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  1. For some odd reason, i've been downloading just fine yesterday night, then when i hit 75.9%, it gave me errno13 : Permission denied. Ever since then, its refused to resume every time i start the tracker. It begins to check my data, and not even a third of the way, it gives me the same error. I'm using the latest bittornado release, and i have more than the required diskspace to store the songs.
  2. I can hardly express how genius this tune is. Simplistic, powerfull, organized. I love the beat on it. On the constructive side, the guitars are a TAD too loud for my liking, it can make them sound slightly cacophonic. But aside from this, you get my vote on this 9/10
  3. Its with great pride that i make this my official 1000th mp3. Kaijin simply blows me away with this one, the beauty on this song is off the charts, i've rarely heard something this amazing. Everything about this is harmonic, and it has that whole ballad-feel to it, a trademark of Kaijin. So for the second time, im proud of making this my 1000th mp3, great job.
  4. It surprises me on how simplistic yet fulfilling the drumwork on this song is. Proudly a top download, everything is so harmonic it makes me quiver inside, i love it. This gets a nice 9 out of 10 in my list. Highly recommended
  5. Obviously, injury is extremelly talented. This jazzy song was always one to hit my favs, but injury's melodic voice just adds to the climate of the song. Seriously, this is extremelly artsy and goes to show that adding lyrics to a song can be beautifull. Im still aksing myself why injury wasnt picked to sing in lunar ?! O_o;;
  6. Totally amazing remix again by McVaffe, the instruments, the sound, everything about this brings a sort of unknown feeling within me. The well played notes, the little bass, the not-too-fast beat. This is definitly a keeper, and everyone who likes that whole "chill" sort of song, get it now. This is 100% the best.
  7. Simply put, this is the best SoR mix around, theres nothing wrong here except the lenght, i wish this were so much longer. But it has this soft music, a very good beat to it. Im always seemingly running out of words in front of good remixes, and this one gets a kudos, and one hell of a kudos. Good job, a definite must for SoR fans.
  8. This song pretty much makes my day, i listen to this as i would to every other mix, and the piano + drum makes me want to play it again and again. This mix has great quality, great sound, perfect lenght, a definite must for anyone who likes (or even DOESNT like) the chrono theme! 10/10 , two thumbs up !
  9. With such sounds, i think i could survive off DJP's stuff, this is probably one of the best jazzy-ish mixes on the entire site, it has contradictory feeligns to it, but that just goes to show how great DJP is at putting things toghether. An amazing mix with everything you may want out of it .. slow .. soft, beautifull keep up the throughly amazing work.
  10. Whoah .. why is this a remix ? this deserves more to be one of those single-noted songs ! I mean .. you completely remade something out of two songs .. its inspiration .. this song isnt for purists, but for anyone who has ANY sort of musical taste. Everything about this song is good .. the sound, the melody, chorus, instrument, quality, ambience, mood, sound, i just cant stop playing this anymore .. DJP = r00l a must
  11. Wow, not bad rapping, seriously, no damn ghetto ! Im french so this is stuff i can understand, and one of my friends made me listen to the original of those vocals .. great song, and twixing it with terra's theme is one hell of a crazy idea, but sounds dreadfully nice. Dude, nice job.
  12. megaman .. piano ... another thing i thought was impossible, and was prooved wrong on sight. MCV brings us another one of those tracks that blows people away with creativity. DJP resumes everything quite nicely here .. Cutman's sonata is an amazing piano mix .. that makes me wonder if they shuold someday make a megaman piano Soundtrack ?
  13. What is there to say ? This is a rock piece of the killer instinct mix, the guitars sound great, the drums are very well timed, everything is on beat and perfect, DJP resumes it quite nicely, this mix is a great recommendation, keep it coming jared.
  14. Wow.. just wow, the prelude is one of those harp-things .. and jared here turned it into this really nice-sounding coolass ... hell theres so many genres in there.. You know, im at loss of words, but this is one of the most talented artpieces out there, i mean .. so many genres .. from monotony... Jared gets 10/10 for this piece, good job.
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