodown 64 games. Homing throws, unblockable normal moves that can cover the entire screen, the ability to stop time, a giant fireball. And that's just his FIRST form! When he becomes a she for his/her second form, it goes beyond anything and everything you've ever experienced in a fighting game. Remember the super fireball laser thingy Ryu has in Marvel vs Capcom? She do can that as normal special move, with barely any lag time at all! The fact that his/her stage is the coolest boss stage ever, his/her moves look insanely cool, and the music that accompany's it is awesome, makes it her not only the hardest, but the best boss ever. Gandara before her is a real treat too. Absolutely no-hit stun, takes up almost the entire screen, and has insane defense.
  4. I really want to like this song, but I can't for one primary reason. That AWFUL snare drum sample. It sounds very tinny and annoying, and its too far into the foreground. I might have been able to tolerate it if it was more in the backround and not so blaring. Rest of it is pretty good, but that drum....ARRRGH!!
  5. Tyrian. Simply the best top-down shooter ever. Even Ikaruga can't top it, and that's a damn good game. I still play it every now and then, believe it or not. Remix is quite nice. Quality piano work all around. MORE TYRIAN REMIXES PLEASE.
  6. *sniff*.....you've just made this grizzled old SNK fanatic/OCR fan a very happy man. More I say! Give Mushashi or one of Koryuu's theme a go.
  7. Great mix, but I feel it could've been greatly helped by more powerful and dynamic drums/drum beats. As it is, they sound very generic and 80's Casio keyboard sounding. Rest of it is great.
  8. Yet another great contribution from the Haroon-meister! The intro came totally out of left field, and kinda irks me, but it by no means ruins the song. I REALLY dig that deep, evil voice that kicks in.
  9. One of Bart's best. I really love this song. Its a shame he doesn't submit any of his songs here anymore. Be sure to check out his site (link on the main page) for the stuff he hasn't submitted here.
  10. Being an utter nutjob fan of SNK's music, my expectations are abnormally high, and as a result I didn't enjoy this mix as much as I wanted to. The main lead is too loud, and it could've used some more elaborate drumwork. Still, its a good remix and well worth listening to. More SNK please.
  11. 64-bit rate? BLECH!!! Anyways, the song is good, though the voice samples got a touch annoying after a while. Not that big of a deal though.
  12. Forgot to mention something, if you want to hear the true voice samples when you play the game, set the region to Japanese. For some reason Data East put some annoying generic dude in for the voices in the American version instead of the ultra cool ones. *song continues to kick ass*
  13. It pleases me to no end to see a Neo-Geo remix up after the all too long dry spell. The fact that its Magical Drop 3 is even better, since the music was great and pretty much tailor made for remixing (would kill to hear the final boss music remixed). I really hope to see more in the future (Samurai Shodown, KOF, Fatal Fury, Last Blade, Metal Slug, and Waku Waku 7 anyone?). The remix is quite nice. Not the best I've heard, but a very good job nonetheless. The comment by DJP to avoid Legend of Success Joe is wise indeed.
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