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  1. Came up with a completely different idea actually. I plan on doing a piano arrangement of all of megaman 3 at some point since it's where I got my start with video game music. been screwing around with the sheets and they're a bit bland [sigh...] ...okay just re listened to the source.. sparkman's song is rather bland [the bassline anyway] and the sheets are pretty accurate. So I'll have to pull some theory out my ass to make it more interesting.
  2. My main gripe is it's very repetitive. Other than that I liked it.
  3. Thanks. I recently printed out Sparkmans theme on sheet music. I'm having trouble finding sheets for magnetman and shadowman [which is odd, cause that's one of the more popular songs from mm3]. And my empty sheet books from when I was a kid are mia [sigh... plus I sure as shit don't play by ear... sigh...]. Thanks for the advice it's fairly useful.

    Do you have any mixes on here?

  4. One thing in Unseal I noticed is that it's very very close to what's played in the game but it uses rock band instruments and incorporates a style closer to rock e.g. The arpeggios in "credits" at the beginning of Lttp are 1st, 5th, then a 3rd+5th an octave higher [which is actually the same in "Dearly beloved"] for the first chord [C]. But in "unseal" it sounds a lot like it's just strummed on a guitar as a 1st and 5th repetitively, as many rock bands tend to do.

    the sound quality and mixing are pretty insane. But really all I meant by something like "unseal" but piano was to just do all the songs in order.

    I'm actually no longer a student. But I can always go back to school and check that out. What's TCG? Also thanks for the feedback

  5. Snakeman's song was the first video game song I learned actually and 3 has the most music I know from any specific game. I'm actually thinking of making a piano arrange medley of the entire game similar to "unseal" [ http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02900 ] which is a medley of Zelda Lttp.

    I need to get into those programs. I've never actually used anything like that. I just record from my piano, but it would be nice to not have to worry about timing as me. What are you working on now?

    Which ones were far fetch [guessing, topman is one of them].

  6. hmmm.... I guess I'll go print out the sheet music and see what's up with it. But, wait, I don't even have any mixes yet, I'll give it a try though, cause I actually had a few idea's about Sparkie's theme [mostly something that sounds like a nazi march theme-ish...].
  7. Hey, how's your snake man remix going? I didn't have any real input to give, but so far I like it and I can't wait to hear it when it's finished.

  8. Here's a song I'm working on... Currently what I'm well aware of: Timing sucks [i only have access to my electric piano at home and so I have to do it all by hand, but trust me I'm working on my timing with my metronome everyday... sigh...] and it's pretty short. But other than that I'm looking for feedback to see what else can be done. I've named the track "Do an Aileron roll!" edit.... forgot to post the source. There're two. Arpeggios are intentionally meant to sound like Ballad of the windfish while the main source is starfox map selection screen. Here's both. star fox map selection windfish song May incorporate more of the windfish into this... But the main focus is the map select from star fox
  9. Well... Yesterday I was extremely depressed about a lot of things. Then I listened to this. Then I listened to it again. and again, and again. About 5 hours later I was still listening to the same song on repeat, but I wasn't depressed. I like how you put nearly every song from the game in here and very close to the order they appear. Also love the arpeggios
  10. ever hear of friend codes? But seriously if you cold chose who you're going to watch you could set up an online tournament so easy. You have a tournament of 32 players, playing 4 at a time, top two procede. You could have the entire tournament viewing all of the matches. And after a while you'd see some kick ass battles near the finals. That would be fucking entertaining.
  11. It's only a bad thing because people'll lack variety or some bullshit like that. Personally I don't really care. It's like when people used to complain about yoshi and drybones in mariokart DS, the only people you heard complaining weren't very good at the game.
  12. I think it's just going to stop time for everyone except the person who used it for about 5 or 10 sec.s like in mario 2. But I still say the most fun item would be the cane of pacci from minish cap.
  13. the updates are getting pretty lame. anyway I think the characters in the updates are part of the starting line-up and any unlockable character will not be announced. But they should have amaterasu and megaman.
  14. They need to give Gannon the sword from Melee. That sword pissed so many people off. You win the match and he whips out this massive sword. grrrr. If they put him in without it I'll be pretty angry.
  15. Isn't Smash Bros. based off the idea of a kirby superstar where players can fight each other instead of just the computer? So, why not put in characters from the inspirational game in smash. The first thing I though of when I played smash was . o O (this games's just like kirby superstar only I'm fighting my friends.). When I played KSS I always wished they'd make a game just like it where people could battle each other. A fighting game with simple controls just like KSS, and that's all smash bros. is really. Not to mention both are made by halken laboratory.
  16. It's an Orchestrated version of the goumet race song from kirby superstar.
  17. I really don't think that they're going to neglect the competitive gamers. Nintendo's not that stupid. They make their money be appealling to everyone and dishing out a quality product.
  18. . o O ( Marvel vs Capcom 2 would be boring as shit if I didn't exploit everything there is in that game......lame.) Me and my brothers play MVC2 all the time and do the "cheapest" things we can think of. We pull out all the stops, pick the best of the best characters and win at all cost. Before we used to "play fair" and it was boring. It was limited. there was no freedom. But when we started doing everything we all developed different ways to play, and the fight got alot more interesting. You get stuck in an infinite combo....well that's your fault for not seeing the obvious coming. You're trapped? big deal. The best part is that when I play them I even have fun if I lose [which is the point isn't it? to have fun.]
  19. I don't remember. I think it might've been Krusha, it's been a while since I've played DKC2
  20. "EA's bright and shiny new corporate trademark is "Challenge Everything." Where this applies is not exactly clear. Churning out one licensed football game after another doesn't sound like challenging much of anything to me" Yeah....I never really liked EA. They don't really produce any that involves creativity if you ask me. All of their games are produced for Dumb Jocks for the most part.
  21. Vast quantities of his precious bananas have been stolen! And by a very familiar hand... Yeah....that was abit misleading. I was looking forward to seeing K.Rool and all the cruel things him and the kremlims could do....ok that was a lame attempt to weed out a pun. Now I want Clubba and K.Rool in smash. Clubba would be the shit.
  22. who else uses the smash symbol?
  23. Have you already remixed it? Cause I wanna hear it reguardless.
  24. What about badly drawn vaginas?
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