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  1. RIP :( - You were the bomb

  2. I have to tell you this is probably my favorite thing to have heard from you yet. It's genious, the lyrics... music... everything... sometimes I even feel moved listening to this. This will remain one of my favorites for a very long time.
  3. I will agree with you that it is excellent work, and I especially love the sax. It's got so many elements that I just love all thrown in together. But I'll have to disagree with you on the "only vaguely sounding like cammy's theme" thing... it being one of my favorites from the street fighter series, I recognize the theme immediately (right in the baseline..). and then the melody comes in on that synth at around 00:50, I don't see how one could mistake it for anything other than Cammy's theme.
  4. Holy freaking F, dude. this is really somewhat creepy as I just downloaded/absolutely fell in love with this game about a week ago (maybe not even that long) and now I'm just noticing this mix on the site. Hell I had never even heard of the games (lb1 and 2) until I saw them on a mame.dk top ten list and decided to try them. playing lb2 is pretty much all I've been doing all week. Anyways, the remix. Beautiful. The piano intro pretty much just melts my butter right away. slowing down..... and then picking right up again around 1:15 I like it. Its kinda relaxing; I could fall asleep to this, but I mean that in a good way. the drums are very fitting. I will definately be keeping this one.
  5. !... this is everything a metroid mix of this style should be in that it makes me think "creepy and otherworldly". its a little repetitive but since its good stuff thats not really a bad thing. I'm not really into the "ambient" stuff either as others have said, but I still find every second of this worth listening to.
  6. The awesome arrangement/piano playing in this just makes me melt. Awesome
  7. This genre isn't my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong this is a good mix... but I really didn't find my self digging it until around 1:41 as I found it a little repetitive I guess (edit: after deciding to grab a pair of headphones and listen again and found it much more appealing. laptop speakers don't do anything for this mix). Then it becomes a little more interesting to me. that whole "middle eastern" sounding section reminded me of the movie of Queen of the Damned for some reason (anyone else?).
  8. what really sucks is... for the longest time I've been listening to (and really enjoying) a version of this I grabbed off of audiogalaxy that doesn't give any credit to djpretzel for the longest time :( . But I know I had heard it before and just the other night starla informed me it was Djp's wah wah sor mix. So i didn't feel right listening to the mp3 with the wrong id3 info so I downloaded this tonight. I really like this mix though. I always get into it especially around 0:56 where the saxes and everything come in and its just totally awesome to listen to. love it.
  9. Ahh. one of my favorites. What star did here, is put some elctronic elements almost where youd least expect to find them... yet he makes them fit so perfectly. everything seems to belong here thats here nothing seems out of place. I really think the percussion gives the peice alot of charm. very prefesional sounding and, well, excellent. I really have no complaints with this song. A nice job indeed.
  10. Man this is very good... very original. alot of stuff you don't expect. at first it seems like a generic run of the mill prelude mix.. as has been mentioned a couple times before... but it just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely love the part were the sax comes in. its so original and different yet it flows so smoothly with the rest of the song. ~a top notch remix.
  11. I started streaming this into my player. listened and started thinking "I like this... sounds very... blue?" then it hit 0:34 and I recognized the song and my immediate thought was "OMG... download" cuz its just not one of those songs you listen to once and say "yeah." Now I may pleasure taking in listening from my very own hard drive times many with super delight hardcore!.... well something like that. as noted above.. makes me look stupid.
  12. One of the first things I looked for on this site were purely instrumental beauties such as this one. So of course this has become one of my absolute favorites, especially since its so well done. At first listen I was kinda turned off by the intro, but then I realized how well it built into the rest of the song. When the piano came in thats what really made me keep listening. Then, as djp noted, the percussion, which I especially like, comes in as one of the major highlights of this piece. A good job indeed.
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