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  1. you know snaking was in mario kart 64 too right? and that nintendo knew about it and consciously kept it in the game right?
  2. hah i plan on stealing all kinds of candy
  3. then refute my points there tommy toughguy
  4. no you shush these people need to learn to read + i made a good point
  5. protip: you suck at fighting games and you know nothing, you are trying to say chess would be more skillful if every once in a while a pawn would turn into a queen at random. The whole point of the argument wasn't that it always happen, it was that it could happen and that would mean a loss for no reason other than luck. I fail to see how winning or losing due to luck makes a game more skillful. edit: and my favorite thing in the world is when people who try to defend items say the turn off the "obviously broken items" like the hammer and the star or whatever. I GUESS THEY DON'T LIKE IT WHEN AN OPPONENT RANDOMLY GETS A BIG ADVANTAGE FOR NO REASON.
  6. Getting out of the way of the baseball bat isn't the problem, it's the fact that he arbitrarily has an advantage over you due to luck where the item spawned. As for it being an extreme example, I don't think so at all. Many a match of melee has had people on the wrong end of a short hop laser or turnip spam, and a lucky item can cause the person who was in control of the match to lose for no other reason than the bad luck of the item spawning on the other side of the stage, instead of close to them. Considering there are still projectiles in Brawl I'm sure there will be characters who's gameplay revolves around using these to control space and items can ruin that for them for no reason other than luck. Until items get put into specific spawn points with specific respawn times FPS style, they will ever be viable for any serious play.
  7. So if someone is down a stock and he is on the other side of the stage and he happens to get a really good item that spawns on his side of the stage and he comes back and wins you are telling me that requires more skill? Even though the item was just as likely to spawn on the side of the stage with the person who was winning, sealing his victory? Because to me that sounds like the match is decided with a coin flip, the opposite of skill.
  8. i headbutted one of the original big bertha gameboys till the screen broke over warioland , i shattered a ps1 controller over r-type, i've cracked around 3 street fighter anniversary edition pads not counting the one i axe kicked that no longer works at all playing fighters online, i've broken one mouse playing diablo 2 (tried to transfer by myself, game dropped, lost a bunch of shit) uh broke a snes remote over some game that i don't even remember uh that's what i remember but i know i've gone through at least 2 or 3 ps2 remotes so yeah not a complete list
  9. seems as though the game isn't horrible so much as it is completely uninspiring
  10. damn you arek atma and gt for talking about brawl in the thread dedicated to brawl DAMN YOU
  11. They aren't going to redesign the characters (at least the base costumes) because they are trying to cash in on the SF2 name. The whole reason SF4 was even green lighted was the sucess of SF2:Turbo on XBLA so they are pretty much aiming the marketing of the game at the guy who played SF2 back in the day and who remembers the original 8 characters, but who hasn't bought a 2d fighter since then`.
  12. Well right now only the original 8 have been announced, Bison isn't for sure in the game yet so I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. Why is everyone wanting all these SF3 elements anyways? SF3 was horribly balanced compared to SF2.
  13. The lack of parries will mean that yes, it's more focused on controlling space like SF2 and less like SF3, but Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is about controlling space and I don't see anyone calling it a SF2 rehash. Alpha 3 had all the Super Turbo characters and no parries, was it a rehash? Sf4 still has stuff like ex moves along with new things like dash cancels and the revenge meter or whatever they are calling it. The only reason they have all the original characters and stages is because they are trying to cash in on the SF2 name, the whole reason it was even green lighted to be made was because SF2: Turbo sold so well on XBLA.
  14. i fail to see how a lack of parries makes sf4 a sf2 rehash
  15. all the people who say brawl can't be played competetively make me lol when marvel vs capcom 2 first came out people said sentinel was too slow for competetive play moral of the story: everyone knows precisely dick about a fighting game when it first comes out and it's hard telling where a game will go in tournies
  16. so anyone else sad about ganon and the fact is he gonns be joke tier? no l-canceling + 35 frames of lag on his forward air (compared to the 12 frames in melee) = sad gannondorf players mainly me
  17. Learn how to control space, thats the number one step to learning how not to suck at SF2. Pretty much every good 2d fighting game is about controlling space.
  18. wait wut hapend to unmod i swear it was here
  19. Hah, I love when people who know nothing about Marvel try to talk about it. It's not the best game out there, but it's certainly better than most fighting games people praise such as Third Strike and Soul Caliber. What I don't understand is that while you obviously are a 3d fighting game player and know nothing about 2d fighters, why is it that you feel the need to talk so much trash about them? More on topic, my prediction is that Soul Caliber IV won't have a tourny scene, or will be at one Evo max without going back the next year due to lack of participates, much like DOA4.
  20. i hate rock band so much broken guitar and bass pedal makes me a sad panda
  21. i heard not losing does wonders for points besides like all major fighting games tournies are best of three in the opening pools
  22. My complaint about 3s isn't that it's just unbalanced, it's that it is unbalanced and boring. If you really want I can go into details later on.
  23. I suggest the band Sinergy. It's a power metal band with a female vocalist, also it has none other than Alexi Laiho on guitars, from Children of Bodom.
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