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  1. hmm. USA only, eh? Poor Canadians Don't forget that there is another place for listening to OC Remixes online... http://ocr.rainwave.cc/
  2. I notice that http://klutzmusic.com/ is down... for good? or a short-term blip?

  3. I'd have to go with the Wii. I momentarily considered E) Others, with the runners up being N64 & GC, but then realized that Wii can play GC games, and all the best N64 games are available on Virtual Console. hmm... the above makes me sounds like a N fanboy, which isn't strictly the case (certainly have other systems), I think I just have derived the most fun from N systems in the past...
  4. This is one of those games I definitely hoped would turn out well. Gaming in general (i.e. not just the Wii) needs more alternative games like this... outside of the typical genres / game mechanics. (As long as they work, that is...)
  5. I'm going to have to agree with endblink here. When I first started listening to the mix, I thought something had gone wrong with the speakers due to the graininess which seemed uncharacteristic. If it was intended to be that way, I'm not a fan. Until reading some reviews, I had assumed it might have been a technical error somewhere along the line. The instrumentation was great, but the production see,ed a touch slumped (not like DJP at all). This is one of only 4 mixes done by DJP that I haven't kept.
  6. $obscure != "bad"; Indeed. Does anyone else think DJP's been doing a bit to much back-end coding of late? Ah well. What he expresses is true anyway. I've never heard of such a game and yet there seems to be inspirational enough music on board to ... inspire EgM. It is a touch to short, but what's there is definately pleasant. A nice easy-listenening mix for the most part with a motivating thrust of emotion midway through. Definately respectable.
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