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  1. ...that would be because it is the reported American launch date.
  2. Sakurai, you magnificent bastard! This is just splendid. Sonic & Mario co-op is like the dream of everyone who's ever owned both a Genesis and a SNES. Plus, I hope Live & Learn is the music they're actually using for his stage. At least, I mean, one of the songs... some Green Hill Zone would be nice, too... to be honest, I think Shadow's theme would go in equally well. Maybe even an instrumental version of Chaotix from Heroes... He looks to be (as expected) the speediest one there, but maybe a little tough to control... Oh, and incidentally - in the trailer, after Bowser and Peach's inexplicable dancing, Pit appears to be descending from the sky!... does this mean a return of character intros (as with the original Smash Bros.?) And finally, Ike's taunt (if that's what it is) looks cool.
  3. Honestly, this is better than compression, I think.
  4. I just had another listen to the Mario voice clips from the Snake trailer... Forgive me, but... does Charles Martinet sound older?...
  5. HAH! Snake wants to eat a Yoshi! Ugh... and the last conversation about Wario is almost embarrassing... Incidentally, I wonder what the final rating of this game's going to be? I'm thinking T (as with Melee) - after all, today's update does contain "suggestive themes", as it were...
  6. Hmm - this is, well, pretty much what I was expecting. Delightful nonetheless. I wonder if it's aimable?
  7. Perhaps Villager. Or Resident. Heh, that'd be slightly ridiculous. What would be good for the announcer to yell out? Mario! Versus! Strange Viking-Hat Child!
  8. Wait just an effing minute. In the thing where you can choose your icon, it shows right next to the characters a list of Miis. ...could it be?...
  9. HELL YES! The prophecy has come to pass! Rejoice, my brethren!
  10. Whoa, there! Are you sure you want to be making that kind of claim, Sakurai? (What a weird sentence.)
  11. I have assembled some Fire Emblem sprites because of the noticeable lack of them. Eliwood Hector Lyn Guy I have more, but I will first await the critiquing of these - they are all in more or less the same format, so if it's wasted effort to post the others, do let me know. LT: Well, if these are actual game sprites, they're pretty ugly to me. Plus, these aren't properly centered. It also doesn't look right when a sprite about 40-45 pixels high is arbitrarily cropped. Better to resize and fit it within the 32x32 size limit.
  12. "I felt a disturbance - as though thousands of tournament players suddenly cried out in fear and were silenced..."
  13. As long as we're putting forth possible Fox stages... I think it would be awesome to have a battleship from Sector Y, or maybe a couple of the sewage towers from Zoness. And the sewage could be something like Brinstar's lava, only it doesn't harm you - just bounces you according to your damage percentage. You know, sort of like it did in Star Fox 64. Or - and I know this would be pretty damn difficult to do successfully - all four of the Star Fox Arwings or Star Wolf's Wolfens, flying en route to another mission, arranged like so -- a>>>>> a>>>>> a>>>>> a>>>>> Could allow for, as Sakurai seems fond of saying, "new and interesting strategies". EDIT: Sod. Posting won't let me use spaces... well, imagine it in roughly the formation of a diamond, or a square tipped onto one of its corners.
  14. Final Smash, maybe? They put down their hammers, do a traditional Climberian dance and summon a yeti?
  15. I'm not exactly delighted to see 'em again - little buggers were a bit annoying - but it's nice to know which Melee-ers to start training against, all the same. Good Lord! See them doing the footstool jump in that screenshot? They're wearing spiked shoes! Is Kirby being perforated?! EDIT: On a completely unrelated topic, I hope they bring back the concept of Past Stages again. It's be nice to brawl on the Melee Corneria - assuming they don't update it somehow for Brawl or something. The only ship we have of Star Fox so far is the Pleiades.
  16. Final Smash should be a Sakurai Mii who rewrites the game's coding and glitches up the other players.
  17. One of the best Sakurai quotes so far, I think. I personally will be eager to try a Stamina Reflect Light Slow Brawl.
  18. And why would it be unlikely that he's slow? Look at all the guy's armor. Tell me you could sprint in that.
  19. If it plays an important part in SubEm, then chances are the Ancient Minister's going to be using it, I think. Wait a sec. Look at the Ancient Minister's eyes. It all makes sense now! SPOILER: The Ancient Minister is Meta Knight!
  20. I think that if there's going to be any more Fire Emblem characters in the game, I'd like to see some magic users or an axe person. Perhaps Hector's Final Smash could be Armads. Oh, and for the record, if they put Lyon in the game, my joy will be know no bounds. Three cheers for ancient dark secret magic demons. It would have been interesting to see Lyn's capabilities as a combatant, but I suppose this is acceptable. After all, Lundgren's not here to challenge her.
  21. I just saw that Munchlax's name in French is Goinfrex. I think that sounds awesome. Just putting that out there - EDIT: Oh, JESUS are some people going to be disappointed. An Assist Trohy?
  22. This is the greatest update ever! http://www.mojo.rick-gardiner.com/music/music01.html (Sorry, I know I already put a post, ruining the effect of this, but it's just too brilliant not to share.)
  23. Oh, delightful. I think this little fellow will be quite a boon and quite a bane at the same time.
  24. I'm afraid I am frightfully undereducated in terms of video capture technology. I suppose I'll just have to use a video camera or something of the sort.
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