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  1. You really think anyone who hated the previous two FFXIII games will give the third one a chance? I am really dumbstruck to the media's reception of FFXIII. Most reviewers gave great to excellent scores, while the gamers raged. I would probably have bought the game if not a local newspaper in my country (norway) gave it the low score of 3/6. Im sure as hell not giving the next game a chance. I will be observing the new numerical FF release, but its far from a day-one purchase. I am suspecting that FFXII-3 will be very poorly received, regardless of its quality.
  2. "Nostalgic glasses" are an overused term IMO. There might be a strong possibility that some persons (even the majority) prefer the old, because they get more enjoyment out of them. I played FF7 for the first time 2 years ago, and i prefered it much more than the newest games. My newphew prefered Ocarina of Time over Skyward Sword. Point beeing, maybe the old games are simply better. Not that I've been playing that much Final Fantasy. I've only completed VI, VII & X. Still, Ive learned most of the plots, and stories of all of them. Still, nothing beats FFVI in my eyes, I just love everything about that game to bits. Someone said something about Chrono Trigger having better pacing, and I agree. Still though, once you get sucked into the world and characters of FFVI it really sticks with you. Still though, I would recommend people playing the Chrono games before trying most of Final Fantasy games - with the exception of FFVI.
  3. A good film. Unfortunately, it comes after the masterpiece that was The Dark Knight. 7/10
  4. Hate to be a negative-nancy here, but I was kinda dissapointed with the finale. SPOILERS A' PLENTY: First of I hated the teenage-romance triangle that the show had going. It seemed like Korra only knew that Mako-Edward-Twilight for a couple of days before announcing her deep affections for him. If that had happened to me, I would have slowly backed away & bolted. Atleast The Last Airbender managed to make the romance story slowly develop over time, and not make one of the characters seem like a douche when they finally kissed at the end (cheating? Really?). Also, how did that Amon guy manage to take away people's bending? Aang had to have a demi-god teach him that stuff - the fact that he was just a bloodbender was disappointing to me. Not hating, I liked the season except for the love-triangle & finale. Please kill Mako in the next season.
  5. Square is apperantly filled with people who wants to be movie directors. The problem is that they aint very good at that, and thats not what WE want. The reason their games suck is the same reason why they wont make a remake of FF7 (not that I want them to) - they dont want to make vast, explorable worlds anymore.
  6. Seriously?! No Locke's theme? What is wrong with the world? Oh well, loving the Blackjack theme with vocals. It better win!
  7. There is no doubt that the Zelda franchise have been in steady decline since OoT and ALttP. I think its obvious that the franchise needs some new blood. I would say give Aonuma a break from the series, and give the helm to somebody else.
  8. The new hype in MMORPG is Age of Conan, most would probably agree. And, IMO, WoWs first real challenger. While I have mixed impressions with the game itself (needs more polish), I am actually very impressed with the soundtrack, which I find very beutiful and atmospheric. Not to mention the singer, which is probably one of the most beutiful female voices I have heard in some time. Give this one a listen: Composer: Knut A. Haugen Singer: Helene Bøksle Thoughts?
  9. Yeah, so 2007 has come and gone, and its generally agreed that it was a great year for video games overall. But with great games come great soundtracks, so I want you to list your top favorite VG-tracks that was made in 2007 (or for games that came out in 2007). A little info for each song would also be great. Here is mine (two, for now): 1. M4 Part II (Faunts) Game: Mass Effect Composer: Description: The song that is played during the credits. It keeps a simple, but catchy drum beat with a awesome electric gitar that plays the whole song. Also got a very monotonous voice that sings some cool lyrics. The song last over 8 minutes, which I find maybe a little to long, but this still is my favorite VG track from 2007. 2. Gusty Garden Game: Super Mario Galaxy Composer: Mahito Yokota Description: The track for the Gusty Garden galaxy. A beautiful up-lifting tune that really fits the game perfectly. The main tune is carried by violins and flutes, with a guitar in the background. The song builds nicely and adds trumpets. On the weak side, it just lasts 2.08 mins, which I find too little for a song this great. Nonetheless, a very close second place.
  10. What in the name of Ganon himself... That list dont have the "Credits" tune from A Link to the Past! Blasphemy!!
  11. Thanks alot Liontamer. Anyway, gotten trough it all now, and can recommend some songs for listening. Neverending Journey (which was the one I was talkin about earlier) An Enemy Appears! (the battle theme, exactly the way we've come to love) Theme of the Pirates (holy crap this reminds me of the intro to Mario Kart 64 xD) Dark Saint (another battle theme, this one starts of with a awesome piano solo) Howl of the Departed (Lost Odysseys "One Winged Angel", if you can survive the choir intro, this song is worth a listen)
  12. Yeah, so, like most people here, im a big Nobuo Uematsu fan. Which led me to go get the Lost Odyssey soundtrack (which he composed). Of course it also hyped me to buy the game, but with the mixed reviews, well, im still considering. So anyway, im not gotten all trough it yet, but this certainly is a good VG soundtrack, I'd say its not as good as some of the Final Fantasy soundtracks (which in my opinion peaked at VI and VII), but I wasnt honestly expecting it either. Id love to give track names out there, but its all in Japanese, so Im stuck with the track numbers As of now, its mostly track 10 that cought me, which I think is the main theme of the game. It starts of with gitars in the background, and flutes carrying the song, and mandolins coming in, it goes all electric guitar halfway trough also, sweet! Anyway, if anyone got an english tracklist, please share, Im starting to get a little tired of constantly browsing the whole soundtrack to find that song I loved. So, anyone else got any toughts and opinions about the Soundtrack?
  13. For example the whole pissing thing with Otacon, not the most mature kind of humour, but I still laughed my ass off. Thanks for the heads up with the sig' tough, anyone know what the pixel limit is?
  14. Man, I dont even understand why I find some of the immature jokes funny. Guess I aint so grown up, after all.