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  1. I must say I have never played the game so I have no personal attachment to it. But the album is so solid, I'm loving it!!! Thank You.
  2. I love this piece but I like the other version better B4 Villa, anyone else thinks the same?
  3. I'm trying to burn some OCR music with similar moods into discs but since OCR don't sort their music based genres, it's hard to compile them. I'm looking music that is dirty, naughty and sounds hot and sexy. To name a few: Daijiru (AnoSou, Avaris), Sexy Boy (ellywu2). Anyone knows if there are more of these in OCR? Also I'm looking for more chill and jazzy music like FlowTropics (analoq, Hemophiliac), Sexxy Thai Guy (Mustin). I appreciate any help guys.
  4. Great work guys. I myself never play FF5 so looking forward to it.
  5. Why in 128 kbps? On the note, I love this rendition, well done.
  6. Xenogears: Humans + Gears is the best album that OCR ever released for me so far (from a game that I never played before till recently after I listen to this album). There are many outstanding tracks but if I have to be picky this track, When the Smoke Clears and the Treasure That Must Be Seduced are the highlights of this album for me.
  7. LOL, should we have Hyadain's FF4 Battle with Four Fiends remix as well here in OCRemix?
  8. Finally it is added here, I ripped this off youtube long ago. It should have been part of Xenogears: Human + Gear album. Amazing job, Kate! PS: Can we have Kate's Cleyra Settlement released already?
  9. Just listened the second song, I'm already impressed. Good work remixers!
  10. I almost finish playing Xenogears (started few weeks ago), thanks to this album
  11. You are one of my favourite remixers in OCRemix, Im definetely gonna download this.
  12. Solid performance, I like it It will be in my current playlist.
  13. Because it sounds like it xD But after comparing both, you voice is softer. Good work rhapsodos I like it
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