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  1. First let me say that the skin looks awesome. Only thing I noticed was that there were some images and things that I saw that weren't changed so it left a bunch of white space and images that didn't mesh well with the skin. Is there a way to change those in stylish too? I'll make the images on my own, just wanted to know if there was a way to change them. some examples of what I'm talking about, are the main background, the side bar on the left, some of the text in the sidebar, the read/unread icons, the collapse/expand icons, and the go to last post icon. Just a few things I wanted to fix becasue I have ocd. lemme know.
  2. I'd say this is definitely not ready for submission. It sounds too much like a midi and the original work. EQings not that great either. A really easy way to get rid of the midi-ness is to replace the sounds your using with real samples. Branch out and make up your own stuff based on the source. The SFX and voice stuff is a good idea but you may have gone overboard with it. Right at the end it sounded like you were gonna do some of your own stuff but then it ended. Needs a lot of work before it can be submission worthy.
  3. yea Rox knows more than me so listen to him before you listen to me. I tend to find something good about a song and that (in my mind) makes it a good song. I don't know technical stuff half as well as i should like and know half of you more than you deserve. lol LOTR
  4. There it is! Thats what i wanted to hear. I big step up from v1. I like the jazzy funk feel you gave it. A good direction to go. I like the bass thing in the back where its like a couple base hits and then a mini crescendo or something, but it sounds a little odd for the song. Do you know what I'm talking about? I wouldn't take it out but I would focus on that for a bit to find something that works. I'm not sure what you should do for it. *********Maybe someone else could fill you in on this if they listen to the song********* I like the break in music at 2:30 and then the lead up but you should cut out the second lull in music from 2:43 to 2:53, and go straight into the beat. Don't break the rhythm like that. If someone was dancing to this song they would be getting ready to go nuts during the lead up nut then...nothing. They'd have to stop and get the tempo again. Really liking it now. If you keep this up and maybe even get, dare I saw it, a collaboration goin with some live instruments, you may have a submission worthy piece.
  5. It sounds really good so far. Seems a little cluttered and that first guitar is a little too harsh throughout the entire song. but i suppose it will get the proper attention it deserves in the live version. You should post a copy of this song in both tempos so people can hear the difference. I like the speed how it is now but I wouldn't know how it is at 110 unless i heard it. You know what i mean? Maybe a little short but definitely gives the old classic a fresh feel. Haha. and you should do a mash-up with the Chemical Plant song from the Batman on the NES. JK JK. (Well maybe not. that is a cool song.)
  6. I agree. I had to watch the entire first season to get my fix. NEED MORE HEROES.
  7. I never said I didn't like it. I 'meant' to say that it was so unpolished that you should have waited for it to progress more before posting it. I good start would be to replace the instruments you have with more realistic sounding ones. Then that would be a good place for people to start critiquing.
  8. I don't even know where to start. I would say these are midi rips except i know they aren't. I guess i have to say that Mario 3 is better but its still lacking in all areas. They both sound really quite. You need to add in samples and change up the sequencing. These both need lots of work before they can be called "Remixes." I know someone else who knows more about it will come in here and give you the low down. As far as the Castlevania song, it should be pretty obvious why no one commented on it. it needs a TON of work.
  9. Nice. thanks. Glad to hear we're gonna get our shows back. I go to college in a very small Wisconsin city and there is NOTHING to do here.
  10. Thank you Taucer. I guess it was dumb seeing as no one understood what I was trying to do. lol.
  11. I'm 19, Falchion, and not the kid that plagiarized the music. I am making fun of the kid that DID plagiarize stuff.
  12. That spliced in copyright was a quick Photoshop done by me and it was supposed to be a joke, not grammatically correct.
  13. Does anyone know the details on the writers strike right now? I'm really bumin that a lot of my shows are canceled. Like Heroes. Thats the only show that I've wanted to watch religiously since Mighty Max way back when.
  14. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah. Was on Bluebomber's imeem. I didn't know where he got it from.
  15. REALLY??!!!!! I loved SF2. All 500 versions of it. I thought SF4 looked really familiar but I don't like new fighters so I haven't been researching SF4 at all. Is it 2D?
  16. As soon as I have enough money saved up for college I'm gonna buy a hoodie or a tee. Lovely stuff.
  17. OOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I want one RIGHT NOW! lol Great stuff.
  18. Ummm... weird sound right in the beginning that sticks with the mix for a long time, if not the whole thing. I can see where you might have been trying to go with this but it sounds too midi-ish right now. Kinda needs more YOU. Bass is....blah. Add more effects and samples and stuff. Roz, you wanna carry on from here? lol.
  19. One more drawing I found of the Bluebomber's site. Look how good he is. Probably stole these too. http://bluebomberimo.deviantart.com/gallery/#_featured--2 (Just to clarify things becasue it seems a lot of people are confused. This is a fake picture I made to make fun of Bluebomber. I am not the kid who plagiarized the stuff. This is a JOKE. Hope that's plain enough for all you confuzzled people out there.)
  20. Looking for: More friends Occupation: Stealing music, flash, and other people's drawings Influences: Everyone on OCR Favorite Quote: "Never trust a Bluebomber, unless its dead." Band Members: Just me Hidden Talent: Stealing Relationship Status: Had a girlfriend/ Has a boyfriend ---------- I guess thats enough for now.
  21. Thanks a ton Moseph. Definitely helped me out.
  22. Bozlifyme

    Song Help

    I was wondering if people could point me in the right direction for the best electronica songs on OCR. I don't care what style, as long as its electronica. So Trance, Techno, DnB, or whatever you know of. Thanks.
  23. Fantastic. I'm sure others might say that it's too quite, but I love the mellow feel and piano work in this. I really can't tell what more this needs and I'm not too technical with my comments. I'll leave that to more inclined members, like Rozovian. If a remixer gets the "It's goin on my iPod" phrase from me, it means I really enjoyed the song enough to want to listen to it again. Annnnddd... this song is goin on my iPod.
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