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  1. I've been working on a remix of Trainer Battle Theme from Pokemon Red... but it's not sounding too good right now... and I've got a great new idea for it that'll require me starting all over anyway. Get this, do it BRUCE FAULCONER STYLE! I'm specifically referring to the music he composed and produced in the English dub of the animes Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. I greatly admire his music. Which is why I still have a long way to go ;_; Oh and, I'm really looking forward to hearing your remixes AS, once they're posted on the site that is
  2. "it is fun indeed. but we all have other things to do." No kidding, looking around it seems like everyone is working on some official site project or another, and Malcos is busy judging stuff as well. I think it'd work if someone just decided to post up an rns and called it round three, the contest rules have been well established enough not to need Malcos to supervise it or anything. From there if anyone's interested in extending or remixing the rns then they'd do so, and BAM! There you have the successful completion of round three... but from the looks of things, the only person that would submit a source file at this rate would be me... and the only remixer that would participate in that round would be... me again, haha. I think I'd rather go off and do other music related stuffs instead of having a contest with myself, but I'll an eye on it if anything happens.
  3. Let's put it this way, there have been orchestral remixes accepted at this site that used Reason's orkester samples bank, and if you can make those things sound good, then you can definitely make Garritan sound even better, because the samples are better to begin with. I think you're just not using Garritan to it's potential.
  4. I just noticed how terribly inactive this forum is, and that's too bad. Aside from that, I've checked out some tutorials on SGX's site and looked at the reason "competition" rns files. I gotta say wow, you guys sure know how to use some stuff in interesting ways. Modulating strings with a break beat? Automating the rv7000 with the piano roll in the sequencer? Reason may not have VST support, but you can still do some pretty nifty stuff with it if you're creative and use your head. So I've been reading Reason tutorials here and there, and I'd ask for book recommendations but since R4 is just around the corner I'll wait for a good book for it to come out. Anyways, REVIVE THE REASON COMPETITION THREAD! That thing's been dead for more than a month now but it looked like lots of fun, the songs turned out great and it was a good learning aid for me, as well as others I believe. It seems you guys unintentionally sabotaged that thing by submitting overly complicated source files for round 2. No need to try to like, crazily impress anyone here, just submit something more simple, or that's more easy to work with, it's for fun, remember?
  5. Ah, my laptop's an intel dual core with both CPUs at 1.6GHz. Once while casually surfing the web and having a couple other apps open, I played Sir_Nuts's DeefNutsyGroove.rns and after 20 seconds when the song reached a more complicated part, Reason stops and tell me my computer is too slow to play the song ;( So to me, at least, multi-core support would really be handy, especially since I think Thor and the new sequencer may take more cpu than normal.
  6. Yep, you guys can always do what I did and send them a user feedback email or say something in the feature suggestion forum to see if they'll listen after enough people voice their desire for some multi-core support. But if you've got a multi-core processor with more than 2GHz processing speed per CPU then I figure you shouldn't have anything to worry about as long as Thor isn't some CPU eating monster. Though I do wonder if there could be any strange hardware related problems with overheating if one CPU is doing 60-80% for a long time while the other is barely doing anything... eh, probably not, right?
  7. Well on my laptop it's pretty clear Reason 3 doesn't support multi-core processors, especially when running a heavy song, one CPU will be dancing and prancing around 60-80% while the other would be chilling around at 5-10% just running typical background system processes. And I did look through propellerhead's site along with searching through different forums at places, the general consensus seems to be that Reason 4 won't support multi-core processors either, which is too bad... =/
  8. To quote from their site directly: "The price for the full version of Reason remains the same at EUR449 / USD499. There is also a discounted upgrade available for owners of previous versions of Reason. The upgrade is EUR99 / USD129." Aside from that, does anybody know if Reason 4 will support multi-core (dual/quad/etc.) processors?
  9. Hey, zircon! It's great that you saw this since I was meaning to ask you were you got the orchestral samples that you used for your chrono trigger remixes. Everything from the strings to piano to maracas, what was that?
  10. So I guess that means I'm picky AND I have bad ears, huh? Haha, well anyway, I was aware Reason doesn't provide VST support, I've got a shortcut to it on my desktop right here. As for more of the links, thanks, SGX's stuff did sound pretty nice. I never really liked the orkester sample bank too much, but Garritan finally released their GPO refill for Reason (wooo!) so that makes up for it in a way. I suppose I had nitpicked on some things about the program... but yeh, it's just nitpicking. All in all it seems just to come down to "you'll sound good if you know what you're doing." Too bad I don't know anything, so I better get down to learning 'cause I'd like to submit a pokemon remix to OCR sometime in the future. Can you guess what program I'll be using? I'll give you a hint, it's the only one I have, haha. But I don't want to come off as if I loathe Reason or anything, I really do like a lot of things about the program as well.
  11. Alright then! I've listened to at least a few remixes by every artist you guys have given me, and... I don't know. At first it seemed to me that remixes done by other programs simply had a certain level of refinement and clarity that Reason couldn't reach. They sounded more edgy, more cool. Some of the synth sounds and orchestral samples from Reason remixes seemed kinda flat, or dull to me. Like they didn't have that "wow" factor, or perhaps weren't processed enough through mastering tools. I'm not suuuure, but what I have in mind of an ideal mix would be something along the lines of zircon's chrono trigger remixes or even the "Back 2 Skala" remix, the collaborative effort by Ambient and Skrypnyk, or you could say the fusion of Reason and FL. I don't know whether the final "Back 2 Skala" got mixed and mastered in FL or Reason, but it's just so shiny clean that it's spotless. The opening strings are very whole and "fulfilling," none of the instruments interfered with each other, the drums are crisp and upfront, everything just has a distinct presence in the mix which is why it sounds so freakin nice. Now that's the kind of sound quality I want! So I was just wondering if Reason is capable of delivering this kind of quality. But like I said, I don't know, maybe I'm just being picky or have bad ears or something...
  12. Helllooo theree! I'm a newbie remixer, in my arsenal I have Reason 3 and... well yea, that's really my entire arsenal. I've enjoyed listening to OC remixes for about a year or two now, just got around to making an account on the forums here because I've recently had a strong desire to learn how to make good music and my goal is to get one of my own remixes up on OCR! Yea, I know it sounds insanely typical and almost like ever other newb's dreams but I wanna see if I can really do something with it. Other than all of that I suppose I don't really have anything else to add... so hello again, OCR community.
  13. I've tried looking at a number of different member profiles and remix descriptions and a bunch of stuff like that, but I simply cannot find any indication of Reason being used in the production or remixing of any OC remix. I was wondering if anyone knew of any remix on this site that solely, or mostly, used Reason for the production the whole song (besides remixes by ParagonX9). I wanna take a look at these simply to see the program's capabilities, since I noticed that OCR's quality standards are quite high, I figured I'd hear some cool stuff
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