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  1. That was for sure one of the most intense super bowl games invoving a team I really wanted to win bad. Go Giants!
  2. The halftime show is worth watching. Go Giants, the way they played against the Packers makes me want to see them win.
  3. I read a lot more then I talk, it's a fairly new screen name. I also used the screen name Met a lot, because of Metroid which was the video game that kind of started it all for me.
  4. Although I live in Wisconsin I do a lot of traveling. I visit Hawaii pretty much every other year, mostly Maui. I also travel to Alaska every year.
  5. Merry Christmas from Hawaii, it's a lot warmer here then were I would be.
  6. For music in Prime 3, I don't think it was an outstanding job, but there was some great music like the Gandrayda battle, the music for that fight never got old and was quite unique for boss fight music. I don't see where nintendo can take metroid from here.
  7. This is great stuff. I wish we could get some more Prime remixes.
  8. Metroid Zero Mission -- YES boarderline MZM ran a lot faster then any 2D Metroid games I have played. Easy mode was definitely too easy and medium was the equivelant of what easy should have been, hard is hard enough for me considering I haven't yet beat the game on hard. This game also had some mini bosses comming suddenly through the floor, it definitely didn't subsitute for the adrenaline rush of facing the SA-X in Metroid Fusion, but it did suprise me. The areas were very similar to the first Metroid, but there were some extra twists to not keep things too boring. The stealth part of the game was definitely fun and the boss that followed the stealth part of the game was my favorite. I liked being able to get back into the other areas after getting all items and the areas were fun to explore. Finding all the items required lots of tricks and knowledge of the map. Although this isn't a terribly hard game on the first try it was just enjoyable enough to keep it a yes.
  9. I would also like a new OCR podcast, I miss VGDJ. If you haven't already, start listening to VGDJ even though it's old, it's still quite entertaining.
  10. good survey, didn't have to waste to much time thinking about each question.
  11. Metroid Fusion - YES This game ran at a faster pace than I had prevously encountered in Metroid video games (although I have never played Super Metroid) and definitely got the adrenaline pumping at points (the SA-X created spine chilling moments). The storyline seemed a bit over done, I think nintendo tried to do too much with the Metroid storyline in one release. The bosses had some anoying sound effects (The Ridley X comes to mind), but the overall experience was well worth playing on the GBA. I do think this will end up being the last new (not a remake) 2D Metroid title.
  12. I started learning stuff by ear and quickly learned to play the super metroid brinstar theme, I also got some help for sheet music at http://supermetroid.vgpiano.com/, thanks Rexy.
  13. I like zircon's Acid Dominion from his second album Impulse Prime.
  14. I, Robot, it sounds a lot like Don Davis from The Matrix where he flips the car in Tunnel Chase.
  15. N64 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time PC Half-Life 2
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