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  1. Just thought I'd drop by to let you know of an issue I found regarding the 50% requirement for a song to dominate the majority of a remix.  I was listening to game soundtracks on YouTube when I came across one of my favorite tracks. (note this may apply to others as well)

    The main theme of this is 42 seconds long.  Now here's the Link Between Worlds version.

    There's an extra little bit in this one that goes from 0:42 to 1:05, which is 23 seconds long.  Here's where the problem comes in.  You can completely omit the extra part of the latter, and still be over the 50%, since 42 seconds dominates the majority of 65 seconds, or somewhere around 66%.  So in this case, judgewise, which is a remix of which?  as stated this effect may be there in other songs too.

  2. Did the mix in question here -


    - sound like any of the other stuff on his Soundcloud?  GREAT call if so.  What I heard was EXTREMELY hot and overcompressed.  It has that one on there too.  and I agree with the muddiness, and well some of the synths are just..."boring"...and yep the repetitiveness in there.   And dat transition at 1:50...sounded like a rush job to the extreme.  

  3. I play a dulcimer, and I have made this sound accidentally before, but I need to know how to make it deliberately, it's the very last simultaneous 2 notes in this remix.  This is a guitar but you could make it with any stringed instrument apparently.  Probably wouldn't be able to with nylon strings though, I dunno.



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