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  1. Hey Prophetik, if I win, may I have one of your VSTs so I can use it against the next Robot Master? Edit: It's...how Mega Man games work after all. Heh.
  2. Morning y'all, hopefully you guys have some great ear candy. I hope I do.
  3. Eh, ProjektZero is going to DESTROY you. And not even Dr. Light will save you, mwahahah!
  4. The only chance I have of going up against PrototypeRaptor is in the bracket semifinals. I don't think I'll get that far though, and whatever I do, IF I somehow manage to face him, I'm going to lose horribly against him. Being matched with Prophetik is bad enough. Beating him will change my outlook on the whole thing though.
  5. In my desire to improve, I'm coming across this term a lot here at OCR. Thankfully, when I got a judgement thread, I never got the "muddy" crit, but I'm still wondering how to identify it, so I can get rid of it if I hear it. I've gathered from the judges forum, it's when multiple instruments fight for the same space in the sound spectrum, making it sound "mud", but I just need to train my ears to recognize it when I hear it. High-end mud especially. If someone can make something demonstrating that, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!
  6. I kind of thought Spring Man just bounced all over the place too....I only used bits and pieces of the themes for the verses and the bridge is Solar Man. 1-2 and 7-8 of the chorus are Boing Man as well. Oh hey, if you are able to bounce over me, I'm rootin' for ya. I want to hear your fight with PrototypeRaptor! I'll probably use more Solar Man if I win against you.
  7. I wanted to do my usual trance, but I added stuff that makes it sound in the area of disco. I'm not even sure of the exact genre...
  8. Just sent a fix, Darke, it's the latest message from me, so disregard the earlier one. Just learned a valuable lesson. Fix whatever you can before sending stuff in. Ugh, that was weird.
  9. Okay, so I found a small error with mine. The snare wasn't loud enough. Sending a new file shortly, Darke. I hate that when I bugsquash for an hour and find something I miss hours after...grrr
  10. Heart of the Cave (Cavern Caprice) – Rozovian [8:24] ▪ So tell me Rozovian, IS longer better?
  11. Ugh...DO NOT CLICK! YOU WILL DIE! I don't even like that song...
  12. Although I can't show you the finished product yet, I have put together a little thing using both ACTUAL themes, for one "verse" in my mix, in the exact context they are used. http://tindeck.com/listen/pynt
  13. According to last years? Nope. The social group thread titles only have what robot masters are being voted on.
  14. You got one more, I'm done. And yes, but I just was so excited I worked on it almost nonstop.
  15. I'm essentially done, I'm just in bugsquash mode right now. Gotta get rid of the bugs.
  16. http://www.kvraudio.com/get/694.html It's not there anymore, but you can find it if ya look.
  17. Got a final length for ya. 4:19, but I'm NOWHERE near done yet. The bridge still needs some love, since it's around 30-40% done, and to be connected to the final chorus properly, and the ending needs some love as well. Soon though!
  18. I'll probably put one up hidden behind a curtain of sorts (lo-fi, heh) http://tindeck.com/listen/rckf - Put a lo-fi plugin on the master and tweaked it so that you can JUST barely make out what's going on. This is your teaser!
  19. Morning! Just got up, and I'm heading right back into it after I wake up. On the to-do list - finish my bridge (which currently only has bass in it), transition into the final chorus, then ending.
  20. You're quite a worthy adversary, and if I win against you, someone who has 8 posted mixes... ...I think I'm gonna crap myself. Edit: Oh, and I'm bringing my A-Game apparently. This is literally the best thing I've ever done. And at the rate I'm going I'll trump it again in a few months.
  21. I can tell you mine is in "electro-pop-song" form. And the "verses" are as follows. 1st line: Solar Man-Spring Man 2nd Line: Solar Man-Spring Man 3rd Line: Solar Man-Spring Man (Variation) 4th Line: Solar Man-Spring Man (Variation 2) The lines are split in half as far as what is what. Chorus has some more Spring Man source with some original stuff thrown in in the "responses". I have kind of a call-and response thing going. The bridge, which only has the bassline in, will be all Solar Man.
  22. Taking a break and going right back into it in an hour.
  23. I now have 2 verses. On the agenda, a bridge, another chorus, then ending.
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