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  1. dang it? is it still viable then? damn it, my one hope of getting out of drawing people. Alright, i'll figure something else out
  2. marvel has rights for transformer comics, i'm doing transformers vs. megaman, any objections? any steals my idea we can take it up on the ocr tf2 server
  3. Mmm...Blizzard... mmm...crossover... Tauren shaman versus hydralisk? I think it's an unbeatable combination
  4. Meh, i use the $50 skullcandy because every pair of headphones i own has a habit of breaking after three months. I thought this was the fanart thread though...maybe we can make it both by creating ultimate OCR Tan! If that's allowed ofcourse, since she's technically not a videogame character.
  5. If we're posting here, then here's mine. Shame I finally completed a fanart on time. http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr48/Rawk_Hawk/Alex_Drawing.jpg I hope you get the crossover, although that might lose me points with metal gear fans
  6. C'est finis. Oh i'm so glad, It took me 7 hours just to do this. I hope everyone gets the crossover.
  7. I swear i'll actually participate this time honest. If i don't i think Rambo's going to come and break my legs. I'm going to be playing a lot of mechwarrior, so i should have ample inspiration.
  8. This is gonna be sweet. there are so many to choose from for this, i don't know where to start. Resident Evil is the obvious choice, but you can do zombies ate my neighbours, ghosts and goblins, castlevania, even the zombies from the metroid series (fusion and prime 2 for those who can't recall). Ooo...Here's a good one, "Stubbs the zombie in: Rebel without a pulse". Ack... so many choices, hard to pick just one!
  9. F***ing sweet. Didn't know that. This is gonna be a rough year for funds though... uuugh. Corruption in August Strikers in July Mario Party in just a couple days Galaxy some time this fall now Brawl as well? Jeeeze. I'd better get a job.
  10. You didn't miss anything. It's today. The 27th
  11. Wow. I wasn't expecting to hear the Airship theme in the Mario one. That was sweet. Unfortunately in order to get there in time I'd need to fly. And I can't do that without a passport anymore. Sooo... that's a bummer. Edit: And of course I'm also completely broke.
  12. You most certainly did. Now abuse that authority!
  13. Whole heartedly agree. Preferably hidden. Très cool. I also vote that bummerdude decides sometime soon... on that...
  14. Actually I meant to ask something similar. Anyone have screen shots or pics of last years resulting sigs? I wasn't around and would like to see some.
  15. I hope the theme is Bosses. Then I wouldn't have to change anything to participate! Or birds for that matter...
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