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  1. How - wait. How is this going to work on bigger maps? Like Donkey Kong's, or the Bridge of Eldin? And if they have another Flat Zone-esque stage, this is just going to be irritating.
  2. All I can say is I'm glad he's just an Assist trophy. Little bastard looks like he would be one of the most annoying playables ever.
  3. Holy freaking crap. Now are Monday updates the awesome ones? I smell a main for me!
  4. Incidentally, I mainly just play (and consequently defeat) my friends and people I actually know, and have not yet been to a tournament or the like. Therefore, can somebody explain to me just what the hell a wavedash is?
  5. Geez. I left on Tuesday for a retreat, and THIS is what I come back to? I was expecting some better updates... especially considering it was almost an entire week of them I missed. But I like Pit's song.
  6. Aether looks damn good. Although it seems a bit like Kirby's Up + B... and I'd like to see a midair demonstration for recoveries... but beggars cannot be choosers. Eruption seems somewhat vague. All I can make of the final screenshot is just a mess of fire. It doesn't even look like he has his sword out. EDIT: Just noticed - he's plunging it into the ground! Sweet! Now the name actually makes sense. EDIT 2: Hold on... if Aether's his Up B, then what's his Final Smash?...
  7. If Nintendo actually succeeds with this, then they will be one of the first to create a fighting game - a brawler, so to speak - with an actual character-driven story. I'm worried, but it's Nintendo, so...
  8. Yeah, well, how does Kirby's Final work into that? What goes from one thing to cooking people? I can't wait to see Ike's Final Smash. I'm willing to bet he just raises his arm, and all of a sudden, a horde of laguz comes trampling through... bwahaha. It's good to be the commander. Wait! Crap! It's got to be something to do with Lehran's Medallion (the berserker rage thing!)
  9. Ah, thank you. I had a feeling it was something like that. So that's it? Just talk a lot, and my number will go up? Smashing!
  10. In the forums, next to somebody's name there's often a + and a number, accompanied by the name of a video game character. Explanation?
  11. It's kind of unlikely, but... I'm slightly hoping for the possibility of including Greil/Gawain. I mean, the axe is just awesome, and you never really got to use him in Path of Radiance. And besides, you could have a father/son match with Ike!
  12. This is what I was waiting for. Now I can stop staying up late every night! I can finally go to bed! Sleep is mine once again! I hope his Lord appearance is available as a costume change, though. But... one wonders... they had two Emblem characters last time... I've got my fingers crossed for Hector, Lyndis, Myrrh and the Black Knight. (Though Myrrh could probably be an assist trophy, eh?)
  13. Geez. Sakurai was 40 mins late yesterday... He should have posted today's update 40 mins early! Really, I doubt we're going to see much that's actually new (ie. characters and such) until they're finished milking all the actual content they've shown us in videos but haven't actually released info on yet. Like Meta Knight. Or that Metal Gear stage (?).
  14. No, no - if you look at the cloud just to the left of the Halberd, you can clearly see the outline of... Master Chief. There. Infallible proof that he's going to be in Brawl.
  15. Yes, so I said below the picture. Thank you. Besides, since they've done that intro movie already, they have no need for the whole "omg!!! newcomer has apeered!!!" headline thing anymore, right?
  16. Okay, since I got wholly ignored last time - I've been wondering about a lot of the Fire Emblem characters. Given that they pretty much included Roy in Brawl to promote the release of his game in Japan, I'm thinking it could be likely that the Fire Emblem folks might include a character or two from Goddess of Dawn to promote it, as well as satiate its newfound North American fans like myself. I figure there are a couple of possible candidates, whether from Goddess of Dawn or not. Ike comes to mind, or the Black Knight, as well as Hector, or even Greil! And it occurs to me that the Black Knight would be just plain awesome. (For those who don't know what he looks like:) A fanciful screenshot alteration, of course. Well? Thoughts?
  17. I'm thinking that - in order to promote Goddess of Dawn at the same time - they might put in either the Black Knight or Sothe. Thoughts?
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