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  1. OK, so I'm totally feeling an influence from Mr. Brightside by The Killers in this song, especially in the chorus. ( )Awesome work dude. I'm digging this.
  2. Word... that's the only reason I would want to know what happened to him. Just to give props where props are due. It would suck if it was a "he died and no one showed up to his funeral" type of situation. I at least would want to send him a flower arrangement in the shape of the OCR logo... And write a letter to his loved ones to let them know about this side of him (in case they didn't) and that he touched this many people.
  3. Most of the time user data becomes the property of the owner of the service that it's a part of. So they can do with it what they will (such as brute force the passwords). For all we know they could be storing our password as plain text. It's up to the data owner/operator. So it's not illegal, just frowned upon like kittykar said. It's sort of like the question "what does google do with all of that search data that they track from us". They COULD do with it whatever the heck they want. But, they don't want customers leaving them over bad business practices so they shy away from the shadier things... for now! You know what is illegal though? NOT KNOWING WHO GRAYLIGHTNING IS AND WHERE HE WENT! *bum* *bum* *buuummmmmmmmmmmmm*
  4. What if one of the insiders (like DJP) who has direct access to the forums copies GrayLightning's subset of data out, then brute forces or de-encrypts it (whichever is easier). A password can tell you a lot about a person. If that doesn't divulge much, then run a test of his password against all other accounts in the forums and see if it matches up with anyone else. Those matches could then be his other aliases. Or a moderator could just delete this post cause I'm suggesting the data owner to potentially hack one or more of it's user's accounts. Though desperate times call for desperate measures and we've all seen what larger companies have done per the requests of others... like GOOGLE. So how about this... DJP I'm suing for you to run a test against GrayLightning's account! Now watch... everyone's gonna go change their passwords and someone's gonna try to brute force the forums from the outside and will make the servers go down... Hopefully no one is this stupid.
  5. You're a God send dude!!! Uber-danke! woot! woot! woot! This track sounds so purdy now.
  6. You think he's the author Kevin Alexander Gray? He wrote a book called "Waiting for Lightning to Strike: The Fundamentals of Black Politics" Here's a video of him: Maybe he should have named his book "Waiting for GrayLightning to Strike"... cause I know WE ALL ARE! @_@
  7. The song was ruined by the vocals. They were too nasally, restrained and off-key. In order to add some more dynamics to the singing you really need to belt it and not be so timid. Don't tense up and let the sound carefully creep through your mouth and nose. Rather, belt it from your gut and carefully listen to what tensing up different parts of you does to your voice and relax the parts that are having an adverse effect on it. It can be your face, your nasal passage, your mouth, your vocal chords, your chest, or gut. Just pay careful attention, tune into your good singing stance and belt it.
  8. WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO!!!! I've been looking and searching for a higher quality version of this mix since forever!!! I'm obsessed with it... I must have it. I pm'd DD about it on the forums over a year ago but have yet to receive any replies, though a few months after I pm'd him both my request for a higher quality version of this AND for him to come back he did in fact come back and submit a new remix. So in a way he did sort of answer PART of my PM... but I must have my first request!!! And now I come to find out that I've missed BOTH postings of it. Neither links work now. I'm getting really tempted to create a bot to try every iteration of a possible file name for the song and have it scour DD's directory at: http://discodan.org/trx/ .... I've already manually tried all the obvious ones (like the name of the song as hosted by OCRemix, the name he gave it when he originally posted the alt link in this review board, the name you've given it in your posting on thasauce) DO YOU SEE HOW DESPERATE I AM!!! I love you Disco Dan! I'll even grow females parts just so that I can mother your children...
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