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  1. Use the NN-XT! 1. Put an NN-XT Advanced Sampler in the rack 2. Open up the NN-XT REMOTE EDITOR 3. Click the LOAD SAMPLE folder button 4. Find the sample you're looking for and then double-click it (Weee, the sample is now in the NN-XT! Let's continue...) 5. The default root key for all newly loaded samples is C3 6. If you'd like to change that, select the sample in the sample list and use the ROOT knob to get to your desired root key. 7. Play the key on your midi controller (assuming you have it currently controlling the NN-XT) and BAM! The sample will play just like that and at it's original pitch and speed. 8. If you'd like to make it so that the sample will play at the root key and the root key ONLY, then (while your sample is selected) set the LO KEY and HI KEY knob values to the root key as well. (For example, let's say a certain sample has the root key of G#2, if the LO KEY and HI KEY are also assigned G#2 then ONLY when you press G#2 on the midi controller will the play sample, and at it's original pitch and speed as well. It will never play for any other key, or for any other pitch and speed.) 9. If you'd like to load up more samples and assign them to more keys within the same NN-XT (which for your purposes, you do) then just repeat the process starting from step 3. This is a great way you can assign any sample to any key on a midi controller, whether the midi controller has 1 octave or 8 octaves, the NN-XT can accompany it.
  2. So hey, are you saying you already have a copy of R4 in hand, avaris? That's pretty awesome, and I heard that they were trying to make R4 more cpu lean than R3 but eh, I wasn't expecting much since R3 already takes so little cpu that it'd be hard to make it use even less cpu, which is why I wanted dual core support over cpu efficiency, But anyway... R4 sounds quite exciting I don't recall them ever saying anything about rewriting the program or audio engine though, so I dunno why the phase inverison test failed... perhaps they did some minor tweaks or something. And regroove, as useless as I originally thought would be, seems like it would come in handy for a lot of little interesting stuff, like humanizing my drums beats I'm looking foward to getting R4 though, I just gotta see if my parents would be willing to get me my christmas gift a little early this year XD
  3. Automate the master volume on the nn-xt ALONG WITH setting static velocity levels for notes in the sequencer. Gradually make some long notes, chords or chord progressions get louder or softer while being played. I don't know how crazy you've gotten with setting note velocities, but changing the velocity of different notes in chords and chord progressions, such as gradually making the fifths louder while keeping the root at the same velocity in a chord progression (assuming you're using triads, but you get the idea) can create more of that humanization feel you're going for. Adding some reverb and a little delay never hurts either, if you haven't done that already. But like everyone has already mentioned above, using LFOs to modulate certain parameters like pitch or volume to give the strings a bit more life. Layering strings or using different string samples at different velocities (can be programmed in the nn-xt if you're savvy with it, or done manually in the sequencer if you're not) is good advice too. Just don't go wild with all the advice and make the strings sound crappier than what you've started with, use your ear.
  4. Oh, awesome, thanks for the info Malcos. I was just wondering how it worked, and yea, I'm registered on their site.
  5. Original Chiptune: *link outdated* Current Remix: *link outdated* I'm not finished with the arrangement yet but I'd like SOME FEEDBACKZ PLZ! TANK U!
  6. Oh good, if I understand what you said correctly, that means I should first uninstall R3 from my computer before I install R4, right? Then I'll just input my R3 (and new R4?) license number(s). That works out just fine. And no, I didn't buy R3, because I have no money. I asked for it as a christmas present two years ago from my parents, they bought it
  7. Alright, I have a question about upgrading Reason. I have R3, and I'm hoping to get the R4 upgrade. How does that work? Is the R4 upgrade like a big patch that heavily modifies R3 into R4, or is it like the full R4 but you run it with a R3 license number to prove you've bought the previous version? Or is it like neither? O.o
  8. AHH! Reason saved my remix in a non-existant folder! Now I have to do that all over again ;_; EDIT: Oops, nevermind, it just saved it somewhere I'd never look, but I found it anyway, so disregard the above.
  9. Hey, just last night I said to myself, "Man, I need to figure out what all those friggin knobs on synthesizers do so I can learn to make my own sweet patches." I wake up this morning, check OCR, and here's just the perfect tutorial! Great job, it's very professionally done.
  10. Actually, watching some of the video tutorials, Live is a complete BEAST with it's layout. Though I stand by my original statement, it's still very unituitive. It seems to me like it'd have a longer and steeper learning curve than most programs, but once you finally get the hang of it then it works much more smoothly. Heh, Ableton threw out intuitivity for efficiency and design, that's pretty gutsy... but thankfully they at least added that little helper in the bottom left-hand corner, that's probably the only reason I haven't trashed the demo yet ;P
  11. I'm going to have to download some demos now! Too bad PT (and Cubase, 'cause I was hoping to check that one out as well) don't have any demo downloads. Good thing is that there is one for Live though, so I'll check it out. EDIT: wow... Live suuuure has one intuitive GUI... o.o (psst, I don't understand a single thing I'm seeing, this is gonna take a while )
  12. Ah, thanks Tweek, that does help a bit. I hope you don't mind answering a few more questions though, I've sent you a PM just so that this thread doesn't get too far off topic and turn into a discussion on Pro Tools rather than R4.
  13. @ Tweek: I heard there were no major "techincal" changes in R4 itself, stuff like adding multi-core support or rewriting the audio engine... so I figure rewire would be the same as well, not a 100% sure though. @ AS: lol... I looked it up and PT is damn weird. I can't figure out what all the different verisons are for and why they are so picky with midi controllers, OS's and soundcards. It look really nice though, and for 250USD (m-powered) it's kinda tempting to get. I heard some people get Reason and use it solely as the primary synthesizer for their host (cubase, live, pro tools, etc) because it emulates hardware well. Another thing you could do, if you're familiar with synthesis, is to layer a Reason synth over a vsti synth (=O) to get some really wicked results
  14. "A good job" would be the correct answer to that question. I thought Rivera produced one of the more awesome tracks for the album. But hey, to each is his own, right?
  15. Woo, those were some sweet tunes, AS. Interesting story though: While I was listening to VotL my brother comes in the room for 5 seconds to pick something up and outta nowhere he says, "Is that mixed in Reason? (referring to the currently playing track)" I said, "Lemme check," and it was AS's "Golden Feathers" XD. He's got sharp ears. But, nonetheless, all the songs on the album that used Reason sounded really nice, including Tweek's stuff =) I'd ask why stuff made in Reason usually SOUNDS like it was made in Reason... but when Reason generates, mixes and exports the song using it's synthesizers, mixer and audio engine, it'd be kinda hard for the song not to sound like it was made in Reason =/
  16. Haha, ditto. But anyway, those are some badass setups guys!
  17. Oh, you can count on it, I'm downloading the whole project right now and I'm gonna listen to all of in a bit EDIT: And I knew you could make an arpeggiator out of the matrix sequencer SOMEHOW, lol... oh and whaddya know, VotL just finished downloading, I'm off to go listen to it =)
  18. This may or may not be a newbie question, but what exactly is the difference between the old matrix sequencer and the new arpeggiator in R4? Couldn't you use the matrix sequencer as an arpeggiator?
  19. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01169/ All the orchestral sounds in this one are from Reason's orkester sample bank, the percussion is from a mircolabs refill though, I believe.
  20. Well you sure now how to make free soundfonts sound good, that's for sure. I've never heard of Kontakt's VSL Orchestra, and from what I heard about East West products was that they were great (but expensive =/). Garritan seems to be fairly good as well... but I guess that's all irreverent to me since they're VSTs and I'm using Reason. Garritan DID recently release a GPO refill for Reason, but it's only USD80, while the GPO VST is like USD200 and I can't seem to find any reason why... which is making me think the GPO refill is just a dumbed down, light version of the GPO VST... I guess I'll have to do more of my own research, and thanks for replying. lol, the hype is contagious, you guys are getting me excited about getting R4 (but I still want the multi-core support! *glares at Reason's project manager and developers*)
  21. Oh, even the WIP may take a little while, I'm still heavily involved in the planning stages, but once I get something worth reviewing, you can count on getting that PM.
  22. I honestly thought you were joking, until I saw that you live in the city where Reason's headquarters are located at, so that's pretty neat.
  23. Name it whatever the hell you wanna call it! But when this thing comes out it's gonna be awesome, I heard a few beta versions of remixes, including sephfire's, and I'm anxious to hear the finals.
  24. Hey guys, check this out: ---------------------------------------------------- Re:(Case 37136) Reason Feedback Hi [Knives's real name], Thanks for your input on this. I have forwarded your e-mail to the Reason product manager. Best regards, Leo Nathorst-Boos ---------------------------------------------------- Pretty cool, huh? That chances are now 0.2% greater that they'll implement Reason 4 with multi-core support. w00t
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