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  1. I saw him some years back on vgmix (1.0), when I used to go there. He had a different name and I remember being surprised that he changed his name without saying at first. I think it was a shorter name that still started with A, but I could be wrong.
  2. I kinda dug FFIV and can see why they're making a sequel to it. It had a medieval, magical charm that I haven't seen in any of the others in quite the same way. It's hard to describe, but something about it just had its own magic about it.
  3. Have we heard about this yet? http://www.square-enix.co.jp/mobile/ff/ff4after/ Not too impressed with the sprites but curious about what the story's like FFIV rox0red (It's mobile phone only)
  4. With the list of remixers there -- sephfire, darkesword, etc-- this oughta be good
  5. When DJP does electronica/orchestral (okay, when doesn't he ) you know the results will be good Some of the volume levels seemed a bit odd to me... the skipped notes in part of the melody did too (just cuz I was used to hearing it the other way). But the variation made up for that. I like the solo around 2:30ish though. Fade-out was a bit too long. I think it coulda used a bit of extra production (which is usually your strong suit), but not bad 4 out of 5 nice works!
  6. Pretty nice A bit minimal perhaps-- I would've liked to have heard Destiny bit more involved in the composition, as if she added a few Eldamar-ish/Dream-of-the-Innocent-ish touches it might give it that little extra layer of depth that would've put it over the top and just made it totally epic. However, what she *did* do sounds beautiful as ever-- nice work from both artists!
  7. I shall paste my review from-- that *other* place! Get your heads off the Titanic theme, people Though this remix *is* to the remix world what Titanic was to the movie world
  8. This song reminds me of that imagination song in Willy Wonka-- how it starts off, you know Anyway, rock on
  9. Haha, that's 2 people in a row who signed up just to review this
  10. Wow lion, still in VGmix mode? Hehe, great job with the mix, Wily-tickler!
  11. Hey, you got posted on OC! This is the song I met you through, and you know *I* love it Congrats!
  12. I think Nobuo Umaro would've been a better name. Phoebe: "...and guess what we're gonna call it?" Rachel: "Relaxi Taxi!" Phoebe: "Uh! The name was the best part!" Rachel: "I came up with it!" Phoebe: "YOU DID NOT!" Rachel: "Huh?" Phoebe: "No, you came up with Relaxi CAB... that's no good!" Rachel: "First of all, it's not Relaxi CAB... it's Relaxi Cab. Like Taxi Cab." Phoebe: "Oh. That IS better." I like the comparison someone made to a mad scientist's theme in a cartoon btw
  13. Very nice COTMM When I heard it sounded like something like between what you would do and Gray would do, I *had* to hear it You guys make the best background/introspection remixes ever, and this isn't bad, though the drums did distract me a bit. I kind of wondered why this particular track needed that much percussion... Have you ever heard tracks like Aphex Twin's Stone in Focus? Doesn't have to be too orchestral or substantial to be powerful I like your work muchly, though, and this is no exception. I especially like where you were *trying* to go, even if it didn't quite get there for me. Will stay on my playlist quite a while.
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