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  1. I beat SC2 the other day; and came looking, didn't see any; so it's on my list of production.

    I am currently in the early stages of production for a Terran Theme remix for OCR. I mean VERY early stages; but since you asked, you shall receive. Here's a snipet from one of the patterns. PLEASE; keep in mind this is VERY much Alpha. There's little going on; but there will be oh so much more.

    Here you go:


  2. After all these years, with the sequel (or at least the first campaign of the sequel) already released, nobody has posted any remixes for the first Starcraft? Not even one? I'd like somebody to do a nice version of Terran 2 or 3, especially for the latter since it's not even featured in the Echoes of War Blizzard soundtrack. The whole Echoes soundtrack tries to give the old tracks an "epic" feel, but I feel Starcraft Terran music has a more distinct taste when it's just trying to sound like "hicks in space".
  3. Questions 1. The Illusive Man theme: Most of ME's soundtrack consists of orchestral scores but I found this piece stood out the most because it was mainly notes on a piano with a simple yet catchy melody (I also feel that this melody could be longer somehow...). What made you come to the decision of using something more laid back than most "epic setpiece" kind of music? 2. Do you think ME/ME2 could use more leitmotifs? When one of your former crew members in ME2 met you there was a slight homage made to the previous game, but I'm sort of saddened that there wern't many more recognizable themes that played back as well. Actually, will we here more of the elevator music? 3. Will we ever hear a remix of the Illusive Man theme and other tracks that could be released as a complementary album (similar to how No More Heroes had a "Dark Side" album consisting of remixes)? Some of us don't want to wait for an ME3 album just to here some rearrangements
  4. I guess the track was to capture the essence of old 80's sci-fi shows. The strings bring out that "epic" feeling witle the guitar definately adds to the flavor. One of my favorites. Yes, it can feel like "BAD ANIME BACKGROUND MUSIC" at times, but when the song is good, what's to complain? Now someone should do the ending music in this fashion. That would fantastic.
  5. Beyond Good & Evil is definately a game that has a great soundtrack. I like this rather extended version of it, if not remarkably enhanced. I like how it transitions from 2:55. When the guitars kick in at 3:00, that's where the sweetness begins. From then on, it begins to sound like a New Age type of music. Also accurate representations of the piano pieces, as well a subtle takes, and transitions, overlapping pieces of the song together at it's most melodious parts. Gorgeous. And how it all slows down to an end, leaving the last note untouched, much like the game's open end.
  6. All time hardest boss battle...hmm, let me think... Most recent: Phantom Ganon - Even Ganon is a schwartz compared to him... Mini-boss - Dark Link, without the hammer cheesiness... The last level of 'Toys', I belive, were you fly a plane into the Manhattan model, tough as hell... so tough I never got to finish the game...
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