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  1. Best Locke Remix I've heard so far. Damn I would love to hear this in a Live Concert
  2. Awesome track. Weird enough I downloaded this track without looking at the artist's nickname and it started playing and at 0:55 I was sure it was Snappleman Great, great, great!
  3. There is nothing bad about adding lyrics to a Video Game Song. Rap is NOT something I like personally, but it fits pretty nice in this song. You did a good job on this one, especially like the beginning until 0:53. The lyrics are ok, I like the You know that oil and water don't mix sentence!!! The best rapsong I heard in a long time, Good job!
  4. I downloaded this mix back in 2003, when I first discovered about ocremix. Well I had the time of 4 years to think about a review ^.^ Well here I go: I can remember I didn't listen to it much back then, but nowadays I do. This song makes me moving, whistling and singing and Im not even joking. For example, Im listening to the song at this very moment while writing this and I often just hit wrong letters! Seriously, it's amazing! This song makes you addicted to it.
  5. Better late than never (finally managed to register now) Buuuut, did you improved it yet? I like the idea behind all this and I think perhaps with some happy song on the background it may be good for olremix aswell..
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