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  1. Remember, kids, aim well and sally forth! Because... sallying is half the battle. EDIT-By the way, folks, regarding the last screenshot on The Summit update, Dedede is swimming. It was apparently seen being done at E for all - rather than just plunging through water, one can swim through it...
  2. Perhaps he's saving the Halloween update for the actual night of. As in, the next update.
  3. ROB: The-Great-Fox-is-going-down. Slippy: Waaaaaaaauuuuughh!!! ROB: Danger. Danger. Impact-in-T-minus-twenty-five-seconds. Peppy: What do we do, Fox?! Fox: ... Falco: Fox! We're running out of time here! Fox: ...Abandon ship! ROB, deploy the escape pod! Soooo?... what do you think?...
  4. I, for one, am glad - I had a terrible premonition that this mode would be omitted for some reason (being too outdated or something.) And - not like it was a question in the first place - this means Master Hand's almost definitely returning. (Hey, I'll take whatever confirmation I can get!)
  5. Look at the palettes in the screenshot from the editor! Sakurai's screenshots severely understate the power of the editor! Look at the Structures, for heaven's sake!!
  6. That occured to me, too... but one should never look a gift level editor in the mouth, hey?
  7. Sakurai... bloody hell. I want to be him when I grow up. I never saw this coming, and it's stupendous.
  8. Wow. Three characters for the Kirby slot! This is... well, to say the least, a bit confusing, but I'm delighted to see it! I hope this means we can expect the same lavish treatment of all the franchises... but then again, Kirby is Sakurai's brainchild, so perhaps he's just giving the series the attention he thought it deserved in the first place. Smash Bros-wise. Do we know approx. how many characters total will be in this?... Heh. I'm looking forward to hearing Snake's briefing on the King... "Otacon! There's a penguin waving a mallet around!..."
  9. I wonder how and if this is going to figure into Subspace. The targets, I mean. Also, is this video capture revelation related at all to the blurred button from a couple of posts ago?
  10. True. And the original G&W icon was really, um, odd. If an icon could be unwieldy, then that would be it. But if that's true... that would open up another space for icons.
  11. Holy crap. I was just joking before, but... if they're representing Nintendo systems as well as games... then Miis are actually semi-plausible. I know that they're Wii, um, people... but they have Wii music under the DS logo... What else could they do?... a stylus as an item, maybe? Or that cat that appears on the News channel and the Photo channel?...
  12. And the new icon is revealed. Also, another good Sakurai quote: "Oh! That's just divine." Although that sounds oddly effeminate.
  13. I'm a little surprised. I expected at least one stellar update this week, especially following the announcement of the delay. Yes, I know they had Sonic. But that was before. Now they need another good announcement to distract us. Great news, then terrible news, then great news. It's like a disappointment sandwich.
  14. Heh. "Are you just going to eat peaches!?" The extra punctuation makes this another solid Sakurai quote.
  15. It's also a technique used in Kirby Superstar.
  16. Ooh! Did you see what his Final Smash was?...
  17. I have an odd hunch that tonight's update will be a little more momentous than the rest of the week's... although, granted, that wouldn't exactly be hard.
  18. Tomorrow, an acquaintance of mine may report back from E for All with news of either Meta Knight's Final Smash or Ike's. No doubt countless Youtube videos will be up by then, but all the same, I shall relay the information if it's needed.
  19. This level wins simply because of its name.
  20. I might be able to go if I can convince my superiors that I can afford to miss a rehearsal... but I'm not exactly in their good graces right now...
  21. So. Theories on the "Blur button"?
  22. I don't know if anyone's spotted these yet, but have a look! The announcer sounds... less menacing. And yes, more are on the guy's profile.
  23. Ah. Apologies. Anyhow, this is just a thought - a highly unlikely one - but were they to include more than one Sonic character, I'd welcome E-102 Gamma. Also, Mario and Sonic co-op is going to be beautiful. Like a gaming spiritual experience. EDIT: Eh?! Where'd the post go?
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