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  1. I know it's Final Fantasy and beautifully done, but it reminds me of something I'd hear in the background of Serenity or Firefly x3 That's suppose to be a compliment by the way
  2. Fantastic Job! Boy this takes me back to when I played trumpet in Middle School. x3
  3. I really love this track. Soft mellow but with undertones and it just seems to tell a story.
  4. Ah Final Fantasy Tactics. The first game I bought myself for the ps1. This track takes me back^^; I honestly do admit I put it on every single mix CD I ever make.
  5. Just finished listening to it 4 times and man this takes me back. I hated that boss! x3
  6. Cheers mate, you did an awesome Job even my wife loved it and she usually doesn't care for VG music
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