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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday ever. That's why I did one this year. How could I resist?
  2. So yep, if you look in the first post, you'll notice that Me and Flexstyle are done ours! I hope you like it once the CD comes out. I know I loved making the initial version, when Emunator basically asked if I would re-make one of my originals into a DKC3 mix. Did that, and when Flex came on, it turned into all sorts of awesome.
  3. LOL Stevo, this made me chuckle. And I'm interested. Not committed yet, I have to see wether or not this catches on.
  4. I sent him a WAV, although it's not official, so he may accept a higher-than-usual copy of an MP3, say....300k/s or higher
  5. I changed my mind about the CD part. I want this to be a solo mix on the website.
  6. Hey Emunator, if Rocket Rave ever passes the panel before Feb. 11th, I'm sending you a WAV file of it because I'd want it on the CD. If not, I'm sending you a WAV of it anyway, lol Oh, and one thing I've been wondering.... ....Why do you like to emulate emus? *hides*
  7. I've tagged it Mod Review because I want it to sound as good as it can for the CD, and I KNOW I've missed some stuff. I tried to look for a picture that kind of describes what I was going for. This one comes close: Turn all the lights off, and it would be perfect. The arp later on in the song is supposed to be the light snow falling. Here it is: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25534667/The_Perfect_Christmas_Eve.mp3
  8. This is my favorite time of year. Count me in. I think I'm gonna do an original. Edit: And almost done.
  9. Hmmm...is it coming out on iTunes? I might buy it. Seriously am trying to broaden horizons here.
  10. Been having connection issues lately, so when I saw that the connection quality was...somewhat productive today, I figured I'd upload an update. Here's how it sounds now. In here: 2 verses, 2 choruses (chorii?), and a solo. as well as a bunch of holes I need to fill in. The solo has gaping holes in it because me and Cyril are going to be trading solo licks! Not sure if I'm gonna end it with an extra verse/chorus combo, or just a chorus. Anyway, here: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25633160/BurnBobongaDragonwolfEarlyWIP.mp3
  11. Hardy har har. Henceforth, I can say that I know a musical lawnmower. Just kidding man. I'm keeping Draconiator, even if I do stuff up here, or if I start playing at a local bar, I'll put DJ in front of it.
  12. Actually I haven't touched this in a while, but if you like it that much...I even have a couple names for it: Mario Vs. the Martians (or Aliens) Aliens Race the Rainbow My idea was that aliens have descended onto the Rainbow Road track, since it's in space and either challenge Mario or kick all the other competitors off and have a race against each other. That being said, do you know of a way to make a convincing mothership noise in FL?
  13. Flexstyle, where are you? I just wanted to say that this past Thanksgiving (I.E. half a week) has been stormy and stuff, so I hardly had Internet access (Wireless and bad weather don't mix). And I'm a bit concerned about us not making the next deadline. PM me an updated WIP if ya got it man. Drac out.
  14. If we are indeed moving, I looked at Freenode, and I can log on there, no problems. While I'm STILL banned on ETG (go figure ) Espernet would be my first choice, but aforementioned "people" (Bluefox, there's a rumor going around with an old group of friends on Esper that he got arrested for child porn once:neutral:) are going to change my vote. I vote Freenode.
  15. I don't really care WHERE we go, as long as it isn't ETG.
  16. I've been browsing around on the forums and I've noticed that at least 2, possibly 4 or more (not including me) are banned from ETG due to their arseholish rules. The IRC server I come from (Espernet) I have not had any problems with whatsoever since I got wireless in 2004. I've been PMing/AIMing people about this, and they say you won't move no matter what. But think of Mirby, Arcana, and others who want to get on but can't due to EnterTheGroan. In my 10+ years of IRC experience, I haven't found a better place than Esper. Been there even before 2004 when I still had dialup (and the house was occasionally filled with the sweet sound of modem handshaking noises). What do you people think?
  17. Flexstyle has mine, just waiting for him to finish it. I'm bored so I'm doing other things in the meantime, heh Can't wait for that.. Got something to be paneled if it isn't already, and I told Emunator if it's NO'd, which I think it will be (going over it I found lots of bugs I forgot to fix), I will fix it up with their suggestions, and we'll see if he thinks it good enough to go on the main album. so might have a solo on there too (And Brandon, be quiet lol [skype thing, lets just say Brandon is interesting when drunk])
  18. Yep, it worked. I could find no option anywhere that would allow me to dock/undock the window. Weird...
  19. http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25267040/FloatingBrowser.jpg Somehow, I changed a parameter somewhere, and now I can't seem to get it to stop floating like this. It not only gets in the way, effects sometimes hide behind it now, which is pretty annoying as you can imagine. It used to be nested in the left side.
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