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  1. I don't mind left sidebar ads, we have a bunch of empty space to the left anyway and it's no more in the way of anything than the footer ads would be. Go ahead and put ads on the footers and below the side bar on the left. And I think as some other OCRers mentioned, try to get some deals djp! Anyone can get google ads on their site, but OCR could most definitely get ads from companies that make games, whether commerical games or free online mmorpgs, with as much traffic as this site gets I'm sure some companies will be quite interested in advertising with OCR considering how everyone who goes here more or less loves video games.
  2. I think you can EQ the hell out of stuff and get something desirable. And general EQing, like to the synths, is part of the mixing stage I believe, not mastering. Mastering is when you change the character of the entire track as a whole, not the individual instruments. On the instrument level it's still pretty much considered mixing, and from what I've read around several sources guys seem to say you can EQ quite a bit off a instrument, even enough to make it sound pretty thin and terrible by itself, as long as it sounds good and clean in the mix. I'll give you example from a track I'm working on dafydd, my bass synth was playing all the frequencies below 625Hz and was pretty friggin loud. The problem is that it interefered with the bass kick in my drums and muddied it, which had most of it's prominient frequencies around 250Hz-625Hz. What I did with the EQ was cut a fairly small but deep hole around 500Hz in my bass, this did very little to the sound since I only took out a small porportion of it's freq range. Then with the bass kick, I raised the level of the freqs in the 500Hz area to make those stand out more and bam! Now you can fairly easily hear my bass AND the bass kick with neither sounding awkward or muddying each other up because of the EQ. Of course, if I have a lead synth going over the bass and drums, and it's somewhere between 1kHz-6kHz then I don't really need to EQ it since it's not in the way of anything. On the other hand, if I had some bells that where like around 4kHz-10kHz and were providing a counterpointe melody to my lead, I'd think about lowering their 4kHz-6kHz frequencies so that they don't muddy up the lead. I'd probably even raise or lower a little on the lead in the 4kHz-6kHz area to see how it'd sound. So basically... just think about stuff like that when you mix.
  3. Yes, I made the patch. On compression: http://dnbsecrets.com/node/compression-101-teh-basics-422.html On compression and limiting: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3784 (scroll down all the way until you get to the MASTERING part, he starts talking about compressing and limiting there. A limiter is basically a compressor with an infinite ratio, you'll get what that means after you read the tutorials.)
  4. Your post count silly head! When you hit over 25 posts you get the "snacks N jaxson." when you get over 50 you get "Dan hibiki." Over 100 is "goomba" (from super mario bros) and so on. they are all basically video game characters that represent how many posts you've made on the boards.
  5. frequency relationships.cmb Use that as an effect device and learn from it. The first vocoder labeled "before eq" works as a spectrum analyzer and shows you what freqs the raw sound plays in. The second vocoder labeled "equalizer" works as an eq, you can adjust the frequency bands by making them taller or shorter to raise or lower the volume of certain freqs the instrument plays. The third and final vocoder labeled "after eq" shows you how you modified the sound with the eq from the original. This patch within itself is like a lesson on freq relations, just go through different patches and play hi and lo notes and you'll quickly learn how sounds relate to the eq and frequency spectrum in general. After experimenting for a bit you SHOULD be cable of listening to a sound and at least identifying whether it contains mostly lo, hi, or mid frequencies. This could have been a lot better teaching aid if the vocoders labeled the freqs like the mclass eq does, but unfortunately they don't, so this can more or less just help you learn the basics and get the general idea. It's still something though, so enjoy.
  6. Dafydd, that's what I thought at first and was somewhat disappointed as well, but working with it a bit more, I dunno, it just grew on me and with the addition of the keyboard shortcuts to cycle through tools (cursor, pen, eraser) I've noticed I've been sequencing stuff much faster. Just give it some more time and make a short silly song or two to experiment with it, I think you can learn to like it like I did.
  7. lol @ darkesword, sir nuts and djpretzel You should tell them that you are PRODUCERS, and if they still don't understand add something like, "you know, like the guys in the record labels who make music for the artists to sing to." They'll usually get the picture after that, and it's even cooler than being a musician or a DJ (i think... lol)
  8. Composing while driving in a car is as awesome as it is ridiculous. Recording some of the instruments in a big garage was a pretty cool idea though, and the bowed cymbal thing was neat.
  9. Knives


    KEEP THE LYRICS THOUGH! If possible, and just change everything else in your end credits theme remix for portal.
  10. Hey, thanks Anso, confirmed some of the stuff I was thinking. And in this verison I think the strings had a tad of distortion sent to them through the aux channels, but it was so little I doubt it did anything, I was putting it on so my instruments meshed a little better with each other, but anyway, in the current verison I'm working on the strings are completely distortion free
  11. ha. ha. ha. Nostalgia strikes again! I was wondering why nobody mentioned anything about the drums earlier, even I thought they were a tad thin... hmm, looks like I had more work ahead of me than I thought... meh, oh well, I'll see what I can do.
  12. I don't know what you're talking about, Back 2 Skala was posted up just recently and it uses experimental style drums. Unless you're one of those over-the-top experimental artists then yea, it may be difficult to get on OCR when your music is arguably just "noise." I really like experimental/glitch/stutter stuff as long as it's used tastfully, and I'm currently learning how to do it myself, maybe if you're good then you can show me a thing or two about it in Reason since we both use it
  13. Whenever you release the pokemon remix album, Damned. *COUGH* *COUGH* *HINT* *HINT* ;P
  14. And this too made me "whaaaa??" for a good four and a half minutes.
  15. Just to add, I can see the positive side of having OCR blogs as well, but I was specifically focused on pointing out the cons just so that we had some perspective and could consider this feature more reasonably. The first couple pages of this thread were people enthusiastically giving it the big GO AHEAD without evaluting the pros and cons thoroughly. We could get the blogs and they may work as we intend, which would be great, but if they flop over then I sure hope they don't hurt or have a negative effect on OCR or its members.
  16. Links to their personal website or to their last.fm account in their forum profile already accomplish all of that, Anso. I've heard lots of original stuff by several guys on the forums because I checked out the links in their forum profiles. The guys with blogs on their sites updated friggin never, you see an entry dated about every 3-9 months. Nobody wants to keep up a blog that barely anyone reads, even the guys who are paying $10 a month to host their site (much more expensive than a one-time fee of $15 after a year has passed). OCR blogs will be seldomly used and die out so quickly after the first couple of weeks that we will barely even remember they existed a month later. Blogs very likely will just become a useless feature or gadget on OCR. And there is so much potential for drama with the addition of blogs that on that reason alone I think we shouldn't get them. And well, that's it, I haven't said anything new here, I just elaborated a bit more on the points I made in my previous post.
  17. I dunno how I'd rate my ears, but considering I do my fair share of music producing they'd probably be better than your average person's. I also have a good understanding of how frequency relates to sound and what frequencies give a sound more punch, make it more piercing, or etc. I just like visual cues, I like looking at waves and analyzers to see just how I'm shaping my sound. You could use your ear and get good results for sure, but after a while of mixing your ears start to get tolerant of the odd frequencies that normally wouldn't sound good if you listened to it with fresh ears, having a spectrum analyzer is helpful since it always stays accurate and doesn't accommodate itself to the sound like an ear would. That and it's simply more precise, like Sir Nuts said, even the big shot mastering engineers in big record labels use spectrum analyzers because the careful and finely detailed editing they do to perfect the sound requires the monitoring of spectrum analyzers. So in conclusion, whether you have a good ear or not, using a spectrum analyzer doesn't make you any less of a musician or artist, it just makes you more of a mixing and mastering engineer ;D
  18. Oh davidcus! You should know better, the scratches are .rex files in the reason factory soundbank XD! Tweek was like, "I know those scratch samples," and me, "yea, they're the only decent ones in Reason :P" You and tweek both seemed to mention the strings, and I specifically kept those fairly similar through-out because I wanted it to resemble the original tune, counter melodies could work to spice it up but hmm, yea, it may muddy up my mix. I think I should just replace my bass (it's not suppose to sound like a guitar ), it's the cause of the grating sound, everything could sound cleaner if I fixed that. Kay, mental notes to self: * replace bass synth * do something with the strings * complete arrangement * get gandhi out of his grave and get him to say, "yo mah name is olaf and i'll bust ice caps in yo ass." I'M ON IT!
  19. Thank you avaris. I made a combi patch for analyzing and EQing with vocoders.
  20. Ah, I see, that makes sense. And you DO know that Reason 4 is out, right?
  21. Reason doesn't have a spectrum analyzer, so I was wondering if there is anyway to make one with the current devices, is there?
  22. I was talking with... I think it was ToN, over IRC and he said he was going to submit a remix of the Green Earth theme to OCR soon, and I'm currently working on a remix of Olaf's theme (in the WIP forum) that I'm planning to submit once it's finished. Advance Wars is a pretty neat game, but despite how popular it is internationally it seems to be quite obscure here, which is why there are no remixes of it on OCR... YET.
  23. Ah, thanks for the review, I get what you're saying. I'll try some of that stuff out, and yea, it'd be easier for everyone to provide feedback if I posted a complete arrangement instead of 30% of one. I guess I'll get to work on that.
  24. meow meow meow. I updated the first post.
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