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  1. It's December 3rd! The original launch date? Sakurai is OBLIGATED to post something jaw-dropping - to distract us, you know?
  2. Against all odds, I'm hoping for Geno. ...but then again, what else has been shown in the gameplay videos that Sakurai hasn't announced? We've still got the Advance Wars AT coming up sometime, as well as the musics for the other stages. There's a number of assist trophies, actually, he hasn't shown us - perhaps Tails? And no doubt he's sitting on a pile of SubEm videos he has yet to display... But of course, it HAS been a while since the last character update...
  3. Yes... why? Oh, upon rereading, I suppose it looked like I implied they were at Saffron. Oops. Apologies.
  4. I'll be pleased to see Hyrule Castle, Peach's Castle, and Saffron City. I miss the paper-thin Venusaurs apparently out for a stroll on a building roof... And you know the tornadoes are going to be hilarious, and especially frustrating for an opponent if you use Link's Gale Boomerang in conjunction. The Temple music is pretty good. My favorites, though, are still Fire Emblem, Space Armada, and Meta Knight's Revenge.
  5. Delightful. I've a hunch Mute City might make a return appearance.
  6. Delightful!... but... Programmer: Who should the last event be against, now that Gigabowser is in the game? Sakurai:.... Programmer: Sir? Sakurai: OMEGABOWSER! Programmer: But - Sakurai: His breath's so hot, it's cold! Sh-sh-sheesh! Are you sure you want to be fighting that thing?!?
  7. Well, that's certifiably funky.
  8. Sakurai's got something big cooking for tonight's update... I can feel it. EDIT: A little late tonight... is Sakurai teasing us?...
  9. As long as we're dreaming... the functionality to create your own stage background using images from your Photo Channel would be entertaining... Perhaps - through the Shop channel, maybe - programmers could make updates, including perhaps every once in a while a little update pack containing a new character and a new stage... but then again, that whole "Downloadable updates on the shop channel" thing hasn't really gone anywhere yet... Or - and this is just a peculiar thing I thought up - a Final Battle mode in which regular attacks don't hurt your opponents at all, and the only way to score kills is with Final Smashes. But this is all just peculiar imaginings, of course. Of course, there is one idea so crazy that it's almost impossible to accomplish - a Monster-Rancheresque disc scan style function in which you can run any of your Wii games through the scanning process and extract the protagonist (or antagonist, I suppose) from that game to use as a fighter. Please note that I'm not pushing this forward as an actual suggestion for Brawl, but a "wouldn't it be cool if".
  10. Ah, many thanks. Now I'm glad I went through the thing on normal mode.
  11. From the last line, it sounds like Sakurai's getting a little cocky. But at least he delivered on his promise from before.
  12. If you're talking about Radiant Dawn, could you please clarify as to what this error might be? I have it, and I'd rather not have Crimea's brewing civil war be interrupted by a glitch of some kind.
  13. Okay, the stutter in today's final caption is just plain unnecessary.
  14. Dark Fox effing WINS. I hope Ike's got a green suit of some kind...
  15. Er? Who said we were trying to top anything?
  16. No, no, it's that sad circle from the Zoloft commercial!
  17. I itch for the unveiling of a new character... One in particular, in fact. Though the prospect is doubtful. Hey, he WAS the 3rd most requested character. Or something like that.
  18. Time will tell. Come January, if we start seeing updates like "Unlockable Characters!" or the finest intricacies on "How to Smash", we can all feel sorry for the fine people at Sora hunting down things to reveal.
  19. All this fuss about Aether is rekindling my hopes for the Black Knight... ...but, if there's going to be any more new Fire Emblem characters at all, it'll probably be Sothe...
  20. This update = Ness's epitaph.
  21. FOX grew to Lvl. 55! FOX wants to learn FIRE SPIN. But, FOX cannot learn more than four moves. Delete move to make room for FIRE SPIN? Yes < No Which move will you delete? FLASH CANNON EXTREMESPEED MIRROR COAT HELPING HAND < Poof! FOX forgot HELPING HAND. And... Fox learned FIRE SPIN! "Fox, get this guy off me!" "Hah! Slippy, you're on your own! I forgot helping hand!"
  22. Rayquaza? Hells yeah. Wait... HOLY CRAP! Is he a boss fight!? The moment when the Armada music started and Fox was silhouetted against the sun was just too perfect for words. It gave me goosebumps. I was going to try playing as someone other than Fox in Brawl, but this cutscene alone changed my mind. Fox is once again awesome in my eyes. And... what happened to Donkey Kong?... I smell foul play. Song is amazing... When the soloists began, I... URGH! I WANT THIS GAME!
  23. I had to try that after I read it. Hilarious.
  24. Ike uses the Goddess's warp powder to travel? Freaking awesome.
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