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  1. One of my favourite zelda tracks of all time, glad to see another remix of it. Loving the synth lead!
  2. Damn this is catchy! Got a nice voice too , it was fun to listen to, I think your purpose has been achieved, excellent work on this little fun mix.
  3. Stuck on repeat! Argh the words to describe my appreciation of the sheer brilliance of this mix, I really enjoyed the guitar work. Great job guys, you've created another great reason to download this remix project, downloading now . I hope to see more from you pair, you work so swiftly smooth together .
  4. This is quite excellent, yet another crisp remix, brilliant sound and awesome leads, both synth and guitar. Piano intro is quite epic, well the whole song is, I'm sure to give the whole remix album a listen. One day I'll become inspired enough to submit my first remix, just keep them rolling .
  5. A lot of OST's are massive, especially from the FF series . Well it's intro screen music, basically a prelude that introduces the theme of the game, perhaps starting with some story or a legend. What hasn't been completed yet is when it goes straight to the actual title screen, I've been able to accomplish a build up from the intro to when you see the game title scroll down or however it gets there. It's more up tempo and suspenseful at the moment. For me 30 is huge, well for a first project anyway, I've only made few tracks ever that I have completed and this will keep me going. But thanks for that, I see what you mean by MM3's title screen, most games from that era just played like a few seconds of music and the title screen had no music. Thankfully with my OST it's not the case, I'll be adding the soon to be completed title screen music in a couple of days.
  6. Well it's more flexible with soundfonts with all these different effects and what not, a lot has been added for the sacrifice of losing few. It allows a lot of tweaking, but the free one supports sfz. But having sfz and sfz+ both running has not caused any problems. Combining the high quality free stuff with the nice commercial ones coming with home studio 7 xl i'll have everything i need to start remixing . Should be arriving soon.
  7. I would but it's a built in MFX plugin that comes with Cakewalk Music Creator 4. But I found this plugin which might be of some use, not sure how to get it working though: http://www.dontcrack.com/freeware/downloads.php/id/3846/software/MidiBag/ Check out humanizer, I couldn't figure how to get it working cause I'm unsure how to use vst to control midi data, but it can randomize timing, velocity, pitch and modulation. Hope that helps. Haha yeah, 30 tracks would be nice, it's a big goal but not impossible, if you think about it there would be several overworld themes, town themes, battle and boss themes and everything that comes in between. Should easily add up to 30 or more . Wow, getting to work on OST for private companies? I wish you much luck with that.
  8. Well just by listening to the three mp3 samples included all I can say is I'm darn impressed. Usually the kick or the snare doesn't stand out enough with free kits but this isn't the case. I don't have to worry about getting any more drums for a long time now, if this guy's commercial one that he's making is even better I might get it too. Thanks so much for showing me this. But how do I load it up in SFZ+? It only loads .sf2 files and it wont read the sfz ones. (EDIT: I've just discovered that SFZ+ does not support the .sfz format, I find it rather stupid considering I paid for it and it was stripped from that feature, guess I'll have to use the free sfz one instead.) Anyway I've decided to get Sonar Home Studio 7 XL, I've realised having both free and commercial fx and instruments will give me a lot to play around with. I know for a fact some free stuff beat commercial in some cases, or can sound almost as good when used to full potential. Thanks anyway, and if anyone felt Sonar 8 is a better choice/option I'm just taking it a small step at a time, if I find this one great and want to go bigger and more powerful it's only another upgrade away .
  9. That's right, and not to mention it's not legal, in comparison to the outside world it's like owning counterfeit money. Also your lack of spelling, punctuation and grammar questions your age and/or intelligence. I have no time for such insignificance, never would I scoop that low. Well I hope to make a purchase either this week or early next week, at the moment I've decided on Home Studio 7 XL, any further suggestions/recommendations on this? I know Sonar 8 Producer can wait awhile, but there are several factors I need to take into consideration before a final decision is made.
  10. All I can say is WOW! Downloading all songs now, just started listening to FFI - Chaos Temple, blew me away, excellent =D! I cannot wait to hear more, to be honest this is what I've been searching for lately, you've hit the spot, mmm yes pure genius all I can say.
  11. Well I am no longer a student as I have finished school half way through last year, now just working. I've been putting aside a small amount each week for a few months for something just like this. Any upgrade is an improvement from Cakewalk Music Creator 4. Oh really? Well there is problem with the Sky kit, the snare is not loud enough and it takes forever to load up, each and every time I select it or load a project that uses it. Which kits are you referring to? I might have some or might not.
  12. Oh I see, well I guess in that case I'd be better off going for Sonar 8 Studio edition. But even Sonar 6 seems very good. I just got an e-mail from cakewalk and if I upgrade to Sonar Home Studio 7 by the 26th of Feb I'll save $20. It's not much but also the fact I'm a Cakewalk user I'll only have to pay $59 instead of $79, also the fact that for a new customer it costs $129 it's a pretty good deal. I saw Sonar 7 Home Studio XL, not sure if you get $20 off that one but since I'm a cakewalk user it costs $129 instead of $209 and it has a small handful of extras I'll find useful, not to mention Dimension Pro LE . I guess I shouldn't underestimate the good old soundfonts, sfz+ does let you do more and alter the sound and much more than just play them as they are. So now the question is, would I be better off upgrading to Home Studio 7 instead of Sonar 8 for now? Oh I forgot to mention, I'm from Australia but the prices I've mentioned are in USD to make it easier for you guys .
  13. Well most of my plugins are free ones I've found all over, or cheap commercial ones. At the moment I'm relying on rgc:audio's sfz+ Soundfont player and a ton of Soundfonts. As for the drums/percussion I'm using Kore Player's Sky drumkit. If I purchase Studio Edition and Dimension Pro separately it'll cost about the same as getting Producer Edition with that and several more features. I have no interest in surround sound features or some of the exclusive fx plugins but 2 of the 3 VSTi's that come with it I really want, but do I really need them? The hefty price increase probably isn't worth it at this stage just for a few extra plugins. Which means I need to find an alternative for a full high quality sound library which should definitely erase all means of needing soundfonts. I have a bit of a budget for now, unless it's better to get Sonar now and worry about VSTi a few weeks later when I have more money?
  14. I'm thinking about upgrading from Cakewalk Music Creator 4 to Sonar 8. The problem is I have no idea if I should go for studio or Producer edition. Music Creator 4 has a lot to offer and is a really good DAW for it's low price. But I'm looking for more power, flexibility and features. I understand that Producer is way more expensive but has more features and plug-ins included. Maybe I'm better off just getting Studio Edition and then upgrade a few months after. But I understand that Producer comes with the 3 better plug-ins and I'm keen on having Dimension Pro, not to mention GPO in it. Or is there a better alternative? I'm getting more serious with my music so and suggestions?
  15. Well I'm glad it was only a small issue, a new update soon. I've got a velocity plug-in which can randomize by a certain amount and have a tendency to have higher chance to play louder notes more often or softer. And then quantanising midi data, i set the snapping to like a quarter of a bar, and only set the strength to 2 percent, gives it more of a humanising effect. Besides adding that it's just about complete, title screen music will kick in straight afterwards, so expect that in the update . I'm having much fun doing this, it'll be a challenge making 30 or more tracks but rewarding nonetheless!
  16. Thanks, so I've got the right vibe. I'm using the harp soundfont found on Darkesword's soundfont page. All are soundfonts except for the string section. A bit mechanical sounding? Well it is a free instrument so I guess it's to be expected half of the time, I really need to invest on purchasing an orchestral plugin. I want to upgrade to Sonar 8 professional edition because it comes with Dimension Pro, which I hear has Garritan Pocket Orchestra instruments in it's sound library. I have a new version with an Oboe solo which a member from a different forum contributed, so thanks to Darklight of zfgc.com for his input. Also I've done minor volume adjustments and panned some of the instruments a little bit: http://www.box.net/shared/e3tamyinjk
  17. I am slowly making my own RPG soundtrack inspired by my imagination of what my type of RPG would have if I made a game. It's fairly short and the reason it suddenly cuts off is because then it will jump straight into the title screen music. So here it is: http://www.box.net/shared/xarufnv24a EDIT: Version 2(Oboe added): http://www.box.net/shared/e3tamyinjk I don't think the quality of this composition would match up to remixing standards, I thought I might as well do some original work first and try to get better at it before I attempt anything else so then I will be more prepared . Not sure what I will call this title yet, any ideas/suggestions?
  18. Recently picked up a copy of Dragon Quest Monsters. Been playing it for hours at a time, great game, excellent graphics for a DS game too. You either like it or you don't but I wouldn't call it a 'pokemon clone' as some reviews have. Pokemon should be more 3D and be in 3rd person also 3D battle system, adventuring would be so much more fun! Pokemon clone though? I think not, but it is the Pokemon of Dragon Quest.
  19. Oh wow, what a mix! I like what you've done, made an awesome track and beefed it up into this wonderful piece , this has inspired me to listen to remixes more often.
  20. Today I was experimenting with my music software trying to come up with something. I was in the mood for some RPG-styled 'cave music' and this is what I have come up with so far: http://www.box.net/shared/6ml20dnud6 Not sure if it speaks out 'cave music' but it is a bit different, the odd time signature just feels so right for me. I'm never good when it comes to making another melody for this to smoothly flow into, it get's dull if I focus on the same chords for ages, it makes it seem more repetitive. I know I don't have the best sounds or proper mixing/mastering knowledge so just bare with me. It may be a bit repetitive but it's in it's early stages and I'm trying to get the basics done, I get distracted easily though which is why it's not very long. Any opinions/constructive criticism are more than welcome .
  21. Could I please have my username changed from HyperKnight32 to MichaelTheCrow? It's the name I use for my music projects and stuff etc. Since I do intend to submit remixes in the near future and be a more active member it'd be nice to have it changed while I'm still a 'newbie'. Thanks .
  22. Thankyou so much sixto! I've been waiting for many many months for the link to the cab impulses you supplied to work . I have a problem with those amp sims etc though, I use Cakewalk Music Creator 4...pretty much a scaled down version of Sonar and well for some reason the left speaker is from the plugins and the right speaker just plays back the direct signal from my guitar. I can sort of fix the problem by making the track mono, but then it's a mix of the clean guitar and the amp sim, so it sounds like 2 guitars are being played, not a pleasant sound (same problem with wagner). Could it be my soundcard/music software? However I found the Impulse Cabs quite astounding, I was simply amazed, sounded better than my smallish amp being miced up. May I suggest an amp sim called Dirthead, it didn't have the stereo splitting problem like the others, it has a built in cab sim(cannot change cab model however) and it can be disabled. Excellent distortion/crunch/clean in my point of view, the built in cab is alright but it sounds different when it's from a cab impulse, not sure which is better. I'll just put in a few examples to compare . First is dirthead0.80 with cab on: http://www.box.net/shared/kflxeqaktc Dirthead with cab off using KeFIR running the Mesa Boogie Studio 22 441 Edge 48s impulse: http://www.box.net/shared/99i8lk065j Guitar guru's, any suggestions/feedback? (Oops I forgot to mention I the gain on the left side is a bit lower, I kind of forgot to change it when I changed the right one...well it doesn't affect the sound too much )
  23. Alright thanks for more feedback and encouragement guys. I've turned down the gain on my 2 pre-sets on my amp, I think I won't bother with using the demo of addictive drums due to limitations but for now I think I'll experiment with the drum's I already have trying to get the best I can out of them. Don't worry, I'll be submitting a remix soon enough . Next thing I have to worry about is other instruments and their quality, might be wise to listen to some of the more orchestral/symphonic remixes just to get an idea of the velocity, sound and style. Of course with that comes more time, so I'll attempt some of that stuff soon enough.
  24. Well I got the demo of Addictive Drums, I realised rockersampler only used hi-hit, kick, crash and snare which is all that the demo has to offer, I tried fixing the lead guitar, might be a bit to quiet now, but let me know if it's improved any better .
  25. Thanks for the specifics, should make it much easier to fix up that. The guitar I can definitely make better, not sure if I should change it on the amp(meaning I have to record again), or add in some eq and reduce the volume of the guitar. But for the drums I cannot really fix or improve anymore than what I have it. The problem is that I've only got free soundfont drumkits to mess around with and one commercial one(came with cakewalk studio instruments package but sounds terrible to be honest). I've been using the "Drums by Ken Ardency" soundfont from Darkeswords soundfont page. Anyone know of a good and relitively affordable drumkit vsti or soundfont that is available through online to download after purchase? I'm willing to spend up to $200 AUD which is approximately $160USD, preferably one which is great for heavy tunes. I remember NaturalStudio's had a decent kit which used to be free until naturaldrum.com got the copyrights and now owns it without having ns_kit7free available. It is affordable but 7GB to download, which is about 30% of our monthly download usage, or maybe am I better off to just purchase the boxed product and wait weeks for it to arrive here in Aus? It may sound stupid to some, but I'd rather first worry about getting a good enough sound/quality before attempting a remix, that way I should only have to worry about how well I actually can remix and not stress out because I don't have enough decent equipment.