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  1. I love piano ReMixes, and Powell is a great source (SD3 OST is pretty awesome). You did a fantastic job with it, and I'm looking forward to your next arrangements.
  2. Oh that's great! I only get to know about projects when they hit front-page, I'm not exactly an avid OCR forumer.
  3. DJP is right! There should be a Seiken Densetsu 3 project! It's one of my favorite OSTs ever, it's very diversified and immersive. Btw great job here VHD, I like what you did with the sources and the way they all blend together.
  4. I agree about the timing, but overall it's a very refreshing, relaxing ReMix. Bom trabalho!
  5. Even though I'm more into the fusion genres of jazz (Fusion/Acid/Smooth/Nu jazz), I have to say: this is freaking AWESOME! I'm anxiously looking forward for more!
  6. This is probably how the source would have sounded if Mitsuda had more resources to work with. And this is not a bad thing, not at all... This ReMix is really great! Oh yeah and the title is great too lol!
  7. I have to agree it sounds "wrong" several times, the instrumentation and the voice. But it's cool nonetheless, and this song is just awesome.
  8. Pretty nice ReMix! Very upbeat and cheers you up. You know, I think Gradius III's got some nice songs, like this one, "Mechanical Base", "In the Wind", and "Boss 3" is cool but short... The game should receive a bit more love.
  9. This a great ReMix, as someone said the transitions are great, and it's a very "warm" feeling song. Brings good memories from Crusader of Centry/Soleil, even though I never really went to far in it, for some reason... I totally loved the guitar part at 2:29, wish it were a little longer.
  10. Very relaxing stuff here... It's like soaring through clouds while I listen to this ReMix. I love this type of jazzy songs, I wish there were more ReMixes like this. It's one of those songs you just have to sit down, close your eyes and let your mind travel in it's smooth waves. And this has to be one of the best feelings music can give you.
  11. Fact 1: I can barely find the source here. Fact 2: Does anybody care? No. This ReMix is one of my favorites, one of those I'll probably keep listening to regularly for years to come... The guitar is sooo perfect, and the mix flows so smoothly and naturally. It can make the saddest person turn happy in a few moments with it's warm, and funky riffs. The silence at the beginning as others have said, is the only thing that bugs me with this ReMix, otherwise it's just perfect.
  12. As DJP said, the lyrics are elementary, but they are so amazing when sung by Jill's soft and angelic voice. Talking about Jill's voice, it's actually an interesting variation, as this has to be the darkest atmosphere sounding ReMix I've heard from her yet, and she manages to keep the dark, wet, tense Maridia atmosphere superbly. That is, of course accompanied by zircon's simple and airy, yet very effective composition. It's amazing this could've been done in 48h, and it's still one of my all-time favorite ReMixes! So to sum it all up: This is an amazing ReMix! Period.
  13. This is one of my favorite ReMixes, while staying true to the source, you managed to give it such a fresh and energetic sound. Undersea Palace is one of my favorites from the game, and this epic ReMix more than makes it justice! While I listen to this, I can't help but imagine a battle at the Undersea Palace in Chrono Resurrection, if the project hadn't been forced to stop by Square-Enix.
  14. These babies look seriously hot! (and I bet they sound great too) People usually say the PX100 is better than PX200, what do you think about that?
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