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  1. Aw yeah, that is what I'm talking about. Love it. Thanks!! Also, for anyone else keeping track, Street Fighter II: The Wrorld Warrior 'RyuInterpretation' I love. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00458/
  2. I'm not really digging that rock sound. I'm really just looking for any music that sounds like classical asian music. Like the Okami Remix or Sakura from DDR. I don't mind if the music has a few techno beats in it, or some other sounds, but I don't like the blaring rock sound of the band you recommended. RevenG - Sakura (from DDR Extreme) - Now this I liked. Thanks!
  3. The new Okami remix (which is just mega awesome) has got me itching for more classical asian music. Anyone know of another other remixes on this site with an ancient asian sound, or another website which has some?
  4. Alright, well I sent out the instructions. And if your looking for a a headache-inducing time, try Outkast - Bombs over Baghdad. I can't even make 1/10 the score needed for a Bronze medal.
  5. Definately a case of some songs better than others. Techno/electronic songs have better block-beat correlation. Most rock is kinda bad about block-beat correlation, although oddly enough Dragonforce - Through the Fire and the Flames is pretty decent Also, stages rise/dip relating to the music. That video doesn't do it justice, it was just one of the first ones I could find. Artist whose music make awesome stages: Kanye West, BT, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (their newer stuff moreso). Also Voices of the Lifesteam is pretty trippy experience.
  6. Wow, I don't see any thread about this amazing game. You select any song on your hard drive, and it creates a stage for you, and you collect colored blocks in turn with the beats. http://www.audio-surf.com/ - Official Website, can explain better than I can. Unfortunately, the Beta Weekend just ended, but some anonymous people have found ways to continue playing it...PM me if interested.
  7. Haganegiri


    Well one problem with your arguement is you are grouping all American TV shows and movies together in a large lump, and then saying that "there is so much arguring over what is good and what is bad". umm...duh? Your lumping hundreds of genre's together. Anime is probably around 9-10 genre's repeated over and over, with a few truely orignal and creative works. of course the smaller/niche group is going to have less arguments over what is better. Secondly, trust me, there are plenty of people that hate what I consider to be classic anime (Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Hokuto no Ken) and I have to deal with morons who think Inuyasha and Death Note are ZOMG 100X better than that old crap! "ugh the animation is ugly! They don't have KATANAS! they sux!" anywho, yeah, I'm a bitter oldschool anime fan.
  8. Haganegiri


    Kenshiro from Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) would like to have a word with you...
  9. What are you talking about. That trailer makes it looks great. I can't wait.
  10. Why are you blacklisting Culturekoi? If anything, blacklist Superhim for his racist remarks. Culturekoi was being humorous and making fun of Superhim's racist post. Anyways, It was much better than I thought it was going to be. Will Smith was top game for his acting in this. A lot of the movie focus's on him being alone with his dog, and it worked well. Him going nuts basically. I won't say anymore. But it is definitely worth a matinée showing.
  11. Your gonna get your ribs kicked in. until the mechanism breaks and you slice your hand. And should you ever use it on someone, by US law, your carrying a lethal weapon with intent to kill, not just defend yourself. Good luck trying to convince some red neck cop that you carry a "retractable shiv" for self-defence purposes. So even if they mug you, you would go to jail. buy a taser. Quicker, easier, and completely legal. please tell me both of you are joking? This isn't a video game. Fights are serious and deadly business. I think you guys take the movies and games you play WAY too seriously. Please reconsider the way you guys think about fighting and how they work.
  12. ... A ring leader of a group? no offence, but muggers don't often have a ring leader, nor do a group of rapist, or a group of drunks, etc this isn't a movie. It's real. I would persoanlly deliver a crisp 100 dollar bill to a guy that can grapple a single mugger/rapist/drunkard out of a group and actually "scare" the other guys away. And even if that did work, do you really want to gamble on it? You can't gamble in a fight. Striking is where it's at for multiple attackers. Just basic, no non-sense boxing technique. Of course, being well training in other martial arts help, but if nothing else, I always tell people that if they are concerned about the quickest and easiest way to learn self-defense to take up a boxing class. I'm not trying to be anti-martial arts here, just trying to be real about this stuff. It's not a game or a movie, fights can be serious business. My sister's best friend was stabbed in a mugging (and there was three guys). Had to go through a lot of physical therapy (and some mental therapy too). again, I've taken many martial arts over the years, BJJ, Aikido, Mantis Kung-fu, and Taijutsu mainly. I treat my training very professionally. I've taught classes when I've had the time, and I always maintain the seriousness of what it means to be involved in a fight. I've read a lot of books, like On Killing by Dave Grossman, and I've talk to a lot of friends who have served over seas in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as I've had female students who were mugged/raped. again, I take this stuff very seriously.
  13. Well of course it "changes the art you are talking about" in the same way Kendo is a different art than Kenjutsu, and Judo is a different art than Jujutsu. Both Kendo and Judo are "different" arts from their original styles, but they still share about 80% similarity with the ~jutsu styles before them. You are splitting hairs here. My first year in Tomiki Aikido I excelled, and I had only HEARD name name Ueshiba once at the beginning of class. Later on when I had some free time, I researched him a bit, but I still have never read any of his stuff, yet I'm still do better than most the people in the class. In fact I've found people that claim to practice the "philosophies" of their martial arts tend to be slacking in the >physical< aspects of their style. And it's because I practice the movements. Not because I read any philosophy. also, yeah I'm gonna cite wikipedia only because I'm at work, The secret of aiki is to overpower the opponent mentally at a glance and to win without fighting." -Takeda Sokaku Sounds pretty darn similar to what Ueshiba would talk about from what I've read.
  14. also baloney. Anybody can successfully perform every single of those techniques without ever hearing a thing of it's philosophy. It's not like there is a magical force that stops you from breaking the opponents kuzushi because you don't understand the unity and love of peace. The 8 releases, the 17 , or even the Big Ten can all be done by anybody with functioning limbs and a brain. Don't get all spiritualistic with that crap. Also, Aikido DID exist before Ueshiba, just it was called Daito-ryu Aikijutsu, and it involved breaking limbs AS you were performing the movements. All Ueshiba did was remove the "nastier" stuff.
  15. Um, no. The moment you are dealing with more than one mugger/attackers/assailant, your entire style of martial arts goes down the toilet. While you are busy grappling one guy, his buddy is going to kick you ribs in. Also, in my experience at my local BJJ school, I don't care how good you are, large guys can be darn near impervious to a lot of grappling. We have a 250lbs marine in our class, and he really is a nice guy and doesn't "try" to be a jerk about the techniques not working on him, but even our instructor has problems trying to successfully perform chokes and holds on the guy. All that talk about being able to grapple anybody regardless of size is baloney. Don't get me wrong, BJJ is a great style (I've been taking it for almost a year now myself) but be carefuly about getting too fanatic about it, it has it's downsides.
  16. Well because music with lyrics is a little more "boolean" in nature than trying to bicker genre's and style.
  17. well no offence you know that because you've been here a long time and all. It would be nice to just have a quick "remixes with lyrics" button. But I do thank you for your help! I will download those artist soon!
  18. Well I find remixes with lyrics to be an amazing feat, and I would love to hear more, but I also don't have time to listen to some 1600 other remixes. Not that I don't love all the non-lyrical music on here, but I do think having the ability to sort for music with lyrics should be an option.
  19. Is it possible to search for remixes that have added lyrics? If not, can I propose we get an option to search for song with lyrics!
  20. Devil Hand guy from God Hand. Jesus christ did my thumbs break after fighting him on Hard mode.
  21. no such thing as too much beats! Outkast - Bombs over Baghdad one of my favorite songs of all time, I love the rush that comes from it.
  22. took me a little searching to find out what VotL was, but I got it DLing now! thanks! Anymore good suggestions?
  23. To me it all about presentation I enjoy the pacing in Half Life 2. It's about 50% easy going, with 40% hardness, and 10% ZOMGI"M PISSED kinda difficulty. Now I also enjoy DMC3 and Godhand (which I contest if FAR more difficult than DMC3). Half Life 2 is more of a Story really, than a FPS. They have some pretty awesome voice actors (some of the best I've EVER heard in a video game). DMC3 and Godhand on the other hand, are more of a "go kill things" action game, so I WANT difficulty in those games.
  24. Ah, thank you. I just got mah new 5.1 surround sound system and lately I've noticed a severe lack of high BPM songs in mah music folders
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