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    To start things off, My real name is Brandon, but I go by the nickname of Tok3n ( similar to south park and not another teen movie). I've been listening to OcRemix since back in 2005. Always been a fan of the music and I look up to people like Djpretzel, Another Soundscape, bLind, Pixietrixs, Big Giant Circles, Zircon, and many others but I wish I could rant about. Since 2005, I wanted to make atleast one very good song, and submit it to the website. When I heard "Voices of The Lifestream," I made a vow to make atleast one song to submit. No matter what, I will have one song make it to the website.
    I also have seen them in person at conventions such as Otakon (2007 & 2008) and Magfest (2009). So now my goal is to make atleast one song (and hopefully if that goes well I could make other songs hopefully which would be on an album), but I haven't figured out where to start.
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  1. Aw man, Im so excited. *This is gonna be like Dissidia (OCR Vs. Bad Dudes). This is gonna be so epic though. It would also be awesome to get some songs on here that neither bands done before. Not saying its bad to do mario, sonic, etc. But go a little beyond the bounds here. Someone stated no more heroes... what about like Mirror's Edge, The Bouncer (Ps2), Shinobi, Darksiders, Maybe get a fresh start on Dante's Inferno, idk maybe Halo 3 or Gears of War, Madworld, etc? Just a thought, I mean come on. History is gonna change in an epic way. Someone should challenge: Prophets of Mephisto, Tweek, or Red-Tailed Fox. I wanna submit something here... Edit: Scratch that, I just read it has to be Officials... Well, Im still gonna work on some stuff and submit to OcRemix anyway.
  2. Congrats to both of you. I'm in the process of waiting for the torrent, but excited to see how it turned out. Great job, can't wait to hear about the "new game idea's" at some point.
  3. Aww if only it was in the New Jersey and philadelphia area.
  4. Lol Happy B-day Dougultima. Your songs rock. Hopefully I'll see you up at Magfest as well. Hope to have a remix up by then though, but going thru college and stuff. T0k3n
  5. Did anyone happen to get a video of the remixing session. I was in the masquerade (which sucked that the masquerade was the same time as the panel) and rushed down two blocks and up the escalators to get to the panels. When i got there, a minute and some time passed and i caught the end of it. Then i got to hear the judges opinion on the remix (which needed more cowbell) lol. But the rest of the panel was great (good job on staying alive btw). And i was just hoping someone got footage of that, so i can learn more about remixing.
  6. Happy B-day BGC. maybe someone would remix a song for you, referring to circles of course. T0k3n
  7. Hope life is great for you, and you still keep remixing. Also, happy belated b-day:!:
  8. Kept in my prayers, hope you both get well soon man.
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