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  1. Really for me, programming the drums and velocity levels is just a trial and error thing. I don't really understand much about what sounds 'too compressed' and such but I understand what is meant by punchy and piercingly loud. Not sure what it is with the lead guitar on the 2nd track, might be too much treble and volume, could be the gain, I'll try setting the gain back 25 percent on my amp and mess around with the amp eq. Well I'm glad to hear positive and constructive criticism, I'm obviously heading in the right track, just needing to touch up and improve on some things. Is it the sound of the toms/kick/snare or the programming and velocity levels that I need to worry about changing? PR, that's all I've done with prelude, glad you liked it though , not really sure how I can extend it as several ideas just didn't work, might attempt more ideas eventually and maybe one might work, maybe think of what kind of track would smoothly flow on straight after it and then make it all as one perhaps.
  2. Well I like never post here, but I was wondering how I could get the best sound out of these tracks I've made recently. I know I've gotten better over the last few months in my quality of recording, but I do not understand how well or poorly I have done these tracks when it comes to the mixing and overall sound of it. The first track I have actually recorded 2 rhythm guitars and panned them to left and right, I worked a fair few hours on this one. The second track I only whipped up over the previous hour, I couldn't be bothered with panned rhythm guitars, but I know it can be improved somehow, I usually adjust the settings on my amp first, and try to level out the volumes with the synth and such so I don't have to really do much other editing with my software. http://www.box.net/shared/piv9adpmi0 and http://www.box.net/shared/kmfqaz93fe EDIT: 2nd track improved, demo version of addictive drums used instead and turned down and eq'ed lead guitar. http://www.box.net/shared/1xbbtm26f8 I'm not certain if this type of quality is plausible enough for OCReMix standards, if not how much further do I have to go to get to that next level? I'm considering to try to start up a remix of my own, just not sure if I should attempt one yet.
  3. This is something I heard several months ago and was blown away, yes yes yes! Sixto's lead guitar playing showed a lot of feeling, the piano was just superb, also you gotta love the strings and the drums. Steppo, we'll be looking forward to more .
  4. Alright then, I guess I'll just stick with what I've got and use those neat plugins for effects and a good clean guitar sound, well unless I actually find a way to improve the tone with this stuff to more of my liking. I guess it doesn't hurt to still experiment with the plugins though . Oh I tried to download the Cab Impulses but I got a 404: "The requested URL /Guitar_Cabs.rar was not found on this server." The type of tone I'm really looking for is similar to the Wagner Demo with Rectifier 4x12 Impulse example sixto presented. I guess I'll just look around for these cab impulses. EDIT: I was browsing around on google and found some Mesa 4x12 cab impulses. I recorded the normal way I do, and I added the KeFIR VST and loaded up the impulse file and then an eq, I was quite happy with the end result, I decided to record one of my favourite end of song melodies: http://www.box.net/shared/3nq6cj6og8 so now I guess I have to focus on learning about this stereo panning stuff and mixing/mastering etc =P.
  5. I was searching getting a better guitar tone and I found this. I'm using Cakewalk Music Creator 3, and a Tapco Link. USB audio interface for recording. I put the Marshall JCM900 amp sim into the effects rack? I noticed something didn't sound right, the clean guitar sample could be heard in the right speaker, and the amped up guitar could be heard in the left speaker. So I thought changing the track to mono would solve things. Interesting enough this is what happened: http://www.box.net/shared/5umcgekg0g (Yes I know it is hard to pick-up, but I'm fussy when it comes to sound, I tend to notice these things) Does anyone have any idea why the clean guitar sample can be heard in this track? It just sounds strange with a distorted guitar and a clean guitar are being played at the same time. Any idea how to eliminate the original guitar sound? Also here is a sampler of a similar clip(I say similar cause I stuffed up ) with the way I usually record (Distortion pedal into amp, the amp's line out to the audio interface etc.): http://www.box.net/shared/wuogeea3os All this stuff is far too confusing for me, so I'm wondering if just recording with my amp and distortion pedal is good enough for quality sound? Or do I have to do something to make it sound better? Maybe it's cause I'm inexperienced with recording knowledge and guitar setup .
  6. That would be quite the disaster for that to happen. Hopefully there is an explanation of how this happened. I always google the url that those messages try to get you to click on, even if I'm 99% sure it's fake, usually that tells me enough and nobody should ever click them. But it's definitely a spammer who's done it elsewhere, probably got reported and immediately banned I'm guessing. Still the 1 missing message in the inbox is a mystery though. EDIT: Why can't I delete the message ? I cleaned out my inbox but it's still there.
  7. I have the same problem, I haven't really been around here for awhile but I got an email saying I got a personal message on ocremix so I thought I'd check it out. It said what the message said in the email and it didn't look right. Whoever sent the message doesn't seem to exist on the members list, maybe they got caught and their profile got deleted? Whatever the message was I'm pretty sure it was an attempt to get people to download a virus or something. But I'm not really 100% sure what is going on here.
  8. Sorry about not being here for a while, I've had a long enough break, the new year has begun and I am ready to continue with this. I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time changing this a bit, keeping the theme yet not making a near-clone of the song, I feel it might be a bit to much like the original except for the drums and guitar in a sense but I'll see what happens. This computer can only handle so much, it doesn't have much memory or RAM compared to the average computer, but when I get my new one (anytime now hopefully) the remix process with flow much more smoothly .
  9. The bells were in a General Midi soundfont called FluidR3 GM, bank 0 program 14 "Tubular Bells" I got it from http://hammersound.net, if it doesn't work just then search bells. When you find one usually if they show decent ratings, they are the best to grab, but thats up to you. Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks guys, I probably wont be working on this for about a week or so, got a busy week. I think I've managed to get a great tone from my guitar so all I need to do really is learn the whole song and then remix it to my liking . As for the soundfonts and VST, I've been to that section, just had a rough look, couldn't really do much cause of our download usage but when there is enough I'll be looking into specific instruments, I find the General Midi soundfonts vary too much in quality, might have good violin but then the woodwind and brass instruments are shocking, also VST instruments are my other priority, but after messing around with my song after experimenting with range of sounds I'll find my favourites . I think the best thing for me to do now is just make a few simple tunes and improve on my overall skills, I know there's a drumming tutorial and probably much more, since I'll be looking for my own style I will not follow 100% but take in the essentials. After experimenting around I'll come back to my WIP's, there are 3 tunes I really want to remix, not sure if starting a 3rd one now would help but maybe I'll strike it good on one of them, sometimes it comes naturally but it gets boring working on a song when I've really had enough for the day. I know it's fairly hard to submit a remix and also have it getting passed by the judges, I've seen how many actually don't make it, so if I ever get one through, it may not be for at least a few months/years. But of course I would have gained a lot of experience during the process . I think I overdid this post but it really has gotten me thinking.
  11. Well I'm just learning, so over time it'll get better . Thanks for the recommendations, I'll fix these up as much as I can, I probably need to ask some of the pro's about mastering the sound etc, but so far they're being a great help . I'll be able to work on the sound a lot more now that I know what needs changing, thanks heaps =D.
  12. Well I do play guitar , but I've only been playing for 3 years, I know I'm not the best guitarist around or have the best recording equipment, just a USB audio interface device, it's good for me to record my own ideas and such but I feel my recording ability is somewhat very limited. Getting someone else to do a live recording might be a better option, unless I just need to master using the mixing and compression settings well. As for my sounds I'm only using 3 GM soundfonts (RealFont2.3, FluidR3 GM and General User 1.4), they're all free ones. Sure they'd be more than enough for a standard PSX game but there are far more realistic soundfonts and VST instruments out there. I suppose the soundfonts and vst's that are designed for a specific instrument are usually more realistic, I have a Japanese flute Vst and it is much better then the flutes on my GM soundfonts. But to get what I really need would I be better off using commercial VST and soundfonts?
  13. Well that makes things a lot clearer now , well I guess it also makes things easier since I actually have my bass guitar, it's just a matter of how well I can play it. As for compressing I've found a lengthy piece of information on a compressor from Zircon's "Remixing Tips Part 5" I haven't even finished reading it but I finally understand what a compressor really is . I'm guessing I'll need to compress all the tracks in the final product?
  14. Ah yes I get what you mean, I notice my favourite bands do it all the time. Just a question with the bass, do I need to do the same? I also notice some tracks with bass have distortion while others do not, is there a reason why some are like that?
  15. Thanks for the comments guys, it's good that I'm getting feedback this early so I know what I'm doing. I only made the first 40 or so seconds so that I can see if I'm on the right track, I think that knowing what to do earlier on will help in the overall process . To be honest to you guys I've never actually recorded rhythm guitar in that method, so that means I record it twice and pan one to the left and the other to the right? I'm not familiar with hard panning, but I'll experiment around with it. As for the drums I'm using a soundfont called FluidR3 GM and I'm using the power kit from it, I'll also have a look drums and compression tutorials . Also this being the first wip I've attempted I'll probably learn a lot from this, thanks again.
  16. I have the feeling some of you may have been waiting for someone to remix Boomerang Flash, well I thought I'd give remixing a try, I have the feeling it might sound a bit too similar but this is my first real attempt . Check it out here: http://www.box.net/shared/vcdfj4kgx7 I'm not completely sure about the overall sound but I'll be working on it and the final thing will most certainly be improved . Feedback is more than appreciated .
  17. That's right, no need to rush . I've spent a bit of time getting used to the song, I might start the actual remix today tomorrow, I am trying to juggle between 3 remixes right now but this one is a priority because I have seen that some people have been waiting for years to hear a Boomerang Flash remix . This will give me a chance to improve on my music skills too, I'll be looking forward to see what I come up with too =D. Edit: Good news, decided to give it a try and I've posted a 30 second demo check it out: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=354448 Let me know what you think.
  18. Wow, so there are several of you who know of this great game , to be honest I was teaching myself this tune on the guitar about a year ago, would you mind if I gave it a try? I'm not sure if it's a wise idea to juggle between 2 or 3 remix attempts but I'll definitely give this one a shot , does it matter what style I do it in? I was hoping to include guitar and synth leads
  19. It sounds like something very worthy to be remixed, well I need something to do so I'll attempt to remix this, I just need to listen to it over and over and then start it. After I've made some progress say about 30 seconds or more I'll put up the WIP, I'll try to get something done to show you within a week .
  20. I was thinking about remixing this battle theme from Grandia, but before I get anywhere I want to see if I should keep going with this. For those who haven't heard here's the original song: My WIP is here: http://www.box.net/shared/tmraxvg5tk I really enjoy the music from Grandia I & II and I could only find one OCReMix of it, so I thought I'd give it a try myself, don't be afriad let me know what you think . I don't mind criticism, after all it is my first try and I kind of rushed it . I keep getting notifications from Box.net that someone has listened to my original WIP, so I thought I may as well share what I have done...some 4 years later, I started again and submitted it to Dwelling of Duels last October for those interested: http://www.dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/11-10-Free_Month/10-MichaelTheCrow-Grandia-Onwards-DoD.mp3
  21. I've heard some of the songs from this game, I rather liked them. Seems like a great song to remix, honestly I would love to do a remake for that Boomerang Flash Track, however I've never done a remix before so I'm not entirely sure if I'd be that good at doing this.
  22. Well this mix has blown me away, it provides the type of sound my ears have been dying to hear. When I came here I heard a few tunes by this Sixto guy, now I can say Sixto Sounds without trying to remember his name. Simply loving it! I couldn't agree more! I used to have long hair but I got it cut because my mother offered to pay me money, I used that money to help pay off my new guitar .
  23. There are so many genres and subgenres it makes my head spin, which then causes a lot of debate with what genre a band really is. One band for example could be a mixture of Punk, Hardcore and J-pop, for artists with a different sound or those who cover a wide variety of genres shouldn't be called like 50 different genres but instead their main genre and the label "experimental" or "variety", but maybe thats a bit off the point here. Well thats all I really have to say on the matter of genres, they're good but sometimes utterly confusing =P.
  24. Gathered from what I have read, if you hate metal you hate it, some people seem to take it further to try and get their point across while lacking in diversity and open mindedness. But I'm not one to criticise other genres, I actually appreciate a lot of music but I do have my limits. I'm glad the ReMixes have not been categorised, it has continued to help me develop a more open mind, hearing stuff I never thought I would have heard before (and appreciate ). But if you people hate metal that's ok, of course it isn't for everybody and not for the faint of heart.
  25. Hey guys, I was just browsing through some of my old midi's which I composed a long time ago (if you consider over a year old ). I recently have discovered the joys of soundfonts and VST, since I do not really have the money I am relying on freeware software for the moment, exept Cakewalk and Magix Music Maker (Which I haven't used for these), I use SynthFont for now. These are early material but I was wondering what you guys think? I lack the know how and experience to make something better, any feedback is appreciated . I know a fair few people don't like megaupload but I have no idea on all these hosts, so sorry about that. My tunes: Airbourne Heights: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D4XHIVHJ Windmill Of The Woods: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7Z4RYZ51 Enjoy =P