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  1. No problem, Jill! ...Except for the fact that I hadn't yet realized that the podcast is not the same thing as the radio show.... "Hajime" will be in the radio show for sure, but it may or may not appear in the podcast. The podcast may also appear a few days later. On a more positive note, "Hajime" will be playing somewhere between 11 pm and 11:20 pm Mountain time on KTEP. More information on the radio show is here: http://www.newagereporter.com/playlist/viewplaylist.asp?pid=4679 Many apologies for misleading/wrong information.
  2. It should be on between 1 am and 2 am for you Eastern folks. But if you don't live within about 100 miles of Ciudad Juarez, you won't be able to receive the broadcast. I'm hoping for nice atmospheric conditions to boost that range a bit.
  3. The Audiosyncracy radio show will be on El Paso's NPR station (KTEP), 88.5 FM, from 11 pm to 12 am MST. The episode will be posted at http://radio.jameyo.com/episodes.html in mp3 and possibly m4a format afterwards. I'm definitely going to try to get that station tomorrow night!
  4. I poorly phrased that post. I meant that some shuffling would be okay, but OCR needed to sweep the top three somehow.
  5. The ranks are as follows: Hajime is 1st. Breathing You In is 2nd. Coactive is 3rd.
  6. Hajime's back on top. Breathing You In and Coactive have third and fourth, respectively.
  7. The current rankings: Hajime - #1 Breathing You In - #6 Coactive - #8
  8. Breathing You In moved up to #6! Hajime is still holding as the top song!
  9. Standings as of now (without whininess about my Internet connection): "Hajime" is #3. "Coactive" is 12, and "Breathing You In" is 14.
  10. Never gonna let you down... I think mine disappeared of its own accord.
  11. I joined both. It seems to be the only way I pass the time until April 22 and the Origins release. </near-rabid fandom>
  12. ItsDifficultToDoDecentArtWithAMouseAndNoArtSkills
  13. Now it's fifth. "Princepiration" is apparently more important than this.
  14. That part of the translation seems to be okay, but the bolded article below needs to be pluralised. Este documento describe el proceso para presentar música a OverClocked ReMix y los estándares por los cuales tales materiales presentados serán evaluados. Presentando su música al sitio, está aceptando nuestra Política de Contenido; por favor léala antes de proceder.
  15. This might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_in_video_gaming ....I am not a Wikipedia addict. Really.
  16. I don't know why I keep my source files. Maybe I don't have anything better to do with my disk space? My params are (-b 32 -m j -h -c -V 2 -B 320), but I don't generally fiddle with those unless I'm seeking certain compression results.
  17. Well.... I learned to not check the box that says 'delete source file when done' when using RazorLame. Good thing that my song was just a test file.
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