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  1. Song submitted. A very, ahem, interesting interpretation, I might add.
  2. I'm in. Don't worry, I actually will play all my games this time.
  3. Yeah - it renames and retags the files automatically.
  4. Ooh, nice choice, FiremanJoe. I'm going to have to make something for this one. Hopefully I'll have enough time to pull off something decent.
  5. The round was supposed to have ended on Sunday. I've been waiting for the word from kelvin to see if I'm included in the second round and if so, actually play some more games.
  6. I personally just finished with classes a little over a week ago so I've been busy moving back home and getting into my summer job and such. I'm sure a few others had similar circumstances.
  7. Hmm.. What are the best encoding settings for use with the embedded player? Mine plays at a lower pitch/frequency in the player but when downloaded still plays fine.
  8. I'll be the "new blood" I guess. I used to be pretty good, especially at blitz, but I haven't played in almost a year now. So count me in.
  9. Take my suggestions with a grain of salt since I'm fairly new to remixing and all, but it didn't seem to fit to me once it got into the main melody for bloody tears at 0:35. I think it's partially because it's such a well known tune - maybe straying a little bit more from the source melody is in order. Once the whistle and the fiddle break into the two parts at 0:50 it sounds really good again. And the Termina theme blends seamlessly in - I didn't even notice the switch right away the first time listening to it. I really look forward to hearing the finished product - especially with the live instruments.
  10. In my opinion, this is one of the better piano mixes on the site. I won't lie - It's not one of my favorites and it doesn't have a permanent spot on my hard drive, but that's mostly because it's not really my style. This piano remix is really unique because it is simple and clean, not attempting to make it sound over dramatic or more engaging. As a result this piece would make great background music, such as at a fancy dinner, but I personally would not listen to it actively that often. The only criticism I have for this song is that the rubato in the last part (last 30 seconds or so) seems a bit excessive, since the melody is not really going anywhere. Overall still a great song. Thanks, Dhsu!
  11. Truly an epic piece here. And so few reviews. For the first time I can't really find anything wrong with remix or something that could be changed. Ok, I lied. Around 1:48 and 1:56 the flute plays a high note heavily that kinda sticks out a bit. But that's really picky. Just download it and you will witness the awesomeness.
  12. Wow. This is really great. I've avoided checking the f-zero mixes in general for a long time, because I expected them to be fairly ordinary and unoriginal rock mixes. Boy, was I wrong. The minor trips in a few places do stick out after listening to it a few times in a row, but at the same time they do serve to make it sound like a live performance. The quiet section before the start of the main theme was really neat. The only negative is that I didn't hear it the first few times I listened to it because there were other noises around me. Regardless, this is top quality stuff. You must download, especially if you like any of the piano mixes on the site.
  13. While I absolutely love the source material, I feel this remix fell a bit short of its potential. The arrangement of the individual song themes was excellent, but I felt that the transitions between themes were abrupt and glaring, making it sound more like a "hooked on earthbound" medley, rather than a cohesive remix. On the positive end, I absolutely loved the opening. It pretty much follows the original hotel theme, but the piano part is what really makes it so awesome. Sadly, it only remains for a short time and disappears for a good minute, reappearing before the fade out to the guitar part. Ah the guitar section. Again, you can't get a negative response from me using this theme. One of my top 20 VGM themes. However, this solo acoustic guitar rendition could have been improved in my opinion by more realistic samples.
  14. One of my top favorites. This simple, no-frills jazz piece sounds like something you would hear live at a coffee shop or other small venue. It starts with a classic jazz piano style intro, then moves into a more minimalist jazz trio sound once it gets into the actual temple theme. What more can I say? Definitely worth a download.
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