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  1. I have had windows 7 64 bit in my possession for some time and last i tried converting to it, it seemed like a waste of my time. But now Pro Tools 9 is out and im trying to get certified for it. however, they don't make it for Win XP at all! Now I HAVE to convert. So my question for you all is: for those who have this OS, how is it when running FL studio or any east west software? pretty good? 64 bit?
  2. @7:42I try and try and try. I cannot get my guitar to scream like that and it looks REALLY simple. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. that's a hefty machine you got there. or should i say machines. I got ways to go before I get a computer that can handle all that crap at once.
  4. See I can't understand how people are using convolution in real time mixing cause everytime I try to I get mad latency problems. Brutal.
  5. Oh man that Koto Nation sounds sweet. I already got Groove Bias, Sitar Nation and impact steel from these guys! I love impact soundworks!
  6. Oh very nice! And I like how you can order the instruments individually! That cuts down on price a lot! Thanks for that! Yeah I dont really see a hammer dulcimer here though. That's one of the main ones im looking for. But this still helps out a GREAT deal. thanks!
  7. Well, it's that time again. Looking to spend some clams on yet another sound library. Now, I'm guessing the genre I'm referring to is called "world music" because that's all I ever here it called. With instruments like pan flutes and taiko drums and what not. Even hammer dulcimers or lutes. I could really use a library of instruments like that. Anyone have any recommendations? Don't worry about price at the moment. Thanks I greatly appreciate it!
  8. Thanks guys. I got a starting point. now i just gotta add those extra notes somehow.
  9. I wanna learn this scale: @2:09. The ascending notes.I've heard this scale or something like it in a lot of music and I was wondering if anyone would be able to type it out somehow (asking a lot i know) or maybe link me to a piece of sheet music or something that has this particular scale. I've tried learning it by ear but I can't seem to get it right. I don't care what key it's written. That is if what I'm asking for is even possible. I'd greatly appreciate it though.
  10. I tried this idea before and it doesn't work well. I personally didn't like the sound of an acoustic mimicking an electric. It felt hollow some how. I cant really describe it. So i'd go with what sixto suggests if you decide to try this. Have some kinda filter to go with the distortion and see what you find. But really, I do agree with suzumebachi. Want an electric guitar sound? Get an electric guitar. It's just a better choice.
  11. Oh no it's a good tone. Just not what I was going for for this track. But it was still very helpful info! I may use that type of tone for other songs later. Thanks again.
  12. I greatly appreciate this, Mospeh! This will be a nice lesson for me because I took all the classes my community college has to offer in sound engineering and they NEVER mentioned anything about loudness and balancing frequencies or anything. (the courses are still quite new at that school so i could understand if they need to smoothen things out material wise). SO this'll be nice homework! Although, there are a couple of things with THIS track that I should mention. First, the bass kicks are rather low and I like to accentuate them for guitar riffs that follow in syncopation with them. Por ejemplo: But im sure with practice I can make this happen and keep the loudness it's at. The guitars sound slightly mooshy to me but I think it's cause I need to lower the gain on my guitar. I ALWAYS get super critical over my guitar tone. Also I recorded them using the Gearbox Toneport and I can never get it to sound as great as my Spider IV amp. (I have to record demos at night using the toneport and headphones and then during the day I rerecord with the amp.) So when I record with the amp sometime later I'll fix this. Again thanks a lot! Finally I learn a lesson using one of my own tracks instead of someone else's.
  13. yeah Audition automatically imports my drum tracks as loopable wavs. maybe it's the settings in which i mixed them down with. i should look at that.
  14. Diablo 2 Wilderness the lead instrument heard at the very beginning and later throughout. It sounds kinda like a sitar but something tells me im wrong there. what is that?
  15. Ok. Here are the drum tracks as you requested. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6W0KRO9N
  16. Another thing to keep in mind is which DAWs tend to be the standard in the industry if you decide to go that route. The ones I've seen at school are Logic, Reason, Cubase and Pro Tools. Logic is Mac only but Cubase and Pro Tools have a PC versions. I'm told that Pro Tools is the DAW most vastly used in the industry. (Metallica uses it for sure) Expensive though it may be, i think there might be a light version you can find somewhere. But as Moseph said, DEMO EVERYTHING! A cheap way might be to use Adobe Audition. I use it for quick demos and I got it for less than what Logic would cost. That was years ago though.
  17. well... you dont get anywhere cutting corners. next chance i get i'll work on seperating the drums. Kicks, snare, toms and cymbals.
  18. I normally dont compress the drums or anything until after i mix them down into Audition. (Im using Superior Drummer Metal Foundry by the way) I COULD mix them down on their seperate tracks but for me it saves time if I mix them at once then import them into audition and work from there. Yeah I would need to mix them down again if I needed to adjust levels or something. Is this wrong to do?
  19. Ok, here the wav files. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MI6D3UK5 The drums are on one wav since i mix them down from FL and import it into Audition (or Cubase). al wavs were mixed down WITHOUT any effects (no compressors, multiband or anything) I hope I learn something from this. And again thanks!
  20. that can be done. give me a bit to sort em out and take care of a few other things (errands and so on) and i'll send them to ya.
  21. tried it. helped a little but i think im gonna scrap the whole thing and start over. i think im gonna try i different guitar tone cause im starting to not be happy with it. im gonna take a rest and start again when my ears arent fatgued to all hell. thanks for the help tho guys!
  22. Hmm ok. So far I've managed to make the track cleaner but not louder. it may also have something to do with how loud I've recorded everything. for example, the guitars' recording level peaks at around -12 dB (without effects, limiter etc.). Could something like this effect the headroom i have? EDIT:http://soundcloud.com/metaldevin/garretmetal1 Here's what I have right now. EDIT2: lol come to think of it, now that I listen to it on soundcloud it sounds really bass heavy. hmmm EDIT3:http://soundcloud.com/metaldevin/boab2-mixdown Ok I completely forgot about a factor or two. The first link (my current working demo) was recorded using the Line 6 Gearbox set. (Toneport to plug the guitar into via USB for those who don't know) The second link is a demo I recorded when I first got my Mackie 820i mixer and Line 6 Spider IV amp setup (miked with an SM57 with rhythm guitar recorded twice, panned left and right). The older demo sounds much better than my new one. And LOUDER. Where the hell did I go wrong? Was it cause of the hardware? It sounds like everything is balanced just fine. Ugh I need consistency in my mixing!
  23. I see. so is this where the spectrum analyzer comes in handy? (i saw the post for the free one earlier and downloaded it but havent had a chance to use it cause for some reason none of my DAWs can recognize it even when i put the .dll file in the correct plugin folder. GRRRR!)
  24. Ok i think I get it. So to make room for the kicks and bass in the low end, i should cut the low end on the guitar, correct? Since the guitar is mostly going to be in the mid to high range i should keep it as such. And cut any mid to high frequencies in the kicks and bass to make room for the guitars. right?
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