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  1. Yea, I still think this song kicks ass. Looking forward to the finished product.....or at least another update. An update would do for now. lol. keep it up.
  2. You know for a game that wasn't supposed to have music in it, I'm glad Rand and Robin Miller changed their mind and decided to put some in. If they hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten to hear this amazing track.
  3. hahaha fucking awesome. I loved this game so much when i first got it. I remember exactly where I was when i beat it. I was in the coat room of a bowling alley. lol. best feeling ever. Might have to pull this game off the dusty shelves.
  4. now i kinda know why people thought i was an asshole. PurpleCow you have 11 requests up here. you might wanna watch it. I guess its not bad yet, just make sure you dont dis anyone's work. Damn, once again I feel bad for what i did. Sorry.
  5. There is is! I don't even know where you could go from here. I couldn't think of anything that needs fixing. Goin on the ol' iPod. O and I may be getting a 60gig iPod for $50 BUCKS. Awesome deal if you ask me
  6. completely wrong. If you want to make "good" electronic music, you have to know as much as other artists that make different genres.
  7. yep. It def was Megadeth. heres a vid with the song.
  8. DAMN good rearrangement and could potentially become one of my favorite Metroid songs. It's understandable that your not sure where its gonna end becasue the original song was meant to loop. It will be a challenge to find something that works. But from the looks of your rearrangement thus far, I don't think you'll have much trouble with that. I'm not sure what style you want this to turn into but it seems sorta short. If it is gonna be techno or something i would say that it probably should be longer, (perhaps double?). Some better samples and melodies, I think, are the key to making this piece work. I didn't like the chime/bell thing in the beginning. It sounded too fake. Also, the keyboard sound sounded a little out of place. You should probably turn that into something else. Well actually, it only sound weird in some places, like when you do a quick motion in higher notes. Otherwise it rocks in general. HoboKa was right on the money. The bass DOES sound muffled and quite. Boost that up and some of the other important pieces and you should be in business. I'll keep listening to this and posting feedback when I hear something. A good Metroid remix always gets me pumped.
  9. I kinda wanna do this request but i cant remix for shit. im gonna try to start a wip but NO promises. anyways heres a vid of the level. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eL9-HMgmFYg personally i prefer Maeva, Junkyard, and Particle but...
  10. I'm thinking its Startropics!!! I'm gonna check a rom tho, just to be sure. Thanks all. Mother doesn;t look to bad either, ill have to check that out.
  11. There was this game my uncle used to have that I really like and have never been able to find the name of it. It was a overhead game like Zelda but the main weapons were like a yo-yo and a bat i think. If someone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know. PS: It's not Earthbound on the SNES
  12. as aware sux balls but thanks anyway. i think i got it running better. I can get into PS and itunes now so np.
  13. Damn. I thought there was some sorta reason like that. O well. Song kicks major ass anyways.
  14. OK. I had a virus before so I got AVG, Glary Utilities, and Comodo Firewall. It cleared the virus right up, but now everything is extremely slow. My main beef is with Photoshop. First off, Comodo Firewall wont even let me open so I have to turn the firewall off to get PS to open. Second,, once PS is open, it freezes as soon as I click on anything. EDIT: Also iTunes is fucked.
  15. MEGARACE!!! I loved that game, even though it frozemy old 3.1 ALL THE TIME. Fuckin Lance Boyle. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  16. The song in the video below is called "The Device Has Been Modified" and can originally be found over on portalcake.com. You have to register to PortalCake to access the song, so I uploaded it to Tindeck for easy access. I love this song and I think it should be on OCR but there are some things on it that should be tweaked. Can't get a hold of the creator so I can tell him my opinions. Anyways, heres the link:
  17. You know what this really reminds me of. One of the Animusic videos that you see on PBS all the time. Anyone else know what im talking about?
  18. I never thought i would of heard hardstyle on this site. Minimal is fine for a style, don't listen to those other guys. I like where this is going. I will have to say that the piece need a lot more variation in the first minute or so, but you don't have to cut it out completely. In fact, I would suggest you don't. Some pads or synths would be prime, but I don't know the source material too well, so I can't suggest anything. I did like the synths that started at 2:08, but the other synth you started at 3:08 didn't mesh well with the overall piece. I would change that. I like the slow down at 4:10ish, but if you wanted this song to be longer, i would have speed it up after that at kept going instead of ending it. So far, it sounds really promising. I like the style and the speed, it just needs a little work on EQing and making all the pieces fit together. Excited to see where this goes.
  19. I also camped for Halo 3. But my college is in such a small community, that I left 10 minutes before launch ans was third in line. Beat that
  20. Definitely getting there. Overall I thinks its great. Only things that I would suggest are to work on the percussion and thin the tracks out a bit. Also, Roz was talking about finding the ending and I have to agree that you need to figure out where you want the listener to end up. It was probably a mistake to bring back the original melody at 2:30. You should be starting to wind down by now, maybe making a beat out of the background synth that you can hear under everything.
  21. Hey does anyone know whats going on with the Duck Hunt remix project?
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