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  1. Minor update: still working on your suggestions! percussion hasn't really been my strong point but I will do my best to implement them well here's also an update to one of the parts of the song. its short, but gives u an idea where im heading
  2. Hey guys, I haven't been on OCR in forever. The last project I worked on (and lost from an HDD failure) was my Dire Dire Docks remix back in 2011. Ive still been poking around here and enjoying the new WIPs. Anyway intros aside, im tackling the Dialga/Palkia battle theem from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I haven't gotten very far and only put about 6 hours into the project, but I wanted to know from you guys how it works out so far in terms of production and arrangement. since the stories the same ill just quote what I put on youtube: THE WIP *NEWEST*: OLD WIPs: THE SOURCE: the intro of my song is @ 1:57 in the source 0:40 of my remixing is at @ 1:40 in the source its a little backwards in my remix but it sounded good at the time
  3. Sounds good so far. What I think you really need to do is split up your sounds. They sound like they are all coming from the center, which is fine and all, but I feel like you're not using enough of the available sound space and automation. Here's my quick rendition of your intro: http://tindeck.com/listen/msqg It's basically a 3x oscillator w/ a synth bass that fades in. I automated the modx on the synth bass and osc#1 and osc#2 get a volume change as the intro progresses. The sound is split left and right channels. There's also a slide note on the 3rd bar that adds a little variation. I think this would make a big difference in your music, if you choose to use it. Otherwise, good work! I look forward to seeing more updates! . . . . . . .
  4. OK I wanted to thank you guys for your continued support throughout this remix and I'm back with a partial update. This update is an overhaul of the second half of the song, and should address percussion issues (balance and arrangement -- I'm also working on adding some toms in there for variation) Also I have listed to my old versions and admit that those transitions are just way too hard and really take away from the song. This remix is becoming more of a hybrid-orchstra/synth and I think it works pretty well! SO here's that partial update and PLEASE comment! This one's important. If you like this, I'll go back and continue updating the rest of the song like this! Oh, and this sounds extra sweet if you have a good pair of headphones (you know, the ones that filter out those extra high-frequency noises and give you a little more bass) UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/pzgv SOURCE:
  5. This sounds great! A couple things that bother me are the frequencies in that sweeping atmospheric pad synth thing that opens the intro. That "woo" "woo" at some points seem too loud and carry this unnecessary frequency that hurts my ears. Should be toned down or cut a little bit. You have a pretty good arrangement so far and definitely look forward to seeing more updates!
  6. I'm really hoping that you're still working on this song! I can't wait to hear the update(s)
  7. Damn I wonder how many of us actually bothered to add each others friend codes. I added 2 when this thread first came out. Now theres just so many!
  8. You definitely have the right idea, but it needs a lot of work before it becomes something that sounds better to someone other than yourself. Firstly, I wouldn't rely on using the Sytrus Distorto Guitar that much, the reverb and effects on that is nice when played by itself, but once you have it playing with other instruments, things get really muddy really fast. In fact, I wouldn't use any of those preset generators because they just don't work well unless you know how to modify the FX outputs, which I assume you wouldn't right now. I'd suggest you watch some FL Studio tutorials on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ste1438 This guy does a really good job explaining how you can improve your song, and even goes through the trouble of doing the good vs bad so you can hear the difference for yourself!
  9. I'm back again! I want to thank everyone who's commented so far and I owe it to all of you for keeping up with the updates and giving me great feedback! Thank you mods for your time and speedy review! As of right now, this thread is now back into WIP status. For this update, I went back and found that so many notes are playing just way too loud and exceeding 0 dB. I finally got around to each track and fixing that. Additionally, I've also added a cleaner, higher quality orchestra kit into the mix (I'm keeping some of the old crashes because they are thick sounding). I also dropped the mid frequencies some more as they really seemed to bother me on these speakers (they still sound good on headphones) A few parts of the song are still unfinished, but you should get the basic idea of what I will accomplish. So I hope you guys enjoy this re-re-mastered version and I could use some more tips or critique on polishing this up! UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/hfdk <--- OLD SOURCE:
  10. oh man my dire dire docks remix is NOTHING compared to this masterpiece NICE!
  12. My shoulder buttons are clicky too! No more mushy buttons FC (for your collection): 4768-7443-7746
  13. Ahh thanks for the awesome mod review guys! I'm working on this problems now. What I think was happening with the distortion was that I had 2 instances of soft clipping that seemed to be messing with the peaks! The snare will need some volume adjustment and I agree the kick is a bit too loud and kinda sticks out like a sore thumb. The drum track on the first half of the song will need re-do as well (it's kinda hard to keep it at a medium tempo without going crazy) The mastering actually didn't come out as well as I wanted because I ended up splitting the sounds up by group, making volume adjustments, and gluing it back together. It sounded good at the time, but it kind of threw the song off a bit. So I'm scrapping it and going back to the original rendering in FL studio. As for the the mid range frequencies I will have to do something about that. That might be another reason why some of the sounds come out a bit muddy
  14. Sounds more like a reinstrumentation than an arrangement
  15. OK! So I finally got around to the much needed volume adjustment. Mastering it wasn't as easy, and simple raising the volume on the mixer wasn't good enough, because many of the instruments, especially the percussion, would become too loud and start clipping. So basically, I took apart the song, rendered each individual group, made volume adjustments and finally stuck them all back together. A 6 hour process that I wish was a little easier, but hey, it should be up to par now. Because some of the sounds have changed, I'm just asking for your opinion again on how this sounds! EDIT: Do the drums need to be louder?? asdhfasdfaskdfa.. :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/phyz <--- OLD SOURCE:
  16. @SuperSlacker Thanks for your feedback throughout! Since you've been listening since the start, you pretty much heard the entire thing grow and evolve. And as for the name, I chose Synthony because it's like a synthesized symphony, especially with that bass @Rev I'll be changing this to mod review real soon; I just want to see if I can get any last minute suggestions before I bother a mod. Thanks again for your continued suggestions and that wonderful breakdown you've given me with the good and bad's. It really helps!
  17. This is fantastic! Around 0:58 when the beat kicks back in, it seems that the chorus seems to get lagged behind. Maybe it's just me, but I would increase the attack time just a bit. Otherwise the chorus works perfect! Ahh I love this norfair/magoor caverns (prime fans) theme!
  18. This sounds so pretty and calm, like it should be (unlike mine haha). I really like that Mario theme stuck in there and the originality coming at around 1:40. My only concern is that it seems to lose it's Dire, Dire Docks-ness from that point up to 3:00. It's not much of a problem, but while listening to this I had forgotten what the song was If you re-connect Dire Dire Docks half way through (around 2:30) then it wouldn't seem to lose its touch (that's just my opinion). Other than that, this is superb! Can't wait to here more
  19. So I'm back after about a month with a promised update (happy Valentines Day btw) Some notable changes would be the addition of a super awesome bass drum hammering in the intro, with a sexy new thunder crash. Likewise, the outtro follows suit with the intro, and also ends with a pretty cool bang. Throughout the song I've concentrated on changing the drum track, which was more troubling than I had anticipted. Why? Well after playing so much with the drum track, it seems that any major change would really throw the mood of the song off. So I reverted most of the changes and went to subtle tweaks here and there. Mission accomplished (I think!) One section of the song that I forgot to finish tweaking would be the transition at 1:17. Please don't kill me! It doesn't sound as smooth as I would like it to be. And for the final notable change (actually it's subtle), I brought back the original bells I started with (the reverby kind). So some parts of the song will have an intentional echo-y ness and it really seems to work well with the whole water theme. I hope you guys like this! I'm marking this one as finished and unless you guys have any more suggestions on production or whatever, I'll change it to mod review after some time. Oh and yes, I still have to master this a bit louder. Feedback is much appreciated! . . . . . UPDATE: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=1115 <--- OLD
  20. Haha yeah I like that effect too! It's something that you wouldn't expect the first time hearing it, and it goes pretty well with the whole "echoing water" theme that goes throughout. I do feel that I need to step up the drum track. It's a bit too boring at times since its 95% of the time a kick, snare, kick snare, fill, repeat. Next update should have a new drum track
  21. @Rev thanks again for the awesome feedback! I went back to that mutated mute trumpet and adjusted it a little bit, should sound slightly different and not have that fading out/slide sound between each note @Sirius I went back and adjusted the world 1-2 theme a bit. It isn't as repetitive and doesn't follow each other verbatim but at the same time adds to the excitement when the overworld theme kicks in. I also raised the pitch of the snare and attempted to give it that "pop" again. Let me know how this works As an added treat, here's a music video I put together with today's update: UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/kwdn <--- OLD SOURCE:
  22. @Invader Thanks for the feedback man! Yeah you've heard this song progress since I first posted (link still up) and it's been a long, long way since there. There was a lot of monotony with the song and a lot of production problems, which I think I've gotten past (maybe not 100%). The World 1-2 theme was a bit of a trial kind of thing. I wasn't expecting too much from it, as it only switches between a light detache strings, bells, and a trombone/trumpet duo. I don't quite understand what you mean by the "echo" thing. Could you elaborate on that? Thanks @Sirius Thank you also for the feedback! I think you're right with the snare. After listening to it again, it seems a bit flat and I did mention earlier that the snare seemed to bother me. I can't quite get the right sound that I want but I'll keep trying. I will definitely be raising the pitch a bit, or at least let more of the high frequencies (the "snap") pass through since it's been partially filtered out. If anyone else has any problems or suggestions please let me know! Everything is taken seriously and I would love to get this remix subbed!
  23. Before I go about talking about this update, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all that (I'm a bit late). I was anticipating an update sooner but I just haven't had the time to carry out the changes I wanted. So today I finally have those changes, with a special thanks to everyone who has left feedback that included specific changes to the song, such as snare problems and where the song sounds muddy. Those are the feedbacks that help the song get better! I do love all feedback though Now about this update, here's a simple list of the impost prominent changes: - Second half of intro that leads into main song has been re-done - The "synth break" at 1:50 has gotten a major facelift - Strings do not play as much as they used too (I may have removed too much) - Bass track on certain sections have been altered to give more variation and excitement - Section at 3:54 has instruments removed that either weren't noticable or was adding too much clutter to the song - Snare isn't floating in space, however it still seems to be carrying an extra frequency that doesn't mix well with the bass, please let me know if the snare sounds muddy at times - Added a bit more Mario-ness in a certain section of the remix - Outtro has an extra piece of "calm" added to it, nothing plays except the basses, drums and part choir. I still would like to know how this song sounds to everyone -- I purchased new headphones and the bass on this girl is awesome but I think it would be helpful to know what others think. Feedback always wanted and always appreciated! UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/crjf <--- OLD SOURCE:
  24. The arrangement on this piece is masterful. A little more polish as you mentioned and it will be perfect!
  25. yep. like a little background sound of being underwater, or the waves hitting the shore. just something! the mix you have now is very very good
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