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  1. Aww man, that sucks, I was really hoping this project would at least get released this year but if there's another one coming before it that pretty much pushes it foward into somewhere early 2008. Oh well, not much that can be done about that I guess...
  2. I like his choice of opening and ending songs. The reviews themselves are good too, as everyone else has mentioned.
  3. I really like this song, especially when the choir and gated synth come in, and then the awesome piano.
  4. Been a week since my post in here and nothing, nothing at all. I guess nobody cares about this thing anymore.
  5. That's true, but that's not to say you couldn't pump up the drums a bit more, maybe not to the levels of the song I pointed you to, but just some more than what you have now. I listened to the update and the levels in the intro are great, everything is clean and clearly audible... though I still think it'd be cooler with the drums beefed up after the intro. As for guides to drum processing, I don't have any of those =/, but they're really popular, I'm sure you can find some good tips searching around the internet.
  6. Your synths and other stuff are drowning the drums out, making them sound flat and in the "background." When I think of DNB I think of stuff like this. Now that song has a good balance between the bass and drums. I'd recommend trying to emulate the levels in that song, but generally speaking: just make the drums louder and more crisp, thus bringing them closer to the "front" of your soundscape. That'd definitely make it sound more DNB-ish, and better in general I think.
  7. HEY! Let's revive this thing, as far as I know all the original participants have gotten R4 already, so let's do something with R4, kay? We'll "upgrade" the 'competition' ;P All the rules are still the same though, of course. Anyone care to submit anything?
  8. Thanks for the link Tensei-San, but I've seen that thread and looked at the test, the guy never tests out Reason, and that's really the only DAW that should be in question.
  9. Yea, that's what bothers me. I value clarity and pristiness very highly and I see a lot of other sequencers that can deliver but Reason always sounded a bit "fuzzy" or more "lo-fi" to me. I had a guy make a small beat for me in FL5, opened the .wav of the beat in R4's NN-19 and exported the loop. Did absolutely nothing else, and the sound quality difference between the original from FL5 and the re-exported verison from R4 was pretty much outrageous. I basically started this thread to seek some kind of confirmation or disapproval of my findings, and so far it doesn't seem like I've gotten much of either... so I'm still stuck at "Reason's sound modules suck." EDIT: Anso made some good points, but it doesn't make me any less disappointed by Reason's audio-export-thingie-mah-jiggers.
  10. That and at first I thought it was waaaay too similar to klutz's remix of this theme, though you varied it up much more after the intro so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a blatant ripoff or anything Overall I think it's pretty good and yea, would have been nicer if it was longer.
  11. Like this?: http://www.primotechnology.com/2007/10/17/half-life-2-portal/
  12. I have mixed feelings about that one. It's cool, but shit, at the same time. It's kinda growing on me with every loop... THOUGH I WOULDN'T MIND HEARING OTHER REMIXES TOO! We should dedicate a project to this song, just like there is that one unofficial ocremix project with 15+ different remixes of sonic's ice cap theme.
  13. I think the upgrade from 2.5 to 4 costs the same as from 3 to 4... but I'm not suuuure. And you can always ask for R4 for christmas
  14. Or you could have just gone to youtube , but whatever works!
  15. I've read the majority of the posts in this thread and the conversion and input has been very interesting so far. I've noticed a lot of people mentioned Ninja Gaiden, so for those of you who have played, I think you may appreciate this: http://speeddemosarchive.com/NinjaGaiden.html It's there's a download link somewhere on the page which shows a video of the guy beating Ninja Gaiden in exactly 13 minutes and 33 seconds. No cheats, codes or any kind of tools assisted in this speed run, it was all just the guy playing normally, pretty insane huh?
  16. I third it. This song is begging for a remix.
  17. I meant... you can use soundfonts in any program, not ONLY JUST Reason. As in, you could them in Reason as well... but also everywhere else.
  18. Oh, well praise for propellerhead products is always welcomed around here
  19. This was a very awkward and strange post/thread to begin with... and you can use soundfonts in any program, not just Reason.
  20. They've added thor and regroove patches to the factory soundbank. I believe that they also added some random patches here and there, like some for the NN-XT and some for combinator and etc. I think the orkestor soundbank may be exactly as it was in R3, but I'm not sure (porbably is though). The hovering toolbox thing is pretty neat, I don't think the quantization is anymore difficult now, it's just in a different place sort of. They put a lot of good shortcuts and stuff into the toolbox though, I'd say it only makes things a bit faster, easier and more organized, just like adding the shortcuts on the keyboard to switch between tools (pen, eraser, razor, etc.) helps speed things up quite a bit.
  21. I always found this song to be a lot of fun, fast bpm too.
  22. That IS bullshit. I didn't even know it was possible to do that :/
  23. No, I notice it too, but that's not because I'm fluent in Swedish (which I'm not) but because I'm fluent in English, and I KNOW when something sounds funny. I kinda envy you and Anso though, I think it's totally badass to know a second language (like English in this case) well enough to go on forum boards and comfortably speak it to other natural English speakers. If I went on a Swedish board I wouldn't understand anything ._. It's for cutting up clips. Say you record something and you wanna cut up the midi notes into different clips so you can have them categorized and can copy and paste them in different sections of the song. The razor tool is used to cut the clip where you specify.
  24. Tension for the win! That electronic cello sample was so badass. Makes me actually wanna get Live (I only have the demo for version 6)
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