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  1. Well, what do I have to do to make it not look bad? ie. lighting and such.
  2. Hm, after reading that, I kind of want some pointers. Any recommendations on methods of recording matches? Me and my rival Tastycorn are both pretty good players, and we're locked in a dead tie right now, so if you could give me some pointers (or shed some light on any of his weak points you see!), that would be helpful. So. How might I go about making a match for you guys to commentate on?
  3. I propose a new word to describe the sensation of reading posts such as this one, or Subspace Emissary. Smashgasm (noun) Also, the evolving part sounds freaking AWESOME. Rock guitar? Well played, Sakurai. Well played. Of course, given that there will be more than one Pokemon song, I hope they put in the battle theme from fighting Uxie, Azelf, or Mesprit. Literally so awesome, I went into battle with the Pokemon, and didn't make a move for 10 minutes just so I could hear the song over and over again. Bloody awesome.
  4. Where's the Electric stage? I'm curious now. A Power Plant-type thing would be cool.
  5. Finally. I always loved those little jagged things on the sides of Meta Knight's sword.
  6. The peanut thing is just hilarious. I don't know why. It's like, "Say hello to my little... hey, wait! This... this is food! LORD, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO BLIND?!"
  7. Well, what about us players who neither have a Japanese NES nor think ROMs are moral?
  8. Sorry - I know it may not be great forum etiquette to post two of these, but I'm not sure how to edit titles of threads, so... anyway. Fire Emblem. So far OCR has only one remix from it, and from a Japanese-only released one at that. So why don't we get something from Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, or Blazing Sword? Anything adapted perhaps orchestrally (as would befit Fire Emblem!) would be splendid, but the songs I'd love to hear adapted would be Together, We Ride (of course), the Main theme, the Fortune-telling music (yeah, right, I know), and the miniboss theme from Blazing Sword.
  9. I played through that game so many times even before I was 11. I memorized all the locations of the invisible chests... all of Toadofsky's music... how to get the lazy shell... Oh, that reminds me. Barrel Volcano was a nifty song, too.
  10. Ooh, how quaint! A pun in the title! Honestly, Super Mario RPG was probably one of the best games I've played, and it needs some more tribute than it gets. A couple tracks I'm personally fond of include Valentina's theme (you know, that regal-sounding one with the harpsichord?), the boss theme, and the Tadpole Pond theme.
  11. I wish I knew where tournaments were being held. I'd go to them if I just knew when/where they were...
  12. When I read that, I pictured the "cartoonist heart attack scene" from Monty Python & the Holy Grail, except without the falling backwards and dying. Heh, I wish he was still taking suggestions in forums. He did for a while on the Nintendo forums, from what I hear... wish I could've been in on that. Hey, you know who would be an awesome dark horse? A secret character that comes out of nowhere and just freaking baffles everybody? Geno. Yeah. Or @%#&$@, or however you spell his real name. Actually, anybody from SMRPG would be sweet.
  13. Erk. See, then they'd have to prohibit online sharing of stages. For obvious reasons.
  14. You know what would be neat? A stage creator. Like, you could put up platforms/walls where you wanted... and choose the style (ie. what game the stage is from) to get a series of special effects or background thingamajigs... like, if you chose Mario style, you could put in a Bullet Bill cannon, or something... and maybe the stickers could manifest themselves into hazards of just background things to make things more interesting. Like, if you have a Starman sticker, you could just have shooting stars in the background. Just occurred to me. It probably wouldn't work for a variety of reasons, but it's still entertaining to think about...
  15. Bloody brilliant. I'm liking how all the new stages are so whimsical!... ...although, that 'platform' stage is starting to get old... We need some weird-shaped ones. Like Corneria in Melee.
  16. Oh lord. This is awesome/disconcerting.
  17. As far as Animal Crossing goes, making movesets or attacks is honestly not a problem for Nintendo. Off the top of my head, I can name three of Mr. Game & Watch's attacks that were really, really stretching it... Perhaps the snapping turtle? Or the bug spray? Or the miraculous appearance of a diver's helmet? On that note, they really have a multitude of characters to choose from, as all of them are, technically, possible. I mean, they actually had an attack where you could throw turnips in Melee. Sow Joan, anyone? Heck, Katrina could even use dark magic and I don't think anyone would have a problem with it. The only person I would think might be defenseless would be Lyle, the insurance salesman. Though he might be able to use Powers of Annoyance, or something. I'm hoping for Pete, Mr. Resetti, Tortimer (Super Tortimer!), Sable, or - my personal favorite - Blathers. That is, if there's going to be a character from Animal Crossing at all. That being said, I must now write the obligatory sarcastic desperate speculation. SAKURAI SAID "HEROES ARRIVE LATE" AND T3H MR. RESETTI MOLE MAN WOULD ALWAYS APPEAR AFTER YOU TOOK A COUPLE OF STEPS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE INSTED OF WHEN YOU JUST STEP OUT SO MR. RESETTI R CONFIRMED NOW YOUR WELCOME
  18. Is it too early for speculation to begin on bosses from other games? To heck with it. I'll post my suggestions. Legend of Zelda: Koume and Kotake Kirby: Dedede Star Fox: Andross (face & hands) Yoshi: Kamek Fire Emblem: Fomortiis Pokemon: Darkrai (movie promo, anyone?) Metal Gear: Um, a Metal Gear? Animal Crossing: (yeah right. That's really stretching it.) Um... A horde of train monkeys!
  19. Well, sorry, Peach. But it's someone else's turn to be saved this time.
  20. In regards to Animal Crossing characters for Brawl... An Ice-Climberesque due of Timmy and Tommy? Or the Able Sisters? I bet Sable can do something with those quills. Personally? I'm hoping Blathers. With the entire force of the museum at his disposal! Final smash? A shark, a tarantula, a T-Rex, and Leonardo da Vinci pop out of nowhere and lay some hurt down.
  21. This is just a question that occurred to me, but which franchises in Melee had more than two characters from the series on there? The only ones I can seem to think of right now are their flagships (Mario, Zelda & Pokemon). Do you suppose that they'll be including more characters per series this time around, or just spreading it out thinner so that there's still about the same amount of characters per franchise, except more franchises? Just a thought, mind you.
  22. Heh... it's just crazy enough to happen! Or not. Right then. Bon voyage.
  23. I'm tempted to write something like "Holy crap! Sakurai is a playable character?! Best update yet!" although I know that would be just too predictable.
  24. Holy crap! This update is the most awesome thing I've ever seen! Thanks, Sakurai! I love Tetris too! Heh. I like winding people up.
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