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  1. SSBB, I can never get the hang of ZSS and Wolf, as much as I try. And oh, how I try. I finally got the hang of Ness, though (PK Fiah!). Anyone who isn't Raphael in Soul Calibur I also have trouble with - me and the rapier guy just clicked really well, and I can't pick up anyone else. For anyone who picked up any version of Jump Stars for the DS, though - how in hell do you play Dr. Mashirito?
  2. I actually was playing my way through Live A Live when I created an account here, and since the Cowboy chapter was my favorite I decided on ol' Sunset here.
  3. Pichu doesn't misfire. But I see where you're coming from.
  4. I normally do - Peach user, yo. But I like to use her dash attack more than I probably should, if this tripping thing happens often enough to screw with that. If it doesn't then w/e - a chance of failure comes with everything in Melee, so tripping just makes it slightly higher.
  5. M2K is somewhat famous for his brag-a-thons. He has a website devoted to his video game achievements, and blah blah blah he's full of himself. I was kinda disappointed that Mew2King doesn't use M2 @ tourneys, though. ON TOPIC: So tripping is totally random? That sucks. I'll have to practice my aerial movement so I don't stay on the ground too much.
  6. Mr Jarna


    Meh, it's not that bad a game. Currently am a Level 3 Troll. Can't see myself playing both this AND Kingdom of Loathing, though. I'll see how it goes.
  7. 2, although I've been slowly moving up the scale towards 1. That recent-ish remix of Wizards n' Warriors (it had longjohns in the title) made me realize that even if I've never played them some games have good music. Well, the re-realization, anyways.
  8. Heh, the demo was nice. Haven't done that sort of puzzle in ages. Once I pick up my DS again from storage I'll have to give this a try.
  9. My bad. Peach's Down Smash. ...although her Down+A is pretty good as well.
  10. Heh, one of my friends loves to use that move on us. Thankfully he doesn't really use any of Zelda's other moves so we've learned to adapt. But yeah, this looks alright - I wonder if the potency of a move goes down if you alternate between two moves ONLY, like I used to do with Peach's Down+A and aerial Back+A before I learned that she had other moves that worked Atma, you know?
  11. Well, at least Kirby can actually fight then... ...although pretty much the only thing I did with Kirby in Melee was suicide the enemy. All it took was one misstep and BAM they're flying down with me and dying. Only in multiplayer or when I was one stock ahead did I do that, though.
  12. I actually DID get slightly nauseous from all the movement - although it wasn't as bad as during the 3rd Bourne movie Can't wait for the rumored sequel, though. And did anyone else think that this was somewhat close to Starcraft: The Movie? As soon as I saw the smaller aliens I thought they looked somewhat like Zerglings... two minutes later I was convinced the large momma was an Ultralisk of some sort.
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